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5 Fixes for Spotify Lyrics Not Working (2023)

| Spotify |
Updated on May 06, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Do you wonder why Spotify lyrics are not working? Go through this article to explore functional methods and get the Spotify lyrics to run with the song.

Do you like Spotify podcasts and music in foreign languages? Fortunately, Spotify gives you the option to listen to and download music with subtitles and lyrics.

Are your Spotify lyrics not working? It is a common issue faced by a huge audience, but you can fix it conveniently without technical support.

Below, you will learn how to turn on lyrics on Spotify, and if you fail to solve the problem, KeepStreams Spotify Converter can help solve the problem as well.

How Do Spotify Lyrics Work?

To improve user experience, Spotify joined hands with Musixmatch in 2021 to facilitate users with lyrics. It helps listeners to sing along to their favorite songs. Spotify features more than 100 million songs, and the majority are lynched with lyrics.

However, due to bugs, cache, poor internet connection, etc., the lyrics disappear and irritate the user. Spotify lyrics not showing is a common issue that you can resolve by yourself.

Due to lyrics on Spotify not working, you consider it an unreliable app, read Pandora vs. Spotify: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Music Streaming Services to choose the best answer.

Why Are Spotify Lyrics Not Loading?

Spotify is the leading music streaming application, with over 400 million users worldwide. Despite its leverage, people usually complain about Spotify lyrics not working. If Spotify lyrics are not working, then it is possibly a software glitch. Here are several reasons that can trigger Spotify lyrics not working.

Lack of Space

Sometimes, the less space in the device can cause a major problem. When Spotify does not get enough space for operation, it can glitch and crash. It resulted in an error in loading the lyrics.

Bug and Virus

Spotify is based on an online search engine mechanism. So, viruses and bugs may have spammed the software. This can crash the app, triggering glitches that lead to lyrics not working on Spotify.

Poor Internet Connection

To access and listen to a song on Spotify, it is essential to have a robust internet connection. If the internet quality is weak or poor, it can lead to several issues such as prolonged loading times for songs, playlist opening failures, and malfunctioning lyrics on Spotify.

Similar to Spotify, all streaming services encounter software defects and glitches, making it essential for you to make a choice. To learn more about the contrast between Amazon Music and Spotify in 2023, take a look at our comprehensive comparison guide.

How to Fix Spotify Lyrics Not Working?

As you know now why Spotify lyrics are not working, it is time to dig into details to explore how to enable lyrics on Spotify.

Clear the App Data and Cache

The common reason for Spotify lyrics not working is corrupted data and cache storage. It generally happens due to piled-up data after many updates and application usage. Clear the cache to get the lyrics functional. Refer to the following steps to use this process.

  1. Launch the Spotify application.
  2. Navigate to settings by clicking on the Settings icon.
  3. Find the Storage section by scrolling down.
  4. Look for the option Clear the cache and click on it.

In case you are using Spotify on a desktop, you can access the setting by clicking the username or profile picture. Clear the cache and check if Spotify lyrics are working or not. Clearing the cache is important for every application. To learn the strength of Spotify against other platforms, check out TIDAL vs. Spotify: The Ultimate Music Streaming Showdown.

Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify App

In usual cases, Spotify stops functioning when it has bugs or viruses and starts glitching due to unknown reasons. It can also happen due to poor connectivity and the affected device performance.

The quickest and possible solution for Spotify lyrics not working is to log out of your account, refresh the device, restart the internet, and login back. It will refresh your device and application and will start showing the lyrics.

Change VPN Server

Sometimes, private or virtual networks can be a triggering factor or the solution to a problem. So, why is the lyrics on Spotify not working? Have an answer is your VPN? VPNs help bypass the regional locks that prevent you from using certain applications.

Sometimes, the region you select prevents you from using the Spotify application. Therefore, change the server and try again. If your problem is not solved, try running Spotify with or without VPN to know if it makes any difference.

Reduce the Number of Playlists

It is a rare factory, but it can be a crucial trigger of Spotify lyrics not working. The excessive number of playlists can cause interruption, and the app may start lagging and freezing. It can affect the overall functioning of Spotify.

Many users have reported solving the issue of Spotify lyrics not working by deleting several playlists. Before directly deleting the playlist, log in to another account, delete some playlists, and check if it solves the problem to avoid losing useless playlists.

Check the Date and Time of the Device

This solution may sound weird, but when the Spotify server faces trouble syncing with your device, it can cause Spotify lyrics not working. It can happen when the date and time are incorrect. So check if the date and time are right.

This problem is mostly seen in desktops and tablets that do not feature automatic time zone settings. This rare issue can be the strongest reason behind Spotify lyrics not working iPhone or Laptop.

What Is the Best Alternate Spotify Downloader?

If the Spotify lyrics not working problem does not solve this problem, and you do not want to get technical support, get a hand on a better alternative. There are a large number of options when it comes to third-party software, but among all, KeepStreams Spotify Downloader is the best option.

KeepStreams Spotify Converter

It is a powerful platform designed to facilitate Spotify users and music enthusiasts. KeepStreams allows users to save songs in excellent audio to maintain a crisp vibe. This downloader can convert over 100 million songs and podcasts on Spotify to MP3, MP4, or other formats. Here are some notable features of KeepStreams Spotify Downloader

  • KeepStreams is equipped with innovative technology that enables users to directly download audio from Spotify instead of recording them.
  • You can select the output format while downloading the music. These formats can include FLAC, WAV, MP3, and MP4.
  • You do not need to download songs from the playlist one by one. The batch downloading feature allows you to save the entire playlist in one go.
  • It saves metadata and subtitles in different folders. You can save lyrics of songs integrated into it or in the form of a separate file.


When it comes to music streaming, Spotify is a popular name. It allows downloading, but those who like to sing along with the song while reading lyrics face the issue that Spotify lyrics are not working. It can happen due to various reasons. You can solve it without technical support, but if not, get a hand on KeepStreams Spotify Downloader. It saves the songs with lyrics in excellent quality. KeepStreams is a versatile platform that downloads songs while maintaining original quality to ensure an excellent user experience.

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