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Selected 10 similar sites to Twitter Save Ranking, and solutions after Twitter Save Ranking closes!

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更新於 Jan 30, 2023 | 15 分鐘閱讀
This article will summarize 10 similar sites for Twitter video preservation ranking, solutions after closure, and precautions to take while using them.

" Twitter Preservation Ranking What is Is it illegal to use it?"

"Is it illegal to use I want to add an alternative & successor site to I want to add a replacement & successor site to my bookmarks.

" Twitter Preservation Ranking is shutting down, what should I do?"

Twitter Preservation Ranking and is a video site where you can watch Twitter videos for free. The videos with the most trending hits and "Likes" in Twitter, as well as the videos with the most retweets and spread out among videos with high numbers, as well as erotic videos that spread with high retweet counts.

Since the site is loaded with erotic videos, it is very likely that Twitter Save Ranking will be closed one day. However, instead of Twitter Preservation Ranking, a series of "Twitter Preservation Ranking-type" video sites have appeared, and even if it closes, other similar sites can be easily found.

However, it is not easy to find other similar sites even if they are closed. However, when using "Twitter Save Ranking" sites, you should be aware that some of them may be illegal if you do not pay attention to the following points. In this article, we will discuss similar sites to Twitter Save Ranking and how to solve the problem after its closure, as well as points to keep in mind while using the site.

Twitter Preservation Ranking closed? 5 alternatives and similar sites [Erotic > Ranking].

Twitter Video Saving Ranking (>>) Twitter Video Saving Ranking Twitter Video Saving Ranking (>) is a video site created by enumerating and compiling erotic videos that are popular in Japan and hit videos that are played on Twitter.

Due to the increase of unauthorized contents and erotic videos, the rumor that Twitter Video Saving Ranking will be closed soon will spread on social networking sites.

However, many people are worried that they will no longer be able to view free erotic videos because Twitter Video Saving Ranking has been closed. For this reason, this article will first introduce you to 10 alternative and similar sites to Twitter Saving Ranking, so you can add them to your own bookmarks as soon as possible. First, we will introduce the alternative sites [Erotic > Ranking] that are most similar to Twitter Saving Ranking.

アンカー1. Twitter Video Tools (Monstics)

> > Twitter Video Tools Twitter Video Tools

One of the sites similar to Twitter Save Ranking is Twitter Video Tools (Monstics). When you enter the site, you will find many hit video images pieced together.

There is a wide variety of video genres, and by using the search function, you can search for videos in a variety of categories. By entering keywords such as "voyeurism," "girl," "white pig," "amateur," "backstage," or "pornography," you can easily find a variety of erotic videos. You can easily find various erotic videos. If you save the URL of a video you can't find on Twitter, you may be able to find it again here.

Also, if you have downloaded a video, you can easily save the video to your computer by going to the video playback page.

アンカー 2.twi-douga(nurumayu)


The second site similar to Twitter Save Ranking is nurumayu. nurumayu allows you to enjoy not only Twitter video ranking but also instagram video and image ranking. Moreover, in addition to Twitter and instagram videos, Facebook and ameba blog videos can be easily saved. The published Twitter videos are divided into two parts: "ranking" and "real-time.

In the "Ranking" section, a large number of Twitter videos are ranked according to trends over 24 hours, a week, or a month, making it easy to find the most popular videos here. In addition, the "Real-Time" section ranks and summarizes 100 videos that are posted in real-time.

アンカー 3. TWIIGLE


The third site similar to the Twitter ranking is TWIIGLE, which is similar to the Twitter ranking in both function and format. At first glance, you may not know what they are, but if you click on one of them, you can easily find out.

TWIIGLE is one of the newest sites in the Twitter preservation ranking system, and the massiveness of the videos posted on the site is so good that it has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time. Not only is it simply a ranking of videos made, but it is also categorized by genre. You can watch as many Twitter videos of your favorite genre as you want.


> > twitterdouga

The fourth site similar to Twitter preservation ranking, twitterdouga is the site least similar to Twitter video preservation ranking. Looking at the design of this site, many erotic videos are posted on the homepage, just like general free adult sites.

The functionality is almost the same as Twitter Video Saving Ranking, with erotic videos posted by new arrival, 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. Since twitterdouga has a search function for videos, finding videos is very convenient.

アンカー 5.twicoco

>> twicoco

The fifth site similar to Twitter Save Ranking, twicoco, together with twi-douga introduced earlier, is the site with the highest degree of similarity to Twitter Video Save Ranking. However, it adds "24 hours," "one week," "one month," and "real time" as well as a "Hall of Fame" button, which actually means the same thing as the ranking, with almost no major differences.

It is very convenient because you can easily download a Twicoco video by playing it.

