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Everything You Need to Know About Audials Moviebox License Key

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Mise à jour le Nov 17, 2022 | 5 Minutes de Lecture
Do you want to screen record movies and want to know about Audials Moviebox license key? Read this article as we explain everything about Audials Moviebox.

If you are someone who loves movies and entertainment, you might have heard of Audials Moviebox Netflix, as it is a software that allows users to record and stream content for offline viewing.

Due to its rising popularity, many people are intrigued and want to know about the Audials Moviebox license key and how to use Audials Moviebox Netflix.


If you are also one of them, read this article till the end as it features all you need to know about Audials Moviebox license key and more.

Introduction To Audials Moviebox

In today’s world, storytelling has advanced astronomically in the span of a century. Firstly, it was stored in pages being and read out. Then it evolved into being available only in cinemas or in the homes of extremely privileged people.

But nowadays, everyone can view movies from the comfort of their homes and even watch their favorite content when they need access to a stable internet connection. This is possible thanks to software like Audials Movie box, with which you screen record and enjoy non-stop offline streaming.

As many Audials Moviebox review claim, this software has a user-friendly interface. Another feature that sets Audials Moviebox apart from others is that you can access more than 85 different video downloading formats and enjoy a personalized experience.

With Audials Movie, you can record videos and content from OTT platforms without any loss of quality and save them in the format of your choice. After being saved on your PC, the file is named automatically according to the title, cover image, genre, etc., as it helps locate the video afterward.

While viewing the recorded content, you also don’t need to worry about those annoying ads as you have two ways of dealing with ads. One, you can go with the automatic detection and remove the ads via software or make the software highlight the ads, enabling you to delete them manually.

If you want to know how to fix Paramount Plus error code 3205, give this article a quick read.

Audials Moviebox Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming devices of all time and has managed to amass a huge following of people all around the world. If you are also a fan of Netflix and want to stream its content offline, you can use Audials Moviebox Netflix.

The key benefit of using Audials Moviebox Netflix is that even if your movie is around 2 hours long, your recording of that movie will not take more than a few minutes thanks to super-fast Audials Moviebox Netflix.

The downloading process via Audials Moviebox Netflix is also quite simple as all you need to do is to launch the software and choose the save video option. Select the format and open Netflix to click on video recording. Choose record from the screen and wait a few minutes for the movie to record.

If you are a fan of Disney Plus and want to know how to update Disney Plus Payment, read this article till the end.

What Is Audials Moviebox License Key, and How Can You Use It?

Due to the popularity of Audials Moviebox 10, many people got intrigued and wanted to know how to use Audials Moviebox and Audials Moviebox license key. If you are in the same boat, hop on below!

Audials Moviebox

According to Audials Moviebox reviews, Audials Moviebox 10 is a paid software; you can’t just download it and view whatever you want. You need an Audials Moviebox license key to activate Audials Moviebox 10.

All you need to get your Audials Moviebox license key is to go to the Audials website, click on Buy Now, and enter your E-mail in the given space. Wait a few minutes, and your Audials Moviebox license key will be displayed there.

How to Activate Your Account Using Moviebox License Key?

Once you get your Audials Moviebox license key and want to activate your account, follow these steps.

  • Launch the Audials Moviebox software and navigate to the options.
  • From there, go to the account and license.

Activate Your Account Using Moviebox License Key

  • Enter your Audials Moviebox license key and click on validate. The safest way to enter your Audials Moviebox license key is by copying it from your mail and pasting it into the given space.
  • If you have entered the correct key, the software will ask you to log in using your password and username.
  • If you already have an older account made after 2019, then all you need to do is to enter your credentials. If your account is older, you need to make an account which is quite an easy process.

If you face errors like "entered key is not valid" or something, ensure that you are typing or pasting the same key. You can also face the "not valid for this product" error which means that the key may be correct, but the version of the software is not the one you requested the key for.

If you want further guidance, you can contact their support via e-mail, and their team will guide you through the process. You can also check Audials Moviebox reviews, as some people might have given the solution to your problem.

How to Record Movies with Audials Moviebox?

After activating your account, you might be looking for how to record movies with Audials Moviebox. Here is a complete guide for doing so.

  • Navigate to the Save Video from the Streaming section.
  • Choose the file format for the output file and click Convert.
  • Now go to your browser and hop onto the website of Netflix. Browse for the video you wish to download, play, and pause.
  • Now, hit the Video Recording button and select the option Record from Screen.
  • Resume playing the video; Audials will automatically start recording it.
  • Wait for a while till the movie gets recorded. Kindly refrain from using the computer when Audials Moviebox is recording movies; otherwise, you might end up with low or reduced-quality recorded movies.

Audials Alternative: KeepStreams Video Downloader

If you are the kind of person who loves to watch content on streaming services and OTT platforms, then you must complain of being unable to watch the content offline, i.e., without access to a strong internet connection.

Although you can use Audials Moviebox for recording and then streaming the content offline, it has several drawbacks which contribute to lowering the worth of this downloader, leaving users browsing for alternatives. One of its noteworthy alternatives includes KeepStreams Video Downloader!

KeepStreams Video Downloader
Keep Your Netflix Movies, TVs and Shows Offline with KeepStreams.
  • Download Netflix Movies, TVs and Shows from multiple regions and countries
  • Download Videos in High Quality up to 1080p to view offline
  • ADs-Free with KeepStreams Video Downloader
  • Save Subtitles as External SRT Files
  • Free trial for 30 Days
Learn More

While we have talked about Audials Moviebox in this article, it is far from the best choice since its pricing is quite high and quite exorbitant for one-time users. In comparison, KeepStreams Video Downloader has much more reasonable pricing and allows users to enjoy a more personalized experience.

Benefits of Using KeepStream Video Downloader

Here are some of the benefits that come with KeepStreams Video Downloader, the best alternative to Audials Moviebox.

  • Batch Download – KeepStreams Video Downloader allows users to download videos from various platforms at blistering speeds. They also have a batch download feature that enables users to download multiple videos or even a playlist at a time without compromising internet speed.
  • Extensive Variety – Since there are loads of video streaming platforms, and each has a different set of movies, KeepStreams Video Downloader enables you to access more than 100 streaming sites, like HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Funimation, Currenchyroll, etc., and download content.
  • High-Quality Downloads – All of the content you download from KeepStreams Video Downloader is downloaded in the finest HD quality. You can download high-quality content, up to 1080p, for an immersive experience, even on a big screen.
  • Top-Notch Audio Tracks – If you are an audiophile, you are in luck, as KeepStreams allows users to download their content and choose the type of audio format they want so that you can have a personalized experience.
  • No-Ads – Since ads are one of the most annoying things one can encounter, every single piece of content downloaded from KeepStreams is stripped of all ads so that the users get the best experience possible without any disturbances.
  • Video Formats – If you like to transport your video files, you can choose different formats, including MP4 format, for excellent cross-compatibility.


If you love movies, this article is for you as we have covered everything you should know about the Audials Moviebox license key. We have also given a brief Audials Moviebox review to understand the product's features better. We hope that this Audials Moviebox review was helpful to you.

If you also want to download and view videos offline, you can opt for KeepStreams Video Downloader, as it allows users to download content from over 100 websites and view it even when they are not connected to the internet.

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