Nch Software Review: Prices, Benefits and Limits [2023 Latest]

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What is Nch Software? Is Nch Software worth a try? This Nch Software review will explain everything you need to know about Nch Software.
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Nch Software Review: Prices, Benefits and Limits [2023 Latest]
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What is Nch Software? Is Nch Software worth a try? This Nch Software review will explain everything you need to know about Nch Software.

Nch Software is famous for video and audio tools. But is Nch Software really legit? How viable is it to test out Nch Software? In this Nch Software review, we'll cover all you need to know to make an informed decision about this product.

What is Nch Software and Is Nch Software Legit?

Nch Software is an all-around video and audio tool brand with a long history and a good reputation. Nch Software has launched dozens of related software, aiming to help users solve problems such as recording video and editing audio encountered in life and work.

Nch Software pays attention to user experience and has been constantly updating its original software and launching new products. Among video tools, its most influential product is VideoPad Video Editor. Nch Software also launched the Nch Software Suite, which is equivalent to a collection of multiple products under its umbrella.

Nch Software

If you are looking for a reliable and durable video recording tool to watch videos from your favorite streaming platform, you can consider Nch Software Debut Video Capture Software!

A question that follows is, Is Nch Software Legit? The answer is yes, but this affirmation has a range. For example, Nch Software Debut Video Capture Software is a video recording tool.

In most cases, the videos recorded by it only support personal use and do not support commercial use. If you use Nch Software to make money, there may be a risk of intellectual property infringement.

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Nch Software Benefits

Powerful function. You can use it to record videos of almost any website without additional restrictions.

Convenien recording. You can use it to record the entire screen or a certain area, and you can adjust it in time according to your need

Strong compatibility. Nch Software Debut can output common video formats, such as avi and MP4, allowing you to play the recorded video on your device without restriction.

Add a watermark. If you want the video recorded by yourself to be more unique, you can use Nch Software to add a video watermark.

Nch Software

Simultaneous recording. It supports recording video and camera at the same time, which is very useful for those who are presenting on cable.

Schedule recording. You can use it to set the recording time in advance, and then it will automatically start recording when the time comes.

Nch Software Limits

Many of its functions are very practical, but in the actual practical process,  Nch Software also has some shortcomings. Before deciding to download it, you should know about the problems you may face.

  1. After the software update, the subscription plan you purchased before may not be applicable to the new software version, and you need to purchase it again.
  2. The Nch software is prone to bugs, and recordings may fail even if you pay for them.
  3. The recording time is relatively slow. If you want to record TV series in batches, it will be very time-consuming to use it.

Nch Software Prices

Nch Software  provides different subscription plans, the following prices are all discounted prices, and the actual price may change due to discount changes.

  • Debut Video Capture Software Pro Edition $24.99
  • Debut Video Capture Software Home Edition $19.99
  • Debut Video Capture Software Pro Edition Quarterly Plan $4.98

In addition, if you want to subscribe to other products of Nch Software, you can subscribe together, and there will be a Bundle price, which is more favorable.

Nch Software Alternative

Nch Software limits are likely to affect your video recording experience. You need a video downloader that is more reliable than Nch Software can provide, don't you? Don't worry, since we have the solution to your problem right here in front of you. Check out the app KeepStreams Video Downloader.

KeepStreams is the best choice for screen recording because it contains a wide variety of cutting-edge premium features. The following is a list of some of the most notable qualities that KeepStreams possesses.


Downloading rather than recording

The most distinct advantage of KeepStreams is that it is a video downloader rather than a video recorder. The Nch Software may compress the video quality because of recording. But KeepStreams will not do that. You can use KeepStreams to download videos from Netflix, Amazon, Paramount Plus, and so on.

Downloading Many Videos at Once

When you're on vacation, do you find yourself eager to reach the final episode? With KeepStreams, you can grab a whole season's worth of episodes all at once. To begin downloading, simply select the movies or TV shows you want to keep by checking the boxes next to them. Eventually, you'll be able to watch all of your shows even when you're not at home or on the road and don't have access to the internet.

No Ads

Streaming without commercial interruptions is a must, but what if you want to view something offline and don't know how? In no way! KeepStreams may automatically remove advertisements from your streams. By selecting this feature, you can prevent ads from being downloaded along with your file.

1080p Video Quality and Multiple Sound Tracks

KeepStreams is committed to giving users the best video downloading experience. You can download high-definition videos with simple clicks. What's more, you will have a high-quality audio experience since it provides 3 soundtracks for you to choose from.

An Explicit Tutorial on How to Save Videos with KeepStreams

All you have to do to use KeepStreams to get your hands on your favorite anime are:

  • Downloading and installing KeepStreams from its main site is a viable option.
  • Once the download is complete, run the software and go to the "Streaming Services" submenu.
  • Make your selection based on the type of assistance you require.
  • Browse for the movie or show you want to download and use the "Download Now" button.

Once the episode is downloaded, you may view it whenever you like without worrying about being interrupted by ads or a slow internet connection.


This Nch Software review covers all the information that you need to know about it. You can find the Nch Software prices, benefits and limits. If you cannot tolerate Nch Software limits, you can choose KeepStreams, which is an excellent Nch Software alternative.

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如果您對 KeepStreams 可以保存的內容感興趣,電影應該是其最佳功能之一。

KeepStreams 支持大多數 OTT 平台和電影流媒體服務,我們提供出色的服務來維護我們品牌體驗的完整性。

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