Top Gun: Maverick Parents Guide – Is It Kid Friendly?

| Published on Mar 16, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
All parents are worried about what their children should and should not watch. Similarly, Top Gun: Maverick is experiencing the same issues. So we hope that our Top Gun Maverick parents guide can assist you.
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Top Gun: Maverick Parents Guide – Is It Kid Friendly?
5 Minutes Reading
All parents are worried about what their children should and should not watch. Similarly, Top Gun: Maverick is experiencing the same issues. So we hope that our Top Gun Maverick parents guide can assist you.

Thirty-six years ago, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell hopped onto his plane and flew across the cinematic scenes, taking your breaths with him. The movie was phenomenal, which was why the Top Gun rating flew high all those years ago.

As much as everyone liked the first movie, what no one expected was for a second one to make its way through – and that too after almost four decades. If you are someone who loved that movie all those years ago, we are sure you must be eager to watch the second part too. Moreover, some of you would want to show your children the movie that took your breath away all those years ago too.

If you are in the same boat and excited to show your kids a cinematic masterpiece that was a big part of your life, then we are sure you would want to check whether it is age appropriate for them. Well, lucky for you, this article will help you figure just that out.

What Is the PG-Rating for Top Gun: Maverick?

The Top Gun 2 rating falls in the age group 13 on the PG scale. The movie includes some intense scenes and strong language, which may not be suitable for kids in some areas.

If you are someone who has a kid around the age of 13 but wants to confirm what is Top Gun rated and whether it would be suitable for your kids to hop with you to the cinema, worry not. This is because we have concluded a complete Top Gun parents guide which will help you determine whether the movie would be worth the watch for your kids. 

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What Kind of Content Does Top Gun: Maverick Has?

The first Top Gun movie was a huge hit; people expect the second movie to be the same. There is no denying that Tom Cruise is an exceptional actor, and the movie is made keeping in mind all of its viewers. However, given that the movie is PG rated, there is still some content you need to be careful about.

If you plan to watch the movie but want a breakdown of the content, this guide is for you – hop on below.


The second part of the Top Gun movie does not hold much violence. Like the first movie, the second film is shot mainly in a training function, with few scenes for actual combat.

However, once the combat does start in the movie, there are a few explosions and death scenes too. Though, it isn't something you should worry about because there is nothing graphic like dead bodies or bloody content that you will visibly see.


Most parents are hesitant about adult movies that they want to watch with their kids because of the language used in them. If you believe that Top Gun might not be suitable for your kid because of the language, then let us give you an overall review of the language content.

Around 99% of the film is clean and holds mild profanities, suitable for the PG rating. However, toward the film's end, you will notice a bunch of S-words and F-words. It is the exact scene from which we believe the PG rating was given. Hence, it would be okay for your kids to watch the movies with you if you feel like it.

Intimate Scene

The first Top Gun movie had some intense, intimate scenes, and while they weren't highly graphic, they did make a few people feel uncomfortable. The second movie, however, is free from any such intimate scenes.

The most you will see would be the shirtless football scene on the beach which is a homage to the volleyball scene in the first film. A few people are on the beach wear slathered with oil in this scene. However, the scene is mainly comedic and is done to show off the impressive physiques of the actor.


No movie is better than one that keeps you on edge. Top Gun: Maverick will be just that film for you. From the first scene, the movie will keep you intrigued and offer many toe-curling moments that will baffle you. The movie is full of action, and there are constant lives on the line, giving you a fair share of the stress and adrenaline you crave.

With the real jets used in the movie, the effects you will feel will be real too. Hence, you will have a more action-packed, thrilling time and spend each minute engrossed in the film.

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Will Kids Be Bored While Watching Top Gun: Maverick?

Now that we have broken the contents, the next step in this Top Gun Maverick for kids review would be to understand whether your kids would enjoy it. The Top Gun rating labels the movie thriller and action filled. Hence, with the fantastic toe-curling intense scenes and action thrill performances, your kids will hardly get any time to breathe or think about something else, let alone get bored.

Now that you know what Top Gun is rated as and its contents through this Top Gun parents guide. We assume you have assembled that this movie is appropriate for your kids.

The next step is to make your kids watch this cinematic masterpiece, but the bigger question is, where can you find the best version to download it? How can you download it? We got the answer for you below.

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We understand that, as parents, you are always concerned about what your kid is watching. If this concern was lurking on whether you should let your kid watch this movie too, we hope this Top Gun Maverick parents guide helped you keep your worries at bay.

So, download the fantastic movie from KeepStreams, watch it offline with your kids, and show them the action-filled amazingness Tom Cruise holds. Happy watching!

Jessie Smith
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