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Making Fun Review: Is Making Fun Netflix Worth Watching?

| Netflix |
Published on Jun 15, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article is a review of “Making fun” and what we have observed so far in the show. We have also discussed some of the factors that the parents need to keep in mind before letting their kids watch “Making Fun”.

Educational shows are pretty necessary for the growth of children and help them in developing cognitive abilities. Such an example is “Making Fun”, a Netflix show that not only incorporates educational components but also energizes the young ones by portraying fun-filled building activities.

This article is a review of “Making fun” and what we have observed so far in the show. We have also discussed some of the factors that the parents need to keep in mind before letting their kids watch “Making Fun”.

Making Fun Review: Is Making Fun Netflix Worth Watching?

Because it is a reality television show about having a good time while constructing stuff, the show has come up to all our expectations. It is not only quite skilfully produced and put together, but the editing is very cheerful, capturing the attention of the young ones till the end.

Each episode begins with the title sequence, during which DiResta, the main guy, has a dialogue with the graphics that are being shown on the screen at that time.

“Making Fun” is an excellent source of mini physics lessons, tools, and procedures. So kids interested in becoming scientists or physicists are die-hard fans of this creativity-filled show!

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How Many Seasons and Episodes Are There?

So far, there is just one season released, and it comprises eight episodes.

  • Episode 1: Dino Taco Toilet
  • Episode 2: Unicornicycle
  • Episode 3: Soccer Shoe Car
  • Episode 4: Rock Paper Scissors
  • Episode 5: Nuclear Nutcracker
  • Episode 6: Catapoop vs. Trepoochet
  • Episode 7: Pirate Pizza Canon
  • Episode 8: Guitar Boat

What Is the Plot of Making Fun?

Jimmy DiResta, a somewhat grumpy man who is also an expert DIY maker, along with his four real-life friends, Paul Jackman, Pat Lap, Derek Forestier, and John Graziano, is on a fun mission that involves listening to the ideas that children have for useless inventions.

After listening to these amusingly bizarre ideas, Jimmy and his friends start working and constructing those inventions. Jimmy’s mood also governs the major part of the show as he is not very fond of children.

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What Is the Cast of Making Fun?

  • Jimmy DiResta
  • Paul Jackman
  • Patrick Laperrière
  • John Graziano
  • Derek Forestier
  • Justine Silva
  • Jayden Ham
  • Isabella Schroeder
  • Olivia Schroeder
  • Christopher Woodley
  • Malia Woodley

What Is the IMDB Rating of Making Fun?

Currently, the IMDb rating of Making Fun is 7.5/10, which is quite good compared to other TV shows for children.

What Do Parents Need to Know About Making Fun?

There are some things that parents need to be aware of when letting their kids watch Making Fun, a reality show. To add a bit of humor to the show, it is observed that Jimmy DiResta and four of his pals engage in a fun banter.

In some instances, they are also seen making fun of the children for coming up with innovative ideas that they find rather stupid. Moreover, many people are of the opinion that the title of the show itself is pretty sarcastic as Jimmy has an unpleasant attitude towards the children and often criticizes them for being brats.

The language used in the show is quite harsh for the young minds until and unless parents are okay with it. Some phrases are censored, but it makes sense what the person might have said. A lot of potty humor has also been added to the show with references to farts and toilets.

Where Can You Watch Making Fun?

Making Fun is exclusively available on Netflix to watch. It is one of the shows suggested in the kids' section more than an adult's profile.

What Are Some Negatives of Making Fun?

One thing that we noticed in the show was that although the team tries to keep us hooked to the television screen till the end by not showing the end product. It keeps us curious until the end when the invention is disclosed. Despite all of that secrecy, the episode's introduction gives away most of the final creation. The production team should look into this.

In addition to that, this reality show is labeled and promoted as "Netflix Kids," but the procedures that are featured can never be replicated at home. This thing, in turn, creates frustration among kids and parents who are unable to make things like their ideals.

Are There Any Other TV/Netflix Shows like Making Fun?

If you are looking for other options like “Making Fun,” there are a whole bunch of TV shows out there that focus more on the educational side and are about creating things. For example:

  • Making It
  • Buddy vs. Duff
  • Craftopia
  • Dominio Masters
  • Lego Masters
  • Assembly Required
  • Forged in Fire
  • Meet Your Makers Showdown

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In this article, we have talked about one of the most loved TV shows by children, and that is making fun. It is only available on Netflix to binge-watch.

We have reviewed all aspects of this creative and constructive reality TV show which helps the children think out of the box. Moreover, we have discussed KeepStreams for Netflix and its features.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
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