2022 Update: How much does NBA Rakuten charge?

| Published on Aug 19, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
I want to watch a sports game, but how can I get the best deal? Which plan is right for me? If you have questions like these, let us introduce you to NBA Rakuten! We will introduce you to the three plans, their rates, and the renewal period from the very beginning!

I want to watch a sports game, but how can I get the best deal? Which plan is right for me? If you have questions like these, let us introduce you to NBA Rakuten! We will introduce you to the three plans, their rates, and the renewal period from the very beginning!

How much does NBA Rakuten cost?

NBA Rakuten is a video streaming site known to all sports lovers.


The price, number of games, and available content differ depending on the plan you choose. Details are explained below.

BASIC PASS (Basic Pass)

The monthly fee for NBA Rakuten is 990 yen (tax included). Seven games per week are included. (Provided by NBA Rakuten, not selectable by you).

Games are also divided into live and missed games, which can be watched at any time on PC or mobile tablet. ideal for users who are just starting out with NBA Rakuten and want to give it a try first.

Basic Pass can be checked in advance from the "Schedule and Results" section, and a "B" symbol indicating "Basic" will be displayed before the eligible games.

LEAGUE PASS [to be increased in price].

League Pass allows you to watch all games of all teams. For new subscribers on or after September 8, 2022, the plan will change to 2,970 yen (including tax) for one month and 21,780 yen (including tax) for a season. For those subscribing to League Pass before September 7, 2022, the new price will apply from the next renewal date.

The reason for the price increase was not clearly announced, but it is probably due to the depreciation of the yen. Another factor may be that the price of screening rights has increased due to the rise in team salary caps, which are determined by league revenues.


The third plan offered by NBA Rakuten is the "SINGLE GAME TICKET", with a monthly fee of 550 yen (tax included). With a single ticket, you can choose your favorite game to watch, and despite LIVE and missed games, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy only their favorite games!

However, the ticket is valid for 31 days from the date of purchase, and there is a 7-day limit on the number of days you can watch your chosen matches, so it is recommended that you check in advance.

NBA Rakuten now free for the first 3 months!

NBA Rakuten is offering a special campaign starting July 1, 2022. What's more, the first three months will be free!

Now, let me show you how to get this special offer.

First, there are two conditions to qualify for this campaign. You must be a Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII subscriber and have a contract with BASIC PASS for Rakuten Mobile. If you do not have both, don't worry, you can start by applying for Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII first. Of course, if you already have a contract with Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII, you can start directly with STEP2, signing up for NBA Rakuten.

In STEP1, we will start with Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII.

Click here to apply for Rakuten Mobile.

Then, select Start using Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII.

STEP2 Apply for BASIC PASS for Rakuten Mobile

Log in with your previously registered or newly registered Rakuten account and go straight to the application!

After the 3-month free period, you can continue to receive a 44% discount on the monthly fee without any procedure.BASIC PASS for Rakuten Mobile offers one game every day, which was strictly selected by the NBA. It also supports missed games, so you can watch at night or on weekends according to your own schedule.

NBA Rakuten Payment Methods

NBA Rakuten offers three payment methods: credit card, debit card, and Rakuten points. Credit and debit cards are accepted as long as they are VISA, mastercard, jcb, Amex, or Diners Club. However, some debit cards cannot be used, so credit cards are recommended.

Rakuten points are also accepted, and the use of limited time points or surplus points is also recommended.

Please note that itunes store payment and google pay payment are no longer supported.

When does NBA Rakuten charge accrual and renewal date?

NBA Rakuten's monthly fee accrual and renewal dates are on the same day, and the membership fee for the current month will be collected on that day.

For example, if you register and purchase membership on August 10, the next membership fee payment date will be September 10. In other words, you don't lose any money no matter when you pay your monthly dues, and you don't have to worry about the time, just register casually!

The seasonal renewal date will then be the day the next season begins. It starts in October each year, but is subject to change, so it is a good idea to check the website about a month in advance.

How to change your NBA Rakuten price plan

Only those who have paid with a credit card can immediately change their NBA Rakuten price plan.

1. To change your subscription plan, first login to NBA Rakuten and click on "Menu" in the upper left corner.

2. Select "Viewing Plans" from the menu, choose the plan you wish to change to, and click "Change Plan".

3. After confirming the payment fees and precautions, click "Viewing Plan Change Procedure".

If you wish to use Rakuten points, enter the number of points and click "Use".

5. Finally, check the "I have read and understood all the information and precautions to change my subscription plan" checkbox, and click "Confirm Purchase" to complete the process.

Some users may want to change their subscription plan, but they may not be eligible for the new plan.

FAQ about NBA Rakuten fees

Q: Is NBA Rakuten safe?

A:NBA Rakuten is a highly reliable site operated by Rakuten, Inc.

== == A: NBA Rakuten is a very reliable site.

Q:How do you calculate the fee for NBA Rakuten?

A:No refund if you cancel in the middle of the month, but even if you cancel, you can see to the end of the month, so there is no particular loss.

== == A

Q:NBA Is there any coupon for Rakuten?

A: Not particularly.

== A: No.

Q:Can I earn Rakuten points for NBA Rakuten?

A:Of course you can. You can earn points for 1% of the price you paid.

== A: Yes, you can.

Q:Does it cost money to register or cancel NBA Rakuten?

A:No! Please don't worry!

== A: No!

Q:What do I do after recording NBA Rakuten videos?

A:To record NBA Rakuten videos, it is recommended to use software that allows you to save videos to your PC in MP4 format. Here, we recommend the " KeepStreams for Rakuten TV" download software.

How exactly do I use "KeepStreams for Rakuten TV"? See the following article!

How to record Rakuten TV videos offline?

NBA Rakuten Price Summary

In this article, we have explained in detail about NBA Rakuten's subscription plans and fees. In addition, there are procedures on how to sign up and change plans, etc. If anyone has any concerns about NBA Rakuten, there is no loss especially if you first try three months for free!

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