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[Windows/Mac] Learn how to convert DCV videos downloaded from FANZA to MP4 format.

Published on Jul 26, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article shows you how to easily convert DCV videos downloaded on FANZA to MP4 format for both Windows and Mac. by converting from DCV format to MP4 format, you can get a free playback experience.

Are you having trouble viewing DCV videos purchased on FANZA on any playback player other than the DMM Player, and you may be looking for a way to convert DCV format to MP4 format? So, this article will show you how to easily convert DCV videos downloaded on FANZA to MP4 format for both Windows and Mac.

What are DCV videos purchased on FANZA?

Videos purchased and downloaded from FANZA are saved as ".dcv" extension. The ".dcv" extension is used by Japanese distribution services such as "DMM.TV" and "FANZA" today. Due to the DRM protection technology, videos saved in this format cannot be played on general playback players, and DCV videos downloaded from Fanza cannot be played without using the DMM Player.

If you want to play them on a general playback player, you must first convert FANZA's DCV videos to the highly versatile MP4 format.

If you want to play them on general playback players, you must first convert FANZA DCV videos to the highly versatile MP4 format. Below I would like to show you how you can convert FANZA videos to MP4 format on Windows and Mac.

Windows/Mac】Best free software to convert FANZA DCV videos to MP4

First of all, I would like to introduce you to the best free software for converting FANZA DCV videos to MP4 format for Windows and Mac, which can be used on any OS. KeepStreams Fanza Converter which works on both Windows and Mac. I don't know much about it, but KeepStreams Fanza Converter has the excellent ability to convert and save Fanza videos with ".dcv" and ".wmv" extensions to MP4 format with DRM removed.

Furthermore, since it can save videos in up to full HD quality, you can enjoy the converted videos in the best quality without worrying about quality degradation.

In addition, KeepStreams has an easy-to-use user interface, designed to be simple to operate even for beginners. The intuitive operation method makes it easy for anyone to use.

Moreover, with KeepStreams Fanza Converter, you can download Fanza videos completely free of charge. You can freely download up to three videos with no restrictions on quality, length, or audio. This allows you to save your favorite movies without limitations and enjoy them offline as much as you want.

Below, let's check out how to convert Fanza videos from DCV to MP4 with KeepStreams Fanza Converter.

How to use KeepStreams Fanza Converter software?

*KeepStreams System Requirements

  • Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7 (32/64 bit) / macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey
  • 4GB RAM or higher
  • 40GB free hard disk space or more

STEP1 Download and install KeepStreams Fanza Converter

First of all, please download Fanza Converter software from KeepStreams official website or click the button below to download Fanza Converter software according to your device model.

  Free Trial   Free Trial

STEP2 Launch KeepStreams and set the output format for your Fanza video.

After installing KeepStreams Fanza Converter Soft, launch it and click "≡" in the upper right corner to set the output format (default is MP4 format) from "Video Format" under "VIP Service".

STEP3 Go to Fanza in the built-in browser and log in.

Select "Adult Services" > "FANZA" on the left side, and when the FANZA top page appears, open the menu on the right side of the screen and select "Login" to log in to your DMM account. Enter your e-mail address, ID, password, etc. as appropriate to log in.

STEP4 Select the videos you wish to download

Once logged in, purchase the video content you wish to download or select the movie you wish to download from the content you have already purchased.

STEP5 Set the video output quality

You will then automatically be presented with a screen where you can select the video quality of the video you wish to download.

STEP6 Video downloading begins

Click "Download Now" to start downloading the video. After downloading, open the filter and the FANZA video will be saved in ".mp4" format.

Similarly, converting DMM videos from DCV format to MP4 is easily achievable.


Q1. Why can't I play videos downloaded from FANZA on common players?

A1. Videos downloaded from FANZA are saved as ".dcv" extension. The specialized video player is DMM Player. If you play the dvc videos using other playback players, the screen will become a sandstorm or the screen will turn black.

In order to play FANZA dvc videos on common players, you need to convert them to MP4 format first, and KeepStreams Fanza Converter is easy-to-use and simple to operate. You can easily convert your favorite videos purchased on Fanza to MP4/MKV format and enjoy them on your favorite playback player without being restricted to a dedicated player.

Q2. Can I watch videos purchased on FANZA offline in picture-in-picture format?

A2. Videos purchased on FANZA cannot be viewed directly on a picture-in-picture device such as an iPhone. This is because the videos downloaded from FANZA have DRM and will not play in picture-in-picture mode.

If you want to watch offline in picture-in-picture, you need to convert Fanza videos to MP4 first, and then use KeepStreams Fanza Converter to convert and save the videos to MP4 on Windows or Mac, and transfer them to iPhone, iPad, Android, TV, etc. You can transfer them to your iPhone, iPad, Android, TV, and other devices, and watch them on common playback players, even picture-in-picture.

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Jessie Smith
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