How to Watch Behind Her Eyes on Netflix Online and Offline?

| Published on May 15, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Watch Behind Her Eyes on Netflix and download it with KeepStreams for Netflix.

A seeming cliché love triangle, Behind Her Eyes is actually an intricate and thought-provoking mystery with surprising twists and elusive clues. With a bolder attempt to extrapolate human emotions and relationships, Behind Her eyes dives deep into the enigmatic realm of dreams, specifically lucid dreams, which sets it apart from other ethical dramas. Behind Her Eyes has 6 episodes, and each one is more delicate and intriguing than the last. Now it is available on Netflix. Through Behind Her Eyes, you can learn fascinating facts and techniques about dreams and practice them to explore a whole new world with endless possibilities.

While watching such an amazing and enlightening show, I am sure you don't want any complications or interruptions. So, downloading it to your device and watching it offline is obviously the better option. And we have just the right tool for you to achieve that! Introducing KeepStreams for Netflix - the ultimate solution to enjoy Behind Her Eyes to the extreme.


Lucid Dreams

Is this term new to you? I think most people would answer yes. However, take a walk down memory lane. Do some of the vivid parts of your memory come from dreams? Do any of them feel more real than the others? Yeah, I think some particular ones have come to mind. Do you wonder why they feel different? Well, the answer is, they are probably lucid dreams. During a lucid dream, you are aware that you are dreaming and can somehow alter the environment around you. Through some efforts, you can even set the storyline of this dream and arrange events to happen the way you like it. For example, your boyfriend has broken up with you not long ago, and there is little you can do to change the status quo. Feeling frustrated and powerless, you wish things could be different. Alright, now you can get your ex back in a lucid dream after some practice. Behind Her Eyes will show you how lucid dreams work and what you can do to become the master of your own dreams. More amazingly, the show introduces out-of-body experience and even possession. Burning with eagerness? Download the show and search for the answers now with KeepStreams for Netflix!

More Details About Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes Cast

Simona Brown

Eve Hewson

Tom Bateman

Robert Aramayo

Tyler Howitt

Release Date

Wed, Feb 17, 2021

Streaming Service


Behind Her Eyes Storyline

Louise is a divorced mother who works as a secretary. Then she meets and falls in love with a man named David who happens to be her new boss. Fate brings Louise to meet his wife and learn things she must research to find what is hidden behind their relationship.


Behind Her Eyes Hidden Clues

Louise is a single mother who seems happy during the day but is plagued by night terrors at night. She makes acquaintance with David at a bar right before she showed up at his office as his new secretary. There is chemistry between them, but David is married to Adele. As the story progresses, latent and insuperable problems of their marriage emerge, and neither of them is truly happy. Louise, seemingly optimistic and humorous, attracts David like a magnet because he wants to feel alive again. However, he knows he has to walk on eggshells around Adele because she is sensitive and paranoid. Then accidentally, Louise and Adele bump into each other on the street and embark on a friendship that will get complicated with David involved. On the surface, it is a run-of-the-mill love triangle, but the real magic lies in the hidden clues of this show. I am going to give you some hints about them. Spoilers alerts, but not quite.

  1. Adele's story is not narrated chronologically in the show.
  2. Pay attention to the colors of the characters' orbs.
  3. Mind the characters' remarks and idiosyncrasies.
  4. The pigeons might not just be pigeons.
  5. No one can change overnight, except...

Alright, that's all the hints I can give you about this show. I hope you can be more attentive while watching it. Therefore, it's better to download the show with KeepStreams for Netflix to allow yourself to concentrate in order not to miss all the minute details.


Behind Her Eyes Review

Behind Her Eyes Netflix is one of the most innovative shows of 2021. It has four main characters and a unique storyline. Behind Her Eyes cast is outstanding and delivers incredible performance. Behind Her Eyes episodes build tension and suspension while delicately dropping hints about the truth of the story. Above all, Behind Her Eyes ending has produced considerable discussions. It proves to be mindblowing with the increment of twists and cliffhangers. Therefore, Behind Her Eyes Season 2 is much expected and will come back with more shocking plots.

How Can I Watch Behind Her Eyes?

You can watch Behind Her Eyes online and offline on Netflix.

Online Watching

  1. Sign in with your Netflix account.
  2. Search Behind Her Eyes on the homepage.
  3. Click "Play" to play it online.

Offline Watching

Just like many other OTT platforms, Netflix provides you the opportunity to download content for offline watching with some limitations.

  1. The Netflix movie downloader is limited to some shows only. You may not be allowed to download a full season in one go. This Netflix offline feature is available for android users only, but it is soon expected for iOS users too.
  2. You can only use your device to watch the downloaded content.
  3. The downloaded content cannot be shared with other devices or users.
  4. The downloaded content will be automatically deleted as it comes with an expiration date.
  5. There will be a long buffering time.
  6. The picture clarity and sound quality will always not be in excellent condition.

KeepStreams for Netflix - The Best Way to Watch Behind Her Eyes


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Steps to Download Netflix Videos Offline

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Final Thoughts

KeepStreams for Netflix is an efficient and safe tool to download videos for worldwide users. It keeps in touch with the latest shows, trending movies, and web series with superior quality resolution and sound versions. It certainly is the best option to enjoy Behind Her Eyes for an optimized viewing experience. Download it and start your promisingly adventurous journey with Behind Her Eyes Netflix! Immerse yourself and have your life changed right now!

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