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Easily Check Your Twitch Logs with Our Step-by-Step Guide

| Twitch |
Published on Jan 08, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Looking for a detailed guide on checking your Twitch logs? Hop inside this article and explore the detailed step-by-step guidelines on checking the Twitch logs.

Since COVID-19, several people trapped in their houses found Twitch a perfect place to stream games and kill time. Twitch was the place where not only gamers were found, but this was the center where you would find artists, singers, musicians, actors, and many other people. It is a massive platform on which millions of viewers stream their games and many other types of videos.

This article covers one of the main parts of Twitch that only a few people know about. Here you can learn how to check your Twitch logs quickly. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

What Are Chat Logs Twitch?

The Twitch chat log is actually the Twitch chat history; the recording of the exchanges done on Twitch chat.

If you are a beginner or need to learn about Twitch chat history, then don't worry; we have you covered. Twitch is a vertical window that is present on the right side of the screen. This is the area where the streamers can communicate with each other while they are playing the game.

Here, most fans chat with the content creators and enjoy the live stream. Viewers can also reply to the comments, which is the best place for one-on-one interaction.

Why Do You Need to Monitor Twitch Chat Logs?

There can be many reasons someone would like to see their Twitch chat history. Below are a few reasons why users would want to look at their Twitch logs, so let's have a look at them.

Find What Attracts the Audience

The main reason a streamer gets famous on Twitch is that the audience likes their content. To know what the people like, a streamer needs to be in sync with the chat so that he knows what things the audience likes and finds more engaging. This is the easiest and most straightforward way to know your audience's thinking and provide the content according to that.

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Accurate Insights

Finding the right audience and loyal fans is very hard, but with analyzing the Twitch chat logs by users, you can identify the people who are interested in your content. You can also understand the type of content the viewers want and have many other insights about your audience. Hence this is a perfect way to gain more followers and produce better content for them.

Monitor the Actions

Social media is packed with people who leave hateful and disturbing comments on the content a person is making, and Twitch is no exception. People streaming on Twitch cannot take immediate action on their haters because they need to focus on their content and pleasing their viewers. But with the logs, the Twitch creator can view the chat and deeply look at it.

Through this, they will also be able to block the person commenting hate or abusive comments. They can also delete the comments, and Twitch has many other features that protect the streamer from all these haters.

How to Check Twitch Logs?

Now that you know the benefits you can get by checking the Twitch Chat logs, we have also mentioned the entire process of checking Twitch chat logs. So, let's have a look at it.

User Search Command

The first and most straightforward way to view the chats logs Twitch is through the user search command. This is a simple command that you add to the search bar; it will instantly pop up your results.

There are different pieces of information that you can find through this command, such as the date the commentor made their account, the times they were banned from your account, comments left by the moderator on the person's comment, and the messages they have left on your account.

Most people find this method most suitable because through this method, none of the comments will get filtered out, and you will be able to view them easily.

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Using Video on Demand Feature

Another way you can view the Twitch chat history is by enabling the Video on Demand feature. This feature will easily allow you to view the chat without any problem and you can automatically download the videos, ensuring that none of the content gets lost.

If you want to enable the feature, follow the step mentioned below.

  1. First, go to the Creator Dashboard option.
  2. From here, you need to go to Stream Settings.
  3. Under the VOD Section, choose the Save Past Broadcasts option.

On clicking this, you will activate the VOD feature, and now all your information, content, and stream video will be downloaded and saved. However, a minor drawback of this method is that the download stream will be saved only for 60 days max. Once the video is taken down, you won't be able to access them. Hence, once you download the videos through the VOD option, ensure you save them on your computer to access them later.

Third-Party Users

Several third parties are available through which you can easily download and check your Twitch logs. The software is open source and also safe to use with Twitch. Hence, if you cannot use the methods mentioned above to check the Twitch logs, no need to worry because these third parties are the perfect option for you. These are the simple and effective methods to see the Twitch chat history.

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs As a Viewer?

If you also have a question about how to check Twitch chat logs as a viewer, then there is sad news for you. As of now, Twitch does not have a feature through which users can view chat logs. This is done to provide protection and privacy to the streamer.

You can learn how to view Twitch on Roku by reading this article.

KeepStreams - The Ultimate Twitch Videos Downloader

There are many third-party websites through which you can download Twitch videos and see the Twitch chat history. However, none of them are above KeepStreams. KeepStreams is the best video downloader that allows you to download videos in HD quality.

The more impressive feature of KeepStreams is that you can batch download the videos for offline watching. Another thing about KeepStreams is that you don't have to update the software; it will automatically update itself and have new features all the time. You also don't have to watch annoying ads between your Twitch videos. Hence this is one of the best downloaders you can find in the market for offline viewing Twitch videos.


People think Twitch logs are just a way of communication; however, so many things can be done through Twitch logs. The Twitch chat history can be very beneficial when someone is facing haters who want to block them off and delete their comments. Other than this, there are many other benefits of the chat history Twitch. Hence, this article was beneficial for understanding the importance and how to check Twitch chat logs

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