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Thorough explanation of FOD Premium's pricing plan and free period, including payment methods!

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Updated on Jul 04, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
We are sure you are all familiar with the video site "FOD", but in this article, we will introduce the difference between "FOD" and "FOD Premium" and the free trial service (2-week trial) of "FOD" in detail.

What is FOD Premium?

FOD is an official distribution service operated by Fuji Television Network, Inc. It offers both free and paid services, mainly anime and e-books.

Difference between FOD Premium and FOD

FOD has two types of services: FOD, a free delivery service available without membership registration, and FOD Premium, a paid service available for a monthly fee. Unlike FOD, which includes advertisements when watching videos, FOD Premium offers unlimited domestic and international video content without advertisements.

FOD Premium is a free service that allows you to watch Fuji TV dramas and variety shows broadcasted by Fuji TV for free.

FOD Premium offers free access to more than 5,000 Fuji Television productions and more than 150 magazines. Also available are FOD's own original productions, animations, foreign dramas, new movies, and FOD exclusive releases. You can enjoy the latest movies anytime.

FOD Premium Prices

Basic Fee Plan

A paid subscription to FOD costs 976 yen per month (tax included).

Only those who register for the first time will receive 2 weeks free of charge.

About the free trial

The first 2 weeks are free, making this service ideal for those who are not sure about joining. If you are not sure whether or not to join, why not take advantage of this free service?

Of course, you will need to choose a payment method when you sign up, but it is important to note that the free trial is no longer available to users once they have signed up for FOD Premium. This service is for users who are using FOD for the first time, so it is recommended that you check in advance.

Payment Methods for FOD Premium

There are several payment methods for FOD Premium, some of which do not apply to free trials, so please check in advance!

The following payment methods are for FOD Premium.

Credit card payment

iTunes store payment

Amazon Pay

Rakuten Pay


au Kantan Settlement/au PAY/UQ mobile

au TV Pack Plan

My SoftBank authentication

First-time registrants will receive 100 points as a gift at the time of first payment after the free trial ends.

How to cancel FOD Premium

FOD Premium can be cancelled only on the web on your PC, smartphone or tablet, not on the app.

STEP1Log in to the official FOD website

STEP2 Click "My Menu" and open the "Check/Cancel Monthly Course" page

STEP3 Under "Monthly Course", there is a button "Cancel", click it to cancel successfully.

About FOD Premium Free Trial

Payment Methods for Free Trial

FOD's payment methods can be found above, but they are slightly different from the free trial payment methods described here. Please note that the free trial only accepts payment by credit card and amazon pay!

How to check your free trial period

Method 1After selecting a payment method in the member registration, the free trial period will be displayed on the web page

Method 2If you forgot the date you registered, you can check your free trial period in the upper right corner under "Menu" -> "Check/Cancel Monthly Subscription".

How to register for a free trial

Next, we will explain how to register for the free trial of FOD Premium.

It's almost the same as how to register for FOD Premium, so just follow the steps and you're good to go!

STEP1Access the top page of "FOD Premium" and click the "Start Now" button.

STEP2Enter your email address and password, including personal information, and then click "Create FOD Account".

STEP3Select your preferred payment method, then click "Next".

STEP4Check the details properly, and if all is well, click "Confirm Purchase Details".

This completes your registration.

How to cancel during the free trial period

The cancellation procedure for the free trial is exactly the same as for FOD Premium, and you can cancel your subscription at any time during the trial period. However, please note that once you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to continue using the service even if your free trial has not expired.


In this issue, we have explained in detail the difference between FOD's free service and FOD Premium, how to pay for FOD Premium, and how to use the free trial. For users who are not sure whether to become a member or not, the free trial is the best choice. Also, remember that there is a difference in payment methods between the free trial and FOD Premium (the free trial only accepts credit cards and Amazon pay payments).

Finally, we hope you will take advantage of the 2-week free trial to watch the videos you like.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
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