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Did you miss SPY x FAMILY? Learn more about each video streaming service (and how to watch for free).

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Published on Jul 17, 2022 | 10 Minutes Reading
SPY×FAMILY", currently serialized in Shueisha's "Shonen Jump+", will be adapted into a TV anime! We will explain in detail about the 12 video distribution services that will distribute the latest episodes. We also introduce downloaders that are compatible with each video distribution service.

SPY×FAMILY", currently serialized in Shueisha's "Shonen Jump+", is finally going to be made into a TV anime! The TV adaptation has been decided!

SPY×FAMILY" is a manga created by Tatsuya Endo, which has been serialized every other Monday since March 25, 2019, breaking records for number of views, number of copies sold, and number of comments, and as of March 2022, "SPY×FAMILY" will have over 280 million views, and a total of 280 million copies sold. As of March 2022, "SPY x FAMILY" had received over 280 million PV and had a total circulation of over 12.5 million copies. SPY x FAMILY" became the first hit in "JUMP+" history.

Season 1 of the TV version of "SPY×FAMILY" will air on TV Tokyo on April 9, 2022 at 11:30pm, and will be distributed through Netflix, hulu, and other svod services. If you miss the TV broadcast of "SPY x FAMILY," you can watch "SPY x FAMILY" anytime, anywhere on any video distribution service. This article will mainly focus on the contents of the anime "SPY x FAMILY" and will introduce each video distribution service where you can watch the anime in detail.

What is "SPY×FAMILY"?

SPY x FAMILY" Synopsis

It is a home comedy in which a spy man, an assassin woman, and a psychic girl establish a "temporary family" and struggle with daily troubles in order to live a "normal life as a family".

More than ten years after the Iron Curtain fell between East and West, a tentative first peace was established between the neighboring East (Ostania) and West (Westeris) countries.

Twilight, a brilliant spy sent from the West to the East, identifies herself as psychiatrist Lloyd Forger and is ordered by Operation "Owl" (Strix) to "establish a family within a week and infiltrate a social gathering at a prestigious school attended by Desmond's son in order to make contact with Donovan Desmond, a politician from the East. He is ordered to "go into the orphanage. He meets Anya, a girl who can read minds, at an orphanage and begins to raise her as an adopted child. Anya undergoes four hardships to get into the prestigious school and manages to pass the written exam, but when she is instructed to come with her "parents" for the next interview, Lloyd hurries to find a woman to play the role of his wife.

He meets a woman named Yol Briar, who rides the code name of the civil servant Thorn Princess and is secretly an assassin. She too is looking for a formal lover to avoid the attention of others. Anya, who knows that Yol is an assassin through her ability to read minds, gets Yol to become her mother out of curiosity. Yol is looking for a lover, Lloyd is looking for a wife, and Anya is looking for "excitement." Their interests coincide, and the three begin to live together as an instant family, hiding their identities from each other.


The opening theme song "Mixed Nuts" for "SPY x FAMILY" will be performed by the hit band "Official Mustache Man-dism".

The ending theme song "Kigeki" for "SPY×FAMILY" will be sung by actor/singer Gen Hoshino.

SPY×FAMILY" Video Distribution Services

SVOD] "SPY x FAMILY" All-you-can-watch distribution

AVOD] "SPY x FAMILY" latest episode available for free for a limited time

SPY×FAMILY" distribution time

SPY x FAMILY" will be available every Saturday from 23:30 on April 9 (Sat.).

*The start date of "SPY x FAMILY" distribution may vary depending on the service.

SPY×FAMILY" Anime Distribution Service Comparison of 12 Video Streaming Service Providers (Free and Paid)

Then, we will introduce each video distribution service that broadcasts "SPY x FAMILY". First, we will compare each video distribution service in four levels: delivery volume, monthly fee, picture quality, and free plan.