アンカー 6. erozine

>> erozine

The sixth site similar to Twitter Preservation Ranking, Erozine is, as the name suggests, a site that posts erotic Twitter video content. Not only erotic videos, but also many "erotic manga" and "images" are posted on the site. In addition, the videos are divided by approximately 180 genres and years, and a search function is included, making it easy to find the videos you like.

アンカー Twitter Preservation Ranking closed? 2 alternatives and similar sites [Erotic>Backstage

Next, we introduceアンカーThe two alternatives and similar sites to Twitter Preservation Ranking are a bit different from the ranking sites introduced above. Erotic Twitter videos will be posted, many of which are backstage and amateur pornographic videos.

7. Fleshy Beauty Girl

>> Fleshy Beauty Girl

Unlike the above-mentioned Twitter video ranking sites, "Fleshy Beauty Girl," the seventh site similar to the Twitter preservation ranking site, is full of erotic selfie videos of innocent people who are not well-known on Twitter. Recently, the site has received over 1.2 million users and 6.5 million PV per month.

We continue to post videos of amateurs, porn stars, and backstage girls, as well as erotic videos of cosplay and selfies, day by day. Here, you can watch all the carefully selected videos of fleshy and beautiful girls as much as you want.

アンカー 8.


Like "Fleshy Beauty Girl," the eighth site similar to the Twitter preservation ranking, focuses on the theme of "backstage" videos and collects all the videos released by Twitter backstage girls, creating a slightly different site than the traditional Twitter video preservation ranking site This is a site that has been designed to be a little different from the traditional Twitter video saving ranking site.

Non-selective content has been posted from this site, so when you browse, don't watch videos of child pornography, violence, etc.!

Twitter Preservation Ranking closed? 2 alternative/similar sites [Funny type].

The following sites are different from the above-mentioned erotic Twitter Ranking, and are Twitter Ranking sites that do not contain erotic contents all together. This is a very interesting Twitter video ranking site with a large number of likes and retweets depending on Twitter trends.

アンカー 9. Tabtter-Twitter Ranking

>> Tabtter-Twitter Ranking

Tabtter-Twitter Ranking, the ninth site similar to Twitter Preservation Ranking, does not contain pornographic content. It not only ranks videos by the number of views, but also ranks users by their followers, and also ranks hit tweets by the number of "likes" and "RTs" of the tweets. and RTs of tweets.


>> meyou

Meyou, the tenth site similar to Twitter Preservation Ranking, does not contain pornographic contents like Tabtter-Twitter Ranking, but lists related hit tweets by Twitter trend, and also lists tweets of popular accounts by more than 20 fields such as voice actors, celebrities, manga artists, games, anime, etc. You can also browse tweets from popular accounts in more than 20 fields such as voice actors, celebrities, manga artists, games, anime, etc., all at once. Furthermore, you can see the components of tweets posted by accounts (soliloquies, conversations, retweets, and links), as well as the time of day.

To that point, Twitter Video Saving Ranking has introduced 10 similar sites. Since recent years, the Twitter Video Preservation Ranking sites have been created one after another since recent years, you can easily watch and download hit Twitter videos, but it is better not to distribute or reproduce them without permission. Next, we will introduce Twitter Video Saving Ranking is closed.

Twitter Save Ranking is closed and cannot be visited? What is the solution?

The rumor spreading on Twitter that Twitter Video Saves Ranking is closed is not true. Maybe there was a problem with the site at the time, so it is under maintenance, but it is back now.

As a visitor, you never know when the Twitter Video Saving Rankings will close. The following is an explanation of the solution after the closure of Twitter Save Ranking.

  • Twitter Video Saving Rankings is under maintenance, wait a while!
  • Add similar sites to Twitter Video Ranking to your bookmarks.
  • Download your favorite videos directly from Twitter Video Ranking

Twitter Video Ranking is under maintenance, please wait a moment!

Twitter Video Ranking is a hit video site and many people visit it every day. If the amount of visits exceeds the traffic allowance, the website may crash and you may not be able to access the site. After it is restored, you can access the site again.

Add similar sites to Twitter Video Saving Ranking to your bookmarks.

Even if Twitter Video Saving Ranking is about to close down, you can still visit other sites, because sites similar to Twitter Video Saving Ranking will appear one after another.

And since we have introduced 10 similar sites to Twitter Video Saving Ranking above, add your favorite site to your browser's bookmarks and enjoy this time again.

Download your favorite videos directly from Twitter Video Saving Ranking

In addition, since Twitter Video Save Ranking has a function to download videos, you can save your favorite videos directly to your computer or smartphone, so there is little chance that you will not be able to watch them due to the closure of Twitter Video Save Ranking.

However, if you download videos directly from Twitter Video Ranking, you may get a virus infection, so we recommend you to use a professional download software instead of Twitter Video Ranking download function.

