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YouTube, OPENREC] Game playback machine, how to do, post, and save videos all in one place.

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Published on Sep 07, 2022 | 10 Minutes Reading
In this section, we have introduced the machinery, method, video submission, and platforms for live game playing. At first glance, the concept of live game playing may seem daunting, but once the basics are mastered, it is easy for anyone to do it.

Types of Live Game Streaming

There are two types of live game streaming on YouTube: live streaming in which game footage is edited and posted, and live streaming using the YouTubeLive feature.

While live-streaming with interaction with viewers is certainly appealing, live-streaming with few viewers tends to be more difficult for beginners, as they may not know how to take pauses or lack a sense of realism.

The first step is to record video of the game and edit it, such as cutting out the choppy parts or adding lines for explanation.

Equipment Used for Live Game Videos

The equipment needed to post a live game on YouTube depends on the type of game.

For computer games, you can record the game screen as it is being played by installing capture software on your computer. If you want to record video of a home video game console or smartphone game application in action, you will need to connect the game console or smartphone to your computer using a device called a capture card.

You can also connect a headset to record the actual action during the game, or record and edit only the game screen and add your own voice with the headset. After recording, you will need to edit the video using editing software, so you should also have video editing software available.

Although most people use a PC to post videos on YouTube, recently some people are creating videos without using a PC by recording and editing smartphone game applications directly and posting them, or by using a game recorder that can record home games and smartphone game applications and easily edit them They say. Some actual users create videos without using a PC, using a device called a "game recorder," which can record home video games and smartphone game apps and easily edit them.


While a smartphone may be fine for some games, a desktop PC is easier to work with for full-scale video game production, especially for video editing.

While consumer game consoles such as PS5 have many game lines, PC games have many interesting titles that are different from their international counterparts.

To broaden your options, you should have a PC that can handle both live game production and video editing.

Game consoles

If you are going to do live coverage of home video games, such as PS4 or Nintendo Switch, you will obviously need these consoles.

Note that Nintendo Switch Lite, which does not have a terminal for connecting the console and capture card (see below), cannot be connected to a PC, so you will need to purchase a regular Nintendo Switch.


In order to stream a variety of live games, you will need a smartphone with specifications that can handle the games. Along with consumer game consoles, smartphone games are also popular because they are easy to enjoy. Recording is done either by recording the game screen with the smartphone's built-in capture function or by using a capture card to project the screen onto a computer.

HDMI Conversion Adapter

HDMI adapters for connecting the USB Type C and Micro USB ports on Android devices and the Lightning port on iPhones to capture boards are available at electronics retailers and mail order sites such as Amazon.

Connect a cable from each port to the conversion adapter, connect an HDMI cable from the conversion adapter to the capture card, and connect the capture card to a PC via USB or other means, and for the first time you can capture a smartphone screen on a PC.

Capture Board

This device is necessary to capture video and audio from home game consoles and smartphones to a PC.

To capture a smartphone screen, connect the smartphone and capture card with an HDMI adapter as shown above. To capture the screen of a new game console, you can also connect the capture card with an HDMI cable directly from the game console.

On the other hand, when connecting retro games to a PC, the game console and capture card are connected via analog terminals used by many retro game consoles. In this case, purchase a capture card that supports analog terminals.


A headset with a built-in microphone and headphones is useful for recording audio during game play and adding narration to recorded video. Game consoles often have separate high-performance microphones and high-quality headphones for advanced video editing, but headphones have recently improved in performance. Beginners are advised to start with live performance using a headset.

Capture software

This software is essential for recording PC game screens, home game consoles, and smartphone screens captured by capture cards. Various types of software are available, ranging from free software to paid software with advanced features such as overlaying another screen on the captured screen.

When using a capture card, most come with dedicated capture software that allows you to record without problems.

Video Editing Software

For streaming video, once you have captured live video of the game, you will need to edit it.

Some people hire an editor, but many live game players edit the video themselves and upload it to YouTube.

Editing requires video editing software, with Final Cut and LumaFusion being popular among Mac users, and many Windowz use the completely free AviUtl or Movie Maker.

Game Recorders

It is possible to record screens without connecting to a PC, simply by connecting these devices to a home video game console or smartphone (using an HDMI adapter). This is called a game recorder.

Once the game console or smartphone is connected to the game recorder, or the game recorder to the monitor, simply press the game recorder's record button to record the game screen. The game recorder is also equipped with a headset jack so that you can record your voice at the same time.

How to use a PC for live game recording

After explaining the video streaming and live-streaming platforms, here are the methods and cautions for live-streaming games using a PC, according to the attributes of the game being played.

  • PC Games
  • PS4
  • Switch

For PC Games

To record live game video on a PC, you will need to record the game screen using capture software as described above.

The key point to be aware of is the technical specifications of your PC: even if your PC meets the required specs for the game, the minimum required specs may cause the capture program or the game being recorded to freeze during recording because the capture program is running and recording at the same time.

If you have a specific game that you actually want to play, check the PC specifications, taking into account that the capture software will be running at the same time. If it seems to meet only the minimum required specs, consider replacing parts or buying a new PC.

For PS4

To live-stream a game on PS4™, you can either record the game screen using the PS4™ recording function or use the sharing function to live-stream the game on the PS4™ alone.

However, if you want to edit or chat during the live broadcast, it is better to connect to a PC with a capture card before recording or broadcasting.

