Is Turning Red on Disney Plus?

| Published on Mar 13, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
Are you someone who heard about Turning Red and is wondering is turning Red on Disney plus or not? Then this article is for you.
Is Turning Red on Disney Plus?
5 Minutes Reading
Are you someone who heard about Turning Red and is wondering is turning Red on Disney plus or not? Then this article is for you.

Disney Pixar movies are not only fun to watch, but their initiative is about breaking stereotypes and talking about things that matter but are rarely discussed. Its recent release in the form of Turning Red inclines on the same principle.

Given the massive hit the movie got, especially among young girls and their mothers, opening doors to conversation generally hesitated in family gatherings. The film was, for sure, a work of art. The best part? This is a solely women-directed movie. 

If you want to watch this movie and wonder if 'is Turning Red on Disney Plus,' this article is for you. Hop on below to learn more about this fantastic movie and whether is Turning Red free on Disney plus or not.

Why is Turning Red Worthy of Watching?


Turning Red is a movie unlike any other. The film introduced a dorky but confident 13-year-old named Mei Lee. Mei is stuck in the cycle of trying to remain her mother's dutiful daughter like she has been all her life and trying to fit into the chaos that adolescence brought for her by making decisions. The only problem? Her mother is constantly in tow with her. Truly a nightmare of any growing teenager, right? 

The movie circulates around all the new physical changes Mei experiences and changes in interests and relationships that come into the life of puberty hitting 13-year-old and how she deals with it. If all this weren't enough, Mei would become a giant fluffy red Panda whenever she experiences a fury of emotions.

The director Domee Shi and the movie producer Lindsey Collins wanted to create a movie that many young girls worldwide could resonate with. The film would remind all young women that past this time of the awkward teen years, they go through, and how it is valid to have emotions during these times.

Apart from validating the emotions that hit young girls during this changing period, the director wanted to touch on thr topic of puberty too. Periods, in general, are stigmatized and not much talked about openly in many households.

Through this movie, the movie cast wanted to destigmatize this in a fun manner, and what is a better way than to include a giant fluffy red panda into this?

What is the Cast for Turning Red?

Cast for Turning Red

While Turning Red has an impeccable story, the cast that followed to make the movie was also exceptional. Here are a few top cast members who worked hard to bring the Turning Red characters to life and make this movie a success.

  • Rosalie Chiang – Meilin Lee
  • Maitreyi Ramakrishnan – Priya Mangal
  • Sandra Oh – Ming Lee
  • Jordan Fisher – Robaire
  • James Hong – Mr. Gao
  • Anne-Marie – Lauren

Apart from these few actors, many other splendid names in the cast and crew worked hard to make this movie a success. 

Did the Turning Red Movie Win any Awards?

Given the exceptional storyline and a great cast and crew, it was easy to decipher that the movie would be in line for some outstanding awards. That is precisely what happened.

Turning Red was picked as a nomination in the Best Animated Film Feature Category at the Academy Awards. While the Turning Red Oscar nominations was huge it was again chosen in the Best Animated Feature Film category for the BAFTA Awards, bagging two outstanding nominations.

At the Alliance of Women Journalists, the film was nominated in four categories: the best-animated feature film, two best animated female nominations, and the best-animated screenwriter.

Is Turning Red on Disney Plus?

Turning Red

One of the main questions googled after where can I watch Turning Red is whether is Turning Red on Disney Plus or not. The answer to your question is relatively simple: Yes! The film is on Disney Plus.

Turning Red is an exclusively Disney Pixar-owned movie, making it available on the service's streaming platform. If you want to know more about playing it on Disney and whether is turning Red Free on Disney Plus, hop on below to find out.

Is Turning Red Free on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus subscribers can watch Turning Red from their laptop, TV, smartphone, or any other streaming service for a monthly charge of $7.99. Users can only bundle their Disney Plus accounts with Hulu and ESPN+ for their subscription at $13.99.

While you can get a bunch of movies from Disney Plus, the question stands that is turning red-free on Disney Plus or not? The answer is no. You cannot watch Turning Red or any other movie for free on Disney Plus, and you will need to have a subscription to the streaming service.

Disney Plus is a great platform to stream movies on, and if you are someone who wants to take up its subscription to watch Turning Red or any other film. This is your green light to make a move.

How to Download Turning Red?

Disney Plus is a fantastic streaming platform, but it comes at a monthly or annual price. If you are someone who doesn't have a Disney Plus account or wants to watch this movie offline, then we might have a place for you.

KeepStreams for Disney Plus is one of the best downloading services in the business. This platform allows users to download movies or TV shows from any streaming service, including the Disney Plus platform. The downloads you will make will be of the best quality in terms of both audio and video.

Moreover, the platform allows you to make bulk downloads. Hence, you will not only be able to download multiple movies and many TV show episodes simultaneously, but you will also not have to worry about them losing their quality.

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The platform also gives users the benefit of ad-free streaming. This means that when users will download content and want to binge-watch it. They will not be disturbed by the intrusion of advertisements in between. Hence, after reading all this, it isn't hard to decipher that the downloading platform is one of the best.


What is Turning Red a metaphor for?

The movie represents a 13-year-old girl who turns into a red panda when overwhelmed with emotions. However, it is an underlying metaphor for the changes in the body and the heightened emotions that come during puberty.

What is the moral lesson in Turning Red?

The lesson with Turning Red is that change for humans is inevitable, and as parents, while we want what is best for our child, sometimes your best interest isn't always what they want for themselves.

What inspired Turning Red?

The core female friendships inspired the movie Turning Red in the anime called Sailor Moon. The film hence became a product explicitly targeted at young female lives and what a 13-year-old experiences during the changes in her life during puberty.

What does the ending of Turning Red means?

At the movie's end, mei is seen sporting red panda ears and proudly surrounded by her friends. The film then states, "women and girls are people too – no more or no less."


Turning Red is a beautiful movie that turns the stigmas in society that we often ignore. If you have young children in your house, especially puberty-hitting girls, it would be great to watch this movie with them. 

Turning red downloads can be made through KeepStreams. Watch this movie and help your girls understand that their emotions during this change in life are valid.

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