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Crunchyroll Funimation Merger: An Overview on Everything You Need to Know

| Crunchyroll |
Updated on May 06, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
The Crunchyroll Funimation Merger has proven to be immense for anime fans globally, but what is the merger all about? Read more to find out. 

Funimation and Crunchyroll are amazing platforms, which is why the new Crunchyroll Funimation Merger is all the more resourceful, but what is it?

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the Funimation Crunchyroll Merge. 

Funimation VS Crunchyroll

Funimation and Crunchyroll are two of the leading streaming services for anime. Both offer a wide selection of anime titles, including both classic and modern shows. Crunchyroll has a larger library than Funimation, but Funimation has exclusive access to some popular titles. Both services offer free trials and subscription plans that allow users to watch their favorite shows on demand. 

With both services, users can watch their favorite anime in HD quality with subtitles in multiple languages. Crunchyroll and Funimation are two popular streaming services that offer anime fans access to thousands of shows. While both services have a lot of similarities, they also have some key differences that make them stand out from each other. One such difference is the pricing plans and shows they offer. 


Crunchyroll offers a variety of affordable plans with different levels of access to their library, while Funimation offers more expensive plans with exclusive access to their shows. Additionally, Funimation has a larger selection of dubbed anime than Crunchyroll, which makes it appealing to some viewers. 

As such, viewers should consider the pricing plans and shows available on each platform before deciding which one is right for them. Be it so, with the Funimation Crunchyroll merger; this might not be as big of a concern as it once used to be. 

When is the Crunchyroll Funimation Merger Taking Place?

The Crunchyroll Funimation merger is an exciting development in the world of anime streaming. This merger will combine two of the biggest players in the industry, creating a single powerhouse that can offer more content than ever before. Having said that, Crunchyroll and Funimation merger date is March 1.

Sony's decision not to raise the prices of Crunchyroll's packages is a welcome relief for fans. With over 1,600 hours of content, Crunchyroll now offers an unparalleled streaming experience at an affordable price. This move by Sony will ensure that fans can continue to enjoy their favorite anime and other shows without having to pay more.


Funimation has been a major player in the anime industry for many years, and now their titles are available on Crunchyroll. This is great news for fans of the genre, as they can now access a huge library of titles with just one subscription. 

With this announcement, Crunchyroll has made it clear that they are serious about providing the best anime experience to their customers. They have distributed a list of Funimation titles that are currently available, and more will be added over time so that viewers can enjoy an even larger selection.

Why Is the Crunchyroll Funimation Merger?

The Crunchyroll Funimation Merger is taking place as a result of the two companies joining forces to create a larger streaming service for anime fans. The Crunchyroll Funimation Merger will allow both companies to offer more content and a better experience for their customers. It will also help them stay competitive in the rapidly growing streaming market. 

The combined company will offer more options for anime fans, including access to exclusive titles, simulcasts, and dubbed versions of popular shows. Additionally, this Crunchyroll Funimation Merger will provide more opportunities for both companies to explore new markets and expand their reach.

What is the influence of the Crunchyroll Funimation Merger?

The recent Crunchyroll Funimation Merger between Crunchyroll and Funimation has been a major event in the world of anime streaming. This merger has had a significant impact on users of both services, as it has combined two major streaming platforms into one. It has allowed users to access more content than ever before, as well as new features and benefits. 

This merger has resulted in an increased number of content available to users, as well as improved accessibility and user experience. It has also allowed users to access both services without having to pay for separate subscriptions. 

The merger is expected to have a positive effect on the anime streaming industry, resulting in more content being made available for users and new ways for them to enjoy their favorite shows. Additionally, this merger will provide users with more options when it comes to locating the best anime streaming service for their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions have been discussed as under:

Is Funimation Going to Shut Down after the Merger?

Funimation, one of the most popular streaming services for anime fans, has recently been acquired by Sony Pictures Entertainment. This acquisition has sparked speculation about the future of Funimation and whether it will be shut down after the merger. 

Crunchyroll will eventually acquire all of Funimation's features and content as the company winds down. VRV was also acquired as part of this deal. Crunchyroll will eventually incorporate all VRV, Funimation, and Crunchyroll content.

Should I Get Crunchyroll or Funimation?

Funimation is an excellent option for those looking for a more affordable way to watch their favorite anime. Not only does it offer access to a wide variety of titles, but it also provides access to exclusive content. Additionally, Funimation offers users the ability to watch their favorite shows in either English or Japanese with subtitles. 

With its low cost and expansive library of titles, Funimation is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable way to enjoy anime without breaking the bank. However, after the Crunchyroll Funimation Merger, this might not be a major issue. 

Is Funimation Free?

Funimation is an anime streaming service that has become increasingly popular in recent years. With its vast library of titles, it has become the go-to destination for many anime fans. Still, is Funimation free? The answer is both yes and no. While there are some free features available on the platform, access to the full library requires a paid subscription.


All in all, now you know everything there is to know about the Crunchyroll Funimation Merger. This merger is sure to be beneficial for users and the companies too. This is because users can now simply navigate to one platform to cater to all their anime needs. 

However, if you're looking to download your anime from several different sources as well as via the Crunchyroll Funimation Merger, KeepStreams makes downloading these videos simple and convenient.

It also provides access to a wide range of features that make downloading even easier, such as batch downloads, multiple file formats support, and more! 

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