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How Many People Can Watch Netflix at Once? [Answered]

| Netflix |
Updated on Jun 21, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we introduced the three accessible plans on Netflix as well as how many people can watch Netflix at the same time.

With so many Netflix subscription plans, people often get confused regarding how many people can watch Netflix at once. If you are also baffled by this question and want to acknowledge how many profiles you can have on Netflix, then check out the following article.

What Are Some of the Netflix Subscription Plans?

As of 2022, Netflix offers its customers four subscription plans. These are the mobile plan, Basic plan, Standard Plan, and Premium Plan. Unfortunately, the mobile plan from Netflix is not available in all countries and is limited to only a few. Thus, talking on a general basis would be apt to exclude it from the discussion.

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What Is the Difference Between the Three Subscription Plans?

The difference between the three subscription plans is the number of devices you can stream the content on and the resolution quality of the display. The higher plans are also more expensive than the other ones.

Contrary to some common misconceptions, the number of profiles remains constant throughout the three packages, implying that no matter which Netflix plan you have opted for, you will still be allowed to create up to five profiles on them.

To know how many people can watch Netflix at once and how many profiles on Netflix can you make, it is first obligatory to attain familiarity with these subscription plans.

Basic Plan

Netflix's Basic Plan starts at $8.99 and offers content in 720p resolution. If you want to know how many devices Netflix allows on the basic plan, you can easily create up to five profiles, even on this minimal package. Netflix offers no restriction on profile-making; instead, it limits the number of devices on which you can stream the content simultaneously.

Therefore, on the basic plan, Netflix allows you to download movies and TV shows only on a single device. The Basic subscription plan is suitable for anyone who individually wants to watch Netflix content on smaller devices like mobile phones and laptops.

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan is probably the most popular plan of Netflix, as its content quality is pretty decent, and the number of profiles is also sufficient. This plan starts at $13.99 and plays content at a resolution of up to 1080p.

Many people ask how many accounts on Netflix can be created with the Standard plan. Then you may be relieved to acknowledge that on the Standard Plan, you can create as many as five profiles even on this package. Now, as far as the Netflix device limit 2021 for the Standard plan is concerned, only two people can watch Netflix on this plan at the same time.

This implies that though you can create four profiles with Netflix’s Standard plan, only two people can use the streaming platform simultaneously. If a third person tries to use the platform, then Netflix’s account will show an error in return.

Netflix's standard package is suitable for those people who want to share the account with their friends or employ it at their homes. The number of devices you can download content on on this package is also increased to two.

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Premium Plan

The most advanced subscription package offered by Netflix is this one. The plan starts at a whopping $17.99 and is suitable for those who want an ultimate watching experience on Netflix. The premium account streams content at 4K ultra-HD resolution and guarantees you a superior cinematic viewership.

Now, as far as the question of how many Netflix profiles can you create on a premium account, then like other subscription packages, this one also allows you to create up to five Netflix accounts.

However, the number of devices on which you can stream content simultaneously differs utterly from the other two packages. Those asking how many screens Netflix allows you to watch content simultaneously using the premium account will be amusingly surprised to know that up to four people can use the Netflix premium account at the same time.

Furthermore, the number of devices you can download content from Netflix also increases to four. The Netflix premium package is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy the utmost benefits of this streaming platform or requires a large Netflix account to share with their friends and family members.

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Is There Any Better Solution? Using KeepStreams for Netflix!

Netflix does have restrictions on the number of users who can share an account and watch Netflix at once. Different subscription plans have different benefits. As discussed above, you can share your account with up to 5 users at a time on Netflix’s Premium subscription plan. But paying a $17.99 subscription fee can be a hassle for most of the users out there.

The solution?

You need to look for something permanent and more budget-friendly. A solution with which you can share content with your loved ones without breaking your bank, that too without compromising the content quality.

Offline video downloaders provide binge-watchers easy access to their favorite content that they can watch offline. Not only this, you can transfer and share your downloads with your friends and family without spending any extra penny.

Sure you can also screen record your desired content. But the only downside to this is most screen recorders come with a limited set of features. This means you will have to either compromise on the quality of sound or picture quality.

Offline downloaders on the other hand are more versatile and land with a range of amazing features that will streamline your downloading and video viewing experience from start to end.

Speaking of the options…

Well, there are many. But the one we’re going to recommend here is the king of all downloaders out there. KeepStreams for Netflix isn’t just a downloader but a user-friendly on-the-go tool anyone can use to download and save their favorite videos and movies online.

Let us list some of its most amazing features for you down below:

  • Excellent and comprehensive support for all regional Netflix websites
  • Supports up to 1080p resolution
  • Batch download feature to help you with bulk downloads
  • A variety of audio tracks to suit your interests
  • Automatic removal of ads even on the basic Netflix subscription plan
  • Download videos in MP4

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Conclusion: Which Netflix Plan Is Ideal for You?

Now that you know how many Netflix profiles you can make and how many devices you can have on Netflix via different subscription plans, it will be easier to determine the ideal Netflix subscription plan for your needs.

If you want a budgeted subscription plan, then the Basic Netflix plan is good. However, if you want an ultimate watching experience, then the premium Netflix subscription plan should be your priority.

Also, you can download your desired Netflix movies using KeepStreams for Netflix downloader if you want a permanent solution.

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