How to Set Netflix Parental Controls in 2022?

| Published on Jul 14, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Parental Controls on Netflix are a great way to control what your children watch on this streaming platform. Parents can use Parental Control Netflix to restrict particular movies, TV shows, or any other content for their children that may be unsuitable for them to watch.

Netflix - the indisputable king of the streaming world, is known for its amazing features and user-friendliness. Not only does it include a loaded content library, but there are tons of other controls you can use to personalize your streaming experience.

Netflix parental controls are one of those features that let parents decide what’s appropriate for their little ones to stream.

But how to set Netflix parental controls in 2022? Keep reading to find out…

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Does Netflix Have Parental Controls?

For everyone wondering if there are Parental Controls on Netflix, there certainly are.

Parental Controls on Netflix are a great way to control what your children watch on this streaming platform. Parents can use Parental Control Netflix to restrict particular movies, TV shows, or any other content for their children that may be unsuitable for them to watch.

How to Set Up Parental Controls on Netflix?

With Netflix Parental Controls, you can easily ​​set up a separate Kids profile for your children with content only appropriate for children of specific ages, choose your desired maturity settings, block various titles, as well as lock your own profile on Netflix so that your children cannot access your profile.

And we will tell you step-by-step exactly how to set up Parental Controls on Netflix for all these ways.

How to Set Up a Netflix Profile for Kids?

By setting up a separate profile on your Netflix account specifically for Kids, you can totally relax while your children can access viewer-friendly content that is suitable for them to watch.

All the movies, TV shows, and other content in the Kids section are mainly intended for ages 12 and under. This means your children will be able to watch only those shows and movies that have been carefully selected for them.

Here’s how to make a Kids profile on Netflix:

  • Log into your Netflix account
  • Click on the profile icon
  • Head over to Manage Profiles
  • Click on Add Profile
  • Select Kids

You have now successfully made a Kids profile on your Netflix account.

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How to Set Maturity Ratings on Netflix?

You can also use Netflix Parental Control by controlling what your children can watch on Netflix. This is done by customizing the TV shows and movies they can watch by restricting content according to its maturity rating.

TV-MA on Netflix basically means content that is only for Mature Audiences. Such content on Netflix that is rated TV-MA or R may not be suitable for underaged children to watch without adult supervision. This is because such content may include violence, sexual scenes, language, drugs, and other scenes that may not be suitable for your children to watch.

So, to steer clear of such movies and TV shows on Netflix, you can easily adjust the maturity settings. This way, you’ll simply filter out such movies and TV shows from your child’s profile.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Log into your Netflix account
  • Tap on your profile icon
  • Go to Manage Profiles
  • Select your child’s profile
  • From Maturity Settings, click on Edit. Enter your Netflix account password
  • Choose your desired rating that you’d like to appear on your child’s profile

Here is another way you can use Netflix Parental Controls.

By blocking specific titles on Netflix that may be inappropriate for your children to watch, those particular titles will be nowhere to be found on their profiles. Be it any specific TV show, movie, or documentary on Netflix, you can block any title you wish to from your child’s profile.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into your Netflix account
  • Head over to Manage Profiles, and select your child’s profile
  • From Maturity Settings, click on Edit
  • Enter your Netflix password once again
  • Hover over to Title Restrictions, and then enter the name of the desired movie, show, or title that you wish to block from your child’s profile
  • Click on Save when you are done

That’s it. You have now successfully filtered out movies and TV shows you won’t wish your child to watch on Netflix. Don’t worry; you can still watch all this content from your own profile!

How to Lock Other Profiles with a PIN?

Netflix also allows users to lock their own profiles with a secret pin so that their children cannot access other profiles on your Netflix account instead of their own.

Here’s how to create a Profile Lock PIN for your Netflix profile:

  • Head over to Netflix, and log into your account
  • Click on Profile & Parental Controls
  • Click on Change and enter your Netflix password
  • Click on the box to require a PIN to access this profile
  • Set up your desired 4-digit PIN. Make sure to choose one that your child won’t be able to guess
  • Check the box to ‘Require a PIN to add new profiles.’ This way, your child will also not be able to make another profile on your account

How to Turn Off Parental Controls on Netflix?

Want to turn off Parental Controls on Netflix? No problem.

You can easily turn off all the Parental Control settings from your own account.

Here’s how to change Parental Controls on Netflix:

  • Visit Netflix and log in with your credentials
  • Click on your Profile icon
  • Select Account from the drop-down menu
  • Hover over to Profile and Parental Controls. You will now see all the current Parental Controls here
  • Click on the arrow pointing downward of which you wish to turn off Parental Controls
  • Click on Change
  • Enter your password, and then click on Continue
  • Click on Save to save all your altered settings

After this, you will be taken to the previous page. You will be notified that you have successfully turned off Netflix Parental Controls.

While Netflix is great in terms of features, including parental controls, you and your kids have to stay connected to your internet server all the time to stream shows and movies live.

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Wrap Up

Before we wrap up this article, let’s have a quick overview of what we have discussed so far.

We shared with you a step-by-step guide to set Netflix parental controls in 2022. Also, we have suggested KeepStreams for Netflix downloader, which is an impressive tool for all your downloading needs.

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