TIDAL vs Spotify: The Ultimate Music Streaming Showdown

| Published on Feb 15, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
Are you looking for the best music streamer? Here is a deep comparison between Tidal and Spotify. Read the article to learn about Tidal vs Spotify.
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TIDAL vs Spotify: The Ultimate Music Streaming Showdown
5 Minutes Reading
Are you looking for the best music streamer? Here is a deep comparison between Tidal and Spotify. Read the article to learn about Tidal vs Spotify.

Most of us now listen to music via streaming services like Spotify and TIDAL rather than CDs and other physical media. Now that we can play any song without purchasing it — to access cloud-based music, we are content to pay a monthly subscription fee.

To get started with music streaming services, there are a few choices. However, your expectations have a significant impact on selecting the appropriate service. One of the most distinct platforms available is TIDAL or Spotify.

Read the article to know the answer to the question is TIDAL better than Spotify. You will also see elaborated content about Spotify vs TIDAL in this article.

TIDAL vs Spotify: Introduction

Spotify is without a doubt the most widely used streaming service in the world due to its high-quality audio and extensive music and podcast library. However, TIDAL has a competitive edge despite the fact that its music, podcast, and video material is widely available.

It is therefore understandable that choosing between the two services that appear to be comparable can be challenging. We have therefore analyzed each app's various features to determine which one is well worth the money, easing your decision-making process. Let's get going.


The goal of the Spotify app was to make music access simpler and safer, as well as to stop music piracy. Spotify went live in some European countries in October 2008. It had its first million subscribers after three years. This small start-up now controls this streaming music platform in the world. Spotify has 406 million monthly active users and 180 million paid subscribers as of February 2022. Additionally, it is available in 184 nations.

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TIDAL went live in additional European nations eight months later and attracted its first million subscribers. However, subsequent estimates have disputed this number, which is closer to 350,000. Estimated in February 2022, there are 61 countries that offer TIDAL. Additionally, they have not disclosed the number of TIDAL subscribers, though estimates range from one million to five million.

TIDAL vs Spotify: Subscription Plans

The pricing and features of Spotify and TIDAL are somewhat comparable. However, before we get into the details of the premium plans' costs on each platform, let's take a short look at them:

Spotify Premium

Plans Accounts Prices/Month


Duo 2 $12.99
Family 6 $15.99
Student 1 $4.99

For an individual user, Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month; for an entire family, the plan costs $15.99 per month; and as a student, you gain a discounted plan for $4.99 per month. Besides, its Duo Plan costs $12.99 per month.

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TIDAL HiFi and HiFi Plus

  Plans Accounts Prices/Month
HiFi Individual 1 $9.99
Family 6 $14.99
Student 1 $4.99
Military 1 $5.99
First Responder 1 $5.99
HiFi Plus Individual 1 $19.99
Family 6 $29.99
Student 1 $9.99
Military 1 $11.99
First Responder 1 $11.99

For an individual user, TIDAL HiFi costs $9.99 for a month; for an entire family, the plan costs $14.99 per month; and as a student, you gain a discounted plan for $4.99 per month. Besides, its Military and First Responder HiFi plans cost $5.99 per month.

The following are standard features for all paid plans on both platforms:

  • A free trial for 30 days
  • More than 80 million songs
  • Access to different platforms' contents
  • An ad-free experience when streaming music
  • A download option available for your offline listening experience

As was mentioned earlier, there are significant differences between the two platforms, Spotify vs TIDAL. Consider the following if you are determined to select the best option for TIDAL vs Spotify:

Different Subscription Plan Options

With the Duo Plan, Spotify provides a low-cost subscription that can be shared by two individuals. On the other hand, Military HiFi and HiFi Plus as well as First Responder HiFi and HiFi Plus, are all products that can be purchased on TIDAL and offer additional choices at reduced prices.

Additionally, amusing extras are included in some Spotify Premium subscription plans. Those who immediately gain if you sign up for Spotify Premium Family Plan, reach to Spotify Kids, another separate side where children can find out a wide range of content that is made just for kids. Additionally, you can acquire paid access to SHOWTIME and Hulu by signing up for Spotify Premium Student Plan.

Difference Price Options for Family Plans

Just like every other well-known streaming platform in the music streaming industry, Spotify's Family Plan used to cost $14.99. Whereas in April 2021, the business made the price increase public, which was raising the Family Plan's cost to $15.99. Spotify commented on the new set price new features and content that you can use individually or with your family.

You can also see how to download songs on Spotify.

TIDAL vs Spotify: Local File Support

Spotify lets you play music from your phone or desktop computer by importing music files. In contrast, TIDAL does not offer this option.

Is TIDAL Better than Spotify?

If TIDAL hadn't changed its subscription plans, with its affordable paid plan and free plan, Spotify would be the top-notch winner. However, this is not that true. Additionally, keep in mind that the family subscription to Spotify costs one dollar more than the family subscription to TIDAL. This could be a big deal for some people who are tight on money.

Despite all the comparisons, there still lies a shortcoming of the subscription plan pricing for either of these music streamers. But not to worry, because we have a great option for you!

Spotify and TIDAL Alternative - KeepStreams Downloader

Some of the times, you might wish to refrain from facing the shortcomings both of the platforms have, but there comes a great video and audio downloader that is one of the best solutions to all your problems!

KeepStreams Downloader is one of the best TIDAL Spotify alternatives because it makes it simple for users to download videos and convert audio. The bulk downloading option, which provides users with a comprehensive package, enables them to download a large number of videos to their device in a matter of mouse clicks.

Among its best features are:

  • The batch downloading feature will eliminate the need for you to download each of your videos separately; instead, you can download all of them simultaneously automatically.
  • By saving the subtitle and metadata, you can easily watch downloaded content in your native language.
  • If you choose the fast-download option, you could have video content that lasts for hours in just a few minutes.
  • You can take advantage of the smartest features for sharing and transferring your downloads to devices thanks to the MP4 file format's adaptability.


TIDAL is the best option if you have studio headphones or a high-quality home stereo system and want the best music possible. Everyone else will probably enjoy Spotify more because of its song-recommending social media and algorithms integrations. There are a lot of streaming services out there, but you'll have to pick one which you think is the best for you.

But the best alternative of Spotify vs TIDAL is KeepStreams which offers a great number of advantages.

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