For Switch

As with PS4, when live streaming a Switch game, it is preferable to connect to a PC via a capture card to allow for editing and chatting. nintendo Switch Lite does not have the live streaming capabilities of the Nintendo Switch 4 .

In addition, the Nintendo Switch Lite does not have an HDMI port to connect to a capture board, so a regular NintendoSwitch must be provided if you wish to live stream live game play.

Basic Flow of Posting Live Game Videos

Now that we have explained the necessary equipment, we will look at the process of posting live game videos on YouTube itself, which can be done in the following three steps.

STEP1 Recording the play screen

For PC games, simply connect the headset to your PC and record with capture software. For live playback of home video games or smartphone games, connect the game console or smartphone to the PC with a capture card, connect the headset to the PC, and then record with the recording software.

1. Connect the home game console or smartphone to the capture board (not necessary for PC games).

2. Connect the capture card to the PC (not necessary for PC games)

3. Connect a headset to your PC (not necessary for editing with live voice)

4. When the game starts, start the capture software and press the record button to record.

STEP2 Editing recorded video

After recording game footage, the next step is to edit it using editing software.

Cut unnecessary fragments, add lines to impressive scenes, correct lines that have been chewed in the actual game, etc. to make the video easier for the viewer to watch.

  • Cut Scenes

Scenes that are jam-packed, such as when waiting for a match in a competitive game or when leveling up in a role-playing game. It is effective to explain that the scene has been cut with a message or additional audio.

  • Text Insertion

Use running lines to highlight memorable events or to explain game scenes that are difficult to understand with verbal descriptions alone. If you decide to use audio as text, as in a TV variety show, you can create a video that will leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

  • Audio

When you are playing a game and giving a live commentary, words are inevitably mumbled or misspoken. Video editing software can only edit audio, so cut the scenes that bother you or record extra audio to make it easier for the viewer to recognize the video.

STEP3 Post your video to YouTube

Once you have finished editing your video, post it to YouTube as soon as possible.

To post your video to YouTube, you will need a Google account. However, if you log in to YouTube with the Google account you created, you can post the video itself, but without account verification, you can only post videos up to 15 minutes in length. by accessing the YouTube account verification page and setting up your account. You can upload videos up to 128 GB in file size and 12 hours in length.

1. create a Google account.

2. Log in to YouTube with your Google account.

3. Confirm your YouTube account.

4. Select "Create Video or Post" in the upper right corner of the YouTube home page.

5. Select "Upload Video" and post your video.

Non-Youtube Platforms

There are many other platforms besides YouTube for posting live game videos. Let's take a look at the features of each platform.


Twitch is a global gaming platform operated by Amazon. It is a platform specializing in live gaming and has over 100 million registered game fans from around the world, mainly mainstream gamers. The platform is also active in monetization through sponsorships and other means, and is used by many professional players who make their living from live gaming.

How do I clip on Twitch?


OPENREC is a Japanese video game distribution platform operated by a CyberAgent affiliate. Since the service is mainly provided in Japan, it is easy to receive support and other assistance, and many of its viewers are Japanese. Many games are streamed using Nintendo's game consoles, and it is characterized by a light and relatively young audience that is not limited to the mainstream.

Nico Nico Douga

Nico Nico Douga is a video distribution platform operated by Dwango. It has gained popularity for its system in which viewer comments are displayed on the screen, and for the many videos posted, not limited to live video games. If the commentary function creates a unique communication culture and gains the support of users, it is not a dream to appear as a popular game play-by-play host at events such as "Nico Nico Live".

Learn more about how to download videos from Nico Nico Nico (and for free).

● Tweekas

This video distribution platform operated by Moi Co., Ltd. has a full range of functions that allow live distribution from both smartphones and PCs, and is characterized by a large number of young teenage viewers. Although it is not a platform specializing in live game broadcasting, live game broadcasting is also conducted here, focusing on game applications for smartphones. If you hold live game broadcasts that are popular among the younger generation, you may be able to become a popular game streamer.

How to download videos from platforms such as OPENREC

As the Switch becomes the world's most popular gaming console, more and more people are hosting live broadcasts of Nintendo's hit games, such as Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 Pocket Monsters, and other famous Nintendo hits on OPENREC. If there are videos I want to watch later, why not record & download them first? We recommend KeepStreams downloader to record and download live streaming.

What is KeepStreams?

KeepStreams was originally a software that allows users to download streaming content from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services, but now, you can even download live streaming. For example, you can easily download videos from platforms such as Twitch, OPENREC, and Nico Nico Live Broadcast as well.

How to download videos with KeepStreams

1. KeepStreams OfficialDownload the software by clicking the button below again from [100% safe].

2. Launch KeepStreams after downloading and enter OPENREC's official website "" in the "Home" address bar.

3. Select the video you want to download. <You can also download by live streaming and capturing. >

4. Go to the playback page, analyze the URL of the video, and then click "Ready to download" in the upper left corner.

5. In the window that appears, select the quality of the video you wish to save [Highest Full HD] and also the sound quality [320 kbps], and then download the video.


In this article, we introduced the machine, method, video submission, and platform for live game playing. Although at first glance, video game playback may seem intimidating, anyone can easily do it once the basics are mastered. If you are interested in recording or downloading live video games, please use the KeepStreams introduced at the end of this article.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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