U-NEXT - Japan's largest all-you-can-watch service

  • More than 220,000 movies are available for unlimited viewing! By far, one of the largest in Japan! You can enjoy a lot of movies you want to watch. Of course, you can watch "SPY x FAMILY" here.
  • You can get 1,200 points every month.

You can use the 1,200 yen worth of points you receive each month to rent the latest movies or purchase manga. You can also carry over the points to the next month, so use them for your favorite movies.

dAnime Store - Specialized video distribution service for anime

  • No.1 in the number of all-you-can-watch anime titles. Both past and latest anime titles will be covered.
  • Fast Anime distribution speed! You can watch new anime as soon as possible. SPY×FAMILY" is one of them.

  • First time users get the first month free, and if you sign up today, you get up to May 27th free!
  • dAnime Store also has the ability to download videos

ABEMA-"SPY FAMILY" latest episode is available for free for a limited time.

  • Free for 2 weeks, with a 13-day trial from the first registration, and no charge to cancel before the cancellation deadline.
  • Video can be played without advertisements. Watch "SPY x FAMILY" non-stop.
  • You can watch "SPY x FAMILY" from the beginning even if it is still airing.
  • You can watch new movies, rental movies and pay-per-view, etc. with coins, not all of them are unlimited. SPY x FAMILY" is not applicable to rental movies.
  • If you download ABEMA movies, use KeepStreams/downloader for ABEMA!

Hulu - the content you want to watch, on any device

  • Free 2-week trial, cancel anytime during the trial period.
  • Enjoy "SPY x FAMILY" on the big screen while relaxing on your WIFI-connected Smart TV or media player.
  • Enjoy Japanese, U.S., and U.K. news, documentaries, sports, kids' channels, and more on a pre-scheduled schedule.
  • Once you download Hulu videos, use the KeepStreams Hulu Downloader!

Amazon Prime Video - Cosy Video Streaming Service

  • Low monthly fee, 500 yen/month or 4,900 yen/year to view Prime Video membership benefit eligible movies.
  • With an Amazon Prime membership, you can enjoy "SPY x FAMILY" on your TV at home with your family and on your smartphone when you are on the go.
  • If you have never had a free trial of Amazon Prime membership, you can watch movies eligible for Prime Video membership benefits with a 30-day free trial.
  • If you download Amazon videos, use KeepStreams, a downloader for Amazon!

dTV - No.1 in the number of live music concerts

  • The largest amount of live music concerts in Japan, with over 1,200 performances, you can also enjoy "SPY x FAMILY".
  • First time subscribers can enjoy a free trial period of up to 31 days.
  • There are various contents and you can enjoy a wide variety of genres.
  • Some works will be charged even if you join.
  • After downloading dTV videos, use the downloader for KeepStreams dTⅤ!

Netflix-Original Movies are outstanding!

  • Original productions are highly rated with sufficient quality and quantity, and you can watch all episodes without waiting for updates.
  • No free trial. The lowest monthly fee is 990 yen.
  • Plenty of world culture from overseas countries, but not much Japanese content, but you can watch "SPY x FAMILY" here.
  • If you download Netflix videos, use the KeepStreams Netflix downloader for Netflix!

Disney+- has 6 major brands.

  • There is no free period, but the lowest monthly fee is 990 yen/month (tax included).
  • Unlimited movies and videos from 6 high quality brands.

Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star's best and hottest movies are available for unlimited viewing anytime, anywhere.

  • Watch anywhere with multi-device support (TV, smart TV, smartphone, tablet, PC, PlayStation5/PlayStation game console). 7 profiles can be registered with GroupWatch and Profile Registration
  • Since we have movies and TV series that attract worldwide attention, you can also watch "SPY x FAMILY".
  • Once you have downloaded Disney+ movies, use the downloader for KeepStreams/Disney Plus!

TSUTAYA Premium - Rent as many DVDs and Blu-rays as you want!

