Easily Save Lossless Music While Preserving Audio Files

KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter is specifically designed to make the process of downloading and converting music streamed on LINE MUSIC both easy and efficient. With KeepBeats, you can now easily convert your favorite music content into high-quality music files with uncompromising sound quality, enjoying music offline without any streaming limitations or disruptions.

Effortlessly Customize the Output Audio Formats

The most annoying problem when enjoying LINE MUSIC offline is caused by the difference in audio formats. Now, by using KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter, you can easily convert your faves from LINE MUSIC to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, and many other audio formats according to your requirements. Unleash the potential of KeepBeats and explore its capabilities now!

Quickly Get Access to LINE MUSIC Downloads 20 Times Faster

Bid farewell to the tedious waiting time, and start to enjoy lightning-fast download experience with KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter! It can help you download music from LINE MUSIC at a maximum speed of 20 times faster, which greatly reduces waiting time and allows you to enjoy music without any stress.

Enjoy Ad-free Listening of LINE MUSIC Podcasts with Ease

You can enjoy ad-free music streaming by becoming a paid member of LINE MUSIC app, but the subscription fee may be a bit steep for some. Alternatively, KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter is designed to remove ads and allows you listen to music freely and easily, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the music without any distractions.
ID3 Tag

Easily Download ID3 Tags and Metadata Information

Simplify the management of your LINE MUSIC collection with KeepBeats. It streamlines the process of downloading music while preserving all the important ID3 tags, including artist, album, and year. This makes organizing and managing your music library effortless. You can enjoy a hassle-free offline listening experience and let KeepBeats take care of all your music management needs.

Other Great Features of KeepBeats

KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter will include a convenient feature that automatically downloads new songs added to updated playlists. This will free your hands from later manual downloads. (TBS)
KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter offers a task queue function that lets you easily line up your favorite tracks for quick download and enjoy uninterrupted offline listening in no time.
KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter allows you to download songs together with lyrics, providing a highly immersive music experience.

Why Choose KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter?

Enjoy LINE MUSIC at the Highest Quality

KeepBeats is designed to effortlessly download music from LINE MUSIC, Japan's largest music streaming platform. Unlike other music download software that record music, KeepBeats, with its innovative technology will help users conveniently and directly download original files without laborious processes. With KeepBeats, you can enjoy your favorite music with superior sound quality anytime and anywhere, making it the perfect solution for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Easily Manage and Enjoy Your LINE MUSIC Without Stress

Experience LINE MUSIC Without Costly Ongoing Subscriptions

KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter provides a convenient solution for music lovers who desire the flexibility to enjoy their favorite tracks on different terms. This powerful tool effortlessly removes the DRM restrictions imposed by LINE MUSIC and converts your music into any format you prefer, giving you the ability to listen to music anytime and anywhere. Say goodbye to the fear of losing access to your music if you cancel your LINE MUSIC subscription.

No Need for Download-Supported LINE MUSIC Subscription

Experience the convenience of downloading your favorite LINE MUSIC tracks with KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter, even without a premium account. It is worth noting that the quality of the downloaded music will be restricted based on the maximum quality allowed by your plan. There's no need to let account restrictions spoil your wonderful music-listening experience. Get started with KeepBeats today and revel in high-quality music downloads, shaking off the restriction posed by account limitations.

Enjoy LINE MUSIC Without Subscribing to Ad-Free Plan

Do you find ads popping up on LIINE MUSIC that interrupt your music streaming experience frustrating? If so, KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter can help you kiss goodbye to annoying ads and enjoy smooth music. By downloading your favorite tracks from LINE MUSIC and playing them on your own device, you can listen to your favorite tunes without any pesky ads. Don't let advertisements spoil your mood. Try KeepBeats today and take back control of your melody.

Revolutionize Your Music Experience with an All-in-One Platform

Apply KeepBeats Rather than Multiple Music Downloader

Get started with KeepBeats today and enjoy unparalleled convenience in downloading music from a wide range of sources including LINE MUSIC, Spotify, Apple Music and more. Our all-in-one platform gets rid of the need to install extra programs on your computer. Experience greater flexibility and control over your music by choosing KeepBeats for all your downloading needs.

Apply KeepBeats Rather than Multiple Music Software

KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter makes it easy to search for your favorite artists and songs without downloading LINE MUSIC on your PC. Through the built-in browser, you can quickly locate and listen to your favorite tracks. With just one click, you can download songs in multiple file formats. KeepBeats supports several popular music services like LINE MUSIC, Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple Music. You can directly navigate these services on the built-in browser, avoiding the need to use their respective apps.

Improve User Experience by Adding a Multilingual Interface

KeepBeats strives to offer high-quality downloading services for everyone in the world. Our user-friendly interface supports over 26 languages, including English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese. KeepBeats enables anyone to use it with confidence, regardless of their language or technical proficiency, helping them to always enjoy uninterrupted listening.

Manage Your Music Collection in a Breeze

Immerse Yourself in Music on Any Device

KeepBeats understands your requirements that everyone has different music preferences. That's why we offer a diverse range of download formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC and AAC. You can select your preferred format to better enjoy LINE MUSIC for a more immersive listening experience on your preferred device.

Download Music with Detailed ID3 Tags and Metadata

KeepBeats offers an effortless solution for creating and managing your music library. With our innovative technology, you can conveniently save your favorite tracks on your device and retrieve the important ID3 tags, like the artist, album, and release year. KeepBeats allows you to browse and organize your music collection with ease, making it easy to find the perfect tune for any occasion.

Download Lyrics Along with Music Effortlessly

Want to hit every beat when singing along with your favorite songs? We've got you covered at KeepBeats. With the cutting-edge program, you may get access to the lyrics of any song while downloading the recording. This means you can play high-quality audio files on any of your gadgets and still have access to the original song lyrics.

Sort Your Downloaded Music into Categories Automatically

Are you tired of spending hours scrolling through folders to locate your favorite music tracks? KeepBeats serves the best solution to your problem by automatically organizing your downloaded music into specific categories, such as album, artist, or playlist, simplifying the management of your music library. Say farewell to the inconvenience of manually organizing your music library and embrace effortless music management with KeepBeats.

How to Convert LINE MUSIC to MP3 with KeepBeats LINE MUSIC Converter?

Step 1

Launch KeepBeats and Log into LINE MUSIC

Launch KeepBeats, choose Music > LINE MUSIC, and sign into your LINE account.
Step 2

Locate the Music and Customize Its Output

Search for and play the music you want to download, and then check the Format and Quality.
Step 3

Download the LINE MUSIC of Your Choice

Click Download Now to download the music immediately, or click Add to Queue to download it later.
Launch KeepBeats and Log into LINE MUSIC
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Launch KeepBeats and Log into LINE MUSIC
Launch KeepBeats, choose Music > LINE MUSIC, and sign into your LINE account.
Launch KeepBeats and Log into LINE MUSIC
Locate the Music and Customize Its Output
Search for and play the music you want to download, and then check the Format and Quality.
Locate the Music and Customize Its Output
Download the LINE MUSIC of Your Choice
Click Download Now to download the music immediately, or click Add to Queue to download it later.
Download the LINE MUSIC of Your Choice

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1Windows 7 or higher
24GB of RAM or higher
340GB of free disk space or higher
4Live Internet connection required
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