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Girls2 is a Japanese girl performance group. It has nine members. All of the members are from the TV Tokyo drama series "Girls x Warriors. "2021's official profile has added videos of their various activities, including acting, talent, and modeling.

Girls2 is a Japanese girl performance group. It has nine members. All of the members are from the TV Tokyo drama series "Girls x Warriors". 2021's official profile has added videos of their diverse activities, including acting, talent, modeling, etc. If you subscribe to Girls2's paid service [GL² family], you will receive a variety of benefits!

About Girls2 (Girls Girls Girls) member composition

Originally derived from the "Girls x Warriors" series broadcast on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. on TV Tokyo, the unit consists of 13 members from miracle2 (Miracle Miracle), magical2 (Magical Magical) and mirage2 (Mirage Mirage), including Yuzuha Oda, Yuzuha The girls group was formed on March 29, 2019, by eight members: Yuzuha Oda, Momoka Sumiya, Misaki Tsuruya, Sakuraka Ogawa, Kia Masuda, Miagumi Hishida, Kira Yamaguchi, and Miyakoi Harada. In July of the same year, Ran Ishii from mirage2 mirage joined the group, making it a nine-member girl performance group.

Four of them, Momoka Kakutani, Sakuraka Ogawa, Kia Masuda, and Kira Yamaguchi, are former members of KIZZY.

Girls2 (Girls Girls) Characteristics

Girls2 is a group whose members are all graduates of EXPG STUDIO (dance and singer school) and currently belong to SL Square LLP, a joint management company of LDH JAPAN and Sony Music Labels.

LDH JAPAN officially lists Girls² as "LDH Artists" and they are usually introduced as "LDH Artists" in the media.

The members have been learning dance since kindergarten or elementary school, and their greatest feature is that they all have a high level of dancing. They also take vocal lessons, so singing is another attraction.

Since all members sing and dance, there are no fixed roles such as "vocalists" and "dancers" like in EXILE and E-girls. There is a leader, but no ace, so the main vocalist changes with each song.

At events, in addition to live performances, they interact with fans in "high-touch sessions" and "photo sessions," but they are not officially labeled as "idols. They are described as a "girls' performance group," and their main selling point is their dance performances.

Since the coronavirus in 2020, the event has continued to be streamed LIVE.

The 2021 official profile adds references to a wide range of activities, including acting, talent, and modeling.

About the official profile of Girls2 [Girls2-fc

What is [Girls2-fc]?

Girls2-fc] is the official profile of Girls2 (Girls Girls). Here you will find the latest information about Girls2, release events, CD/DVD releases, etc. In addition, you can join Girls2's fan club [GL² family] at [Girls2-fc].

What is [GL² family]?

It is a paid service with a monthly fee of 330 yen (tax included). You can enjoy various contents when you join the club. You can enjoy ticket advance lottery, various benefits, members-only videos, and more.

What happens when I join GL² family?

Greatly increase your chances for members-only ticket advance drawings! You may be able to meet the members! Members-only events will be held!

And many more 【GL² family】 members-only contents!

<Site Privileges>>>

◆Pre-drawing for live tickets

Members-only events

◆Member Blog

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Off-shot of members

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How to download Girls2 (Girls Girls) videos

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