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How to use KeepStreams

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3 Click on the video you want to download and enter this video page, a pop-up window will appear.
4 After selecting the appropriate "Video" in the pop-up window that appears, click Download Now and the video will begin downloading.
5 After the video has finished downloading, you can watch the video offline!

How safe is Twitter Save Ranking? What precautions should I take while using it?

Twitter Video Saving Ranking website is not safe. There are several risks. Next, I would like to continue explaining the precautions and safety when visiting Twitter video preservation ranking sites.

Browsing Twitter Video Saving Ranking May Cause Your Device to Become Virus Infected

パソコンがウイルスに感染してる!?感染症状を確認してすぐに駆除を! | パソコンファーム

Many Twitter ranking sites, such as Twitter Video Save Ranking, are designed to generate advertising revenue.

Since Twitter Video Saving Ranking contains various pop-up advertisements, you should be aware that you may be redirected to other pages with just one click, and viruses may be embedded in them.

Furthermore, you should not browse Twitter Video Saving Ranking for a long time because your personal information may be leaked or you may incur financial loss.

Voyeuristic videos that are illegal are posted on the site, which may encourage criminal activity.

The Twitter Video Saving Ranking website contains many videos related to voyeurism and child prostitution that are illegal, and if you watch them, you are allowing criminals to infringe on others.

The famous voyeurism case reminds me of the Kurokawa High School case. The offender tweeted a video taken at the high school on Twitter without permission, and many people gathered to watch this video.

If we do not stop the viewing of voyeuristic videos, we will surely give criminals new opportunities and the number of other victims will increase step by step.

Therefore, please do not watch criminal and illegal videos when you visit Twitter Video Saving Ranking.

Is it illegal just to visit Twitter Save Ranking?

Does it count as illegal to browse the Twitter Video Saving Ranking website? Many people are probably concerned about this. Actually, videos posted on Twitter Ranking can be viewed on Twitter, so browsing to Twitter Video Saving Ranking is not illegal.

However, you must be very careful about copyright infringement, because while personal use of videos on the Twitter Ranking is not an infringement of copyright, secondary distribution or unauthorized reproduction of these videos is an infringement of copyright and may result in arrest for illegal activities. Please be careful when using the Twitter Video Saving Ranking.

3 safe pornographic sites that can be used as an alternative to Twitter Save Ranking

While using Twitter Ranking, there is a possibility of virus infection and financial loss due to malicious advertisements, so here we recommend safer erotic sites than Twitter Ranking.

  • MGS
  • U-next

Safe erotic site that can be an alternative to Twitter Save Ranking (1) FANZA

DMM.R18』から『FANZA』へ システム運用構築はDMMが継続で合意|合同会社DMM.comのプレスリリース

FANZA is an adult video distribution service where you can find not only works by famous Japanese studios and famous porn stars, but also amateurs, erotic anime, erotic games, and a wide range of other genres.

FANZA can be used as an alternative to Twitter Save Ranking.

FANZA offers a wide variety of erotic content, including amateurs, erotic anime, and erotic games, etc. FANZA's DVDs and adult goods are well stocked. The quantity of works and the talent of its starring actresses are both remarkable.

It is also operated by DMM, a major Japanese company known as a "major adult video company," and is far safer than most any video platform. So you don't have to worry at all.

Safe erotic site that can replace Twitter Preservation Ranking (2) MGS

プレステージ公式の動画配信サイト「MGS動画」を解説。FANZAのプレステージchとの違いも比較 - エロ動画の探し方

MGS video site, which boasts a PRESTIGE affiliate famous for its high level of actresses, can be used as an alternative to Twitter Save Ranking.

MGS has approximately 100,000 videos, which is a huge number considering it is an adult video site.

It is a subscription-based video site, so you can enjoy all the movies you want to watch, buy, or rent as much as you want.

MGS Video is one of the leading porn sites in Japan and has been in operation for many years, so you can be sure of the safety of the site.

Safe erotic site that can be an alternative to Twitter Preservation Ranking (3) H-NEXT

徹底レビュー】U-NEXTアダルトの特徴とは? 口コミ・評判、月額料金やメリットH-NEXTとの違いを解説 | MINORITY HERO  |エンタメ作品やWEBサービスを紹介するメディア

H-NEXT can be used as an "adult video site" within U-NEXT in place of Twitter Save Ranking.

H-NEXT has approximately 5,000 adult movies.

In addition, there are more than 180,000 movies, dramas, and animations within U-NEXT, which is a considerable volume when considering the number of videos as a whole.

H-NEXT is operated by a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, making it a very safe adult video site.


In this article, we have explained various aspects of Twitter video storage ranking, similar sites, and points to note. We hope it will be of help to you. If you are worried about the risk of Twitter Video Saving Ranking, please use the three adult sites introduced at the end of this article. If you like, please do not watch any content illegally reproduced on Twitter Video Preservation Ranking, either for your own protection or for the protection of others.

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