ZORO.to Reviewed: A Closer Look at This Free Anime Streaming Site

| Published on Jan 11, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
Do you want to watch anime without ads and restrictions? ZORO.to is the best option. The best part about ZORO.to is that it ensures to keep your data safe and private.

Have you heard about ZORO.to, the cost and ads-free streaming site? If not! You need to know that it is a great website with a wide range of anime shows. With its amazing features and simple interface, it has become the best place to watch anime online.

If you want to explore more about this useful website, this article is for you. It will go over the ins and outs of ZORO so you can get the most out of your anime streaming experience.

What Is ZORO.to?

ZORO.to offers users the opportunity to watch all anime shows for free. It lets the user have access to its content library, which supports thousands of dubbed anime shows. It features anime of several genres, including horror, fantasy, drama, action, mystery, comedy, romance, and more.

This website has other useful and excellent features, such as high quality, seamless streaming capabilities, and great customer service. ZORO is surely a treat for anime lovers. Most people also prefer ZORO.to as one of the best KissAnime alternative sites.

Is ZORO.to Safe?

Yes! ZORO is a safe anime streaming website that you can use without worries. With no ads on the website, there is no threat of being attacked by hackers with malicious computer programs. However, clicking or opening unwanted and suspicious ads can lead to spyware, trojans, viruses, and other types of harmful bugs on your device.

Apart from that, you do not need to register to use ZORO, which implies your identity is secret. When no information is shared, there is no margin of information being lost.

How to Use ZORO.to?

This streaming website has a simple and intuitive interface. It will not take more than a minute to learn how to use it and browse the website. However, there is a search box in the center of the page where you can search the anime show titles.

The horizontal navigation bar is assigned to Movies, TV Series, Most Popular, and Top Airing. In case you want to check out more suggestions, such as the latest release, you can click on "View Full Site."

What Makes ZORO.to Best Site to Watch Anime?

ZORO is one of the best websites for streaming anime for free. It offers various luxuries, such as an ads-free experience and exclusive content that you cannot conveniently find anywhere else. Here are some notable features of ZORO.to which make it the best site:


As no data is collected from the user's end, you should rest assured that you are protected. All users need to continue watching anime is to have an authentic email address and a secure password. By signing in, you can directly watch your favorite anime shows.

Content Library

ZORO offers a huge library of anime shows for free. Here you will discover popular, classic, and contemporary titles from many genres. All of these titles have English subtitles or are dubbed in a variety of languages.

Quality and Resolution

If quality is your main concern, ZORO.to is the best option. It offers different resolutions, from standard to ultra-HD. Moreover, it has an ads-free service to let you enjoy your favorite shows without disturbing interruptions.

Device Compatibility

It is always a hassle to find out if the desired site will work on your device or not. Fortunately, this website offers valuable instructions on how to use ZORO.to on every device. However, no matter if you are using iOS or Android, you can find the right way to stream ZORO.to.

Customer Care

In case you face any problems while watching anime online and require any help, ZORO has excellent customer care service to help. They are available 24/7 and friendly to assist you in every possible way.

Is Downloading from ZORO Safe or Legal?

When it comes to the legality issue of the website, it is claimed that ZORO.to has no official license to broadcast anime content. Therefore, unlicensed streaming is always discouraged because the content is usually pirated.

Downloading pirated content is a more serious act as compared to streaming pirated content. Hence, you should avoid downloading anything directly from ZORO.to. Instead, you can use VPN or switch or other websites by learning about the ten best free anime apps without ads.

How to Download Videos from ZORO?

Despite all allegations and downsides, ZORO.to is known as the best anime streaming website with a huge content library. If you want to make its shows available for offline watching, you can use KeepStreams Video Downloader.

It is one of the best video downloaders, which helps save episodes or movies instantly. Above all, it is a safe downloader that makes your favorite show available for an offline watch without any malware.

Features of KeepStreams

Here are some notable features of KeepStreams making it the best downloader of all:

Excellent Audio and Video Quality

KeepStreams keeps the focus on improving user experience by maintaining video quality. Pixels and video quality have always been an issue for people. Still, if you are using this video downloader, fortunately, you are not near bad video and audio quality shows.

Saves Metadata of Files

This helpful video downloader allows saving metadata of files and other information such as episodes’ names, series, cast, etc., which helps organize the media library accurately.

Batch Downloads

You can download multiple episodes simultaneously with the help of KeepStreams to save time. All you need to do is to add your favorite titles to the queue and then download them to MP4 or MKV all at once.

Steps to Download Videos with KeepStreams

You need to follow these simple steps to make your favorite show available for offline watching:

  1. Get a compatible device and connect to stable internet.
  2. Open the browser and navigate to the official website of KeepStreams, and complete the download and installation.
  1. As you successfully install the software, open it and go to the VIP Services section. Choose your preferred streaming service and log in to your accounts using your username and password.
  2. Search the show you want to download, select subtitles and audio options, and hit the download button to start downloading videos.


If you are an anime fan, you will be glad to come across ZORO.to. It is the best site on the internet to watch anime without interruption. However, due to legality issues, downloading is still a problem with this platform.

To solve this problem, you can switch to KeepStreams Video Downloader. It is the best and easiest-to-use video downloader, which makes your favorite anime show available to watch offline with HD-quality video and audio. Moreover, it offers you an error and ad-free offline streaming experience.

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