  • New members can experience a one-month free period.
  • Once you join, you can rent as many old DVDs and Blu-rays as you want, with no return period.
  • With TSUTAYA Premiere, there are approximately 10,000 titles available for "All you can watch movies" excluding new releases and semi-new releases. SPY x FAMILY" is one of those unlimited titles.

FOD Premium - Video distribution service operated by Fuji Television Network, Inc.

  • More than 5,000 Fuji TV titles that can only be seen on FOD are available for unlimited viewing.
  • Now, there is a 2-week free trial when you join. You can watch "SPY x FAMILY" for free.
  • Read more than 150 magazines at no extra charge, from weekly magazines to women's magazines and economics magazines.
  • You can also read the latest manga for free.
  • Downloading FOD videos is easy to achieve; use the downloader for KeepStreams/FOD!

Paravi-Largest number of domestic dramas in Japan

  • For beginners to join, there is a 2-week free trial.
  • Many dramas produced by affiliates of broadcasters such as TBS, TV Tokyo, etc. are available. SPY×FAMILY" is also distributed.
  • Due to the joint investment with WOWOW, many sports and music programs as well as dramas, movies, and animations are available.
  • Paravi has the ability to download videos, but the downloader for KeepStreams/Paravi is much easier to use.

TELASA-TV Asahi's own video service

  • TV Asahi's dramas, variety shows and special effects are available on a subscription basis.
  • In addition to original dramas and spin-offs of popular dramas exclusive to TELASA, original contents of variety shows are added one after another.
  • Free trial period of 2 weeks, no charge even if you cancel.
  • You can download videos from TELASA. You can also enjoy "SPY×FAMILY" offline.

After introducing the 12 video distribution services, you can watch "SPY x FAMILY" at your leisure after selecting the video distribution service that suits you best! However, each video distribution service has its own limitations when downloading movies.

For example, the ability to download videos on Netflix has three disadvantages.

  • First, if you cancel your account, the downloaded movies and dramas will be deleted from your device. If you later reactivate your account, you will still need to download them again.
  • Second, downloaded movies will expire after a certain period of time. How long the validity period lasts depends on the plan purchased by the user.
  • Third, the number of devices included in the price plan, up to 100 works can be downloaded at a time per device.

Rather than downloading "SPY x FAMILY," you can simply watch it offline." Many people will think that this is a good idea. This is where KeepStreams this app.

KeepStreams-the best downloader for each svod

Advantages of KeepStreams

  • Supports most svods and has great video downloading capabilities.
  • There are so many video distribution services that are supported. Almost all of the above 12 video services are supported by KeepStreams. In other words, no matter what video service you watch "SPY x FAMILY" on, you can easily download "SPY x FAMILY".

How to use KeepStreams

The following is an example of how to use KeepStreams to download "SPY x FAMILY" on Netflix with KeepStreams.

Step 1: Install the software from the official website for KeepStreams and Netflix

Step 2: After installation, launch KeepStreams. Select the "VIP Service" option. Enter the official Netflix website with the built-in browser.

Step 3: After logging into your NetFlix account with a valid email ID and password, select your favorite movie (let's take "SPY x FAMILY" as an example).

Step 4: After selecting "SPY x FAMILY," click on "Ebisode/Details. The app will automatically analyze the URL of this video. You can then download it.

Step 5: Select the "SPY x FAMILY" video you want to save, as well as the video quality, audio and subtitles.

Step 6: Then click "Download Now" to start downloading. After downloading, you can enjoy "SPY x FAMILY" without any Netflix restrictions.


This article has briefly reviewed the contents related to the anime "SPY×FAMILY. We also explained the features of each of the 12 video streaming services that offer "SPY×FAMILY" subscription services. We hope it was of some help.

In addition, this article also introduced an application that allows you to download streaming videos corresponding to each video service where you can watch "SPY x FAMILY". Please follow the instructions we write about to download your favorite videos.

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