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DMM videos can be downloaded with ffmpeg⁉How to convert DMM to MP4 for free

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Updated on Jul 18, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Starting from the reasons why you can't download DMM videos, we will explain in detail how to convert them from DCV format to MP4 format for free, which will surely help you to freely enjoy the contents you purchased from DMM!

You intend to convert videos (DCV files) purchased from DMM to MP4 format using ffmpeg, but you have probably made mistakes using Ffmpeg without knowing how to use it. In this article, we will show you why Ffmpeg cannot download DMM videos, and how you can convert DMM videos from DCV format to MP4 format for free, and how to get it easily.

What is Ffmpeg?

FFmpeg is a program that can convert and edit videos and operates using a command prompt. ffmpeg makes it easy to convert videos to different formats. In addition, being free software, it allows high-quality editing at no cost.

However, we have yet to secure a way to use Ffmpeg to convert DMM purchased videos (DCV files) to MP4, and when playing back DMM videos saved with Ffmpeg, the screen may go blank.

Why can't I download DMM videos with Ffmpeg?

Recently, more and more questions about converting DMM videos to MP4 have appeared on WisdomBank. Many of you may be wondering how to convert DMM videos from DCV to MP4. The following is a collection of the most notable questions from Wisdom Bukuro.

Example 1: " I want to convert dmm video dcv files to mp4, is there any good software I can use to do this, I tried with ffmpeg but it didn't work with a blank screen and only 1 second output."

Example 2: " Please tell me how to convert a video in dcv format downloaded from DMM to MP4 format. Please."

Example 3: "Please tell me how to convert a dcv file I purchased and downloaded from DMM to mp4 and another way to watch it. The file is 4.86 GB in size and could not be converted using existing software. Also, I tried FFmpeg but the installation did not work. Please advise."

Thus, downloading DMM videos using Ffmpeg does not work. So, why can't I download DMM videos using Ffmpeg? Because DMMvideos (even purchased ones) are saved as dcv files, which have DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection, Free DMM Video to MP4 Conversion Technique Here is a free technique to convert DMM videos to MP4.

A little-known free way to convert DMM videos to MP4

Here is how to convert DMM videos from dcv to MP4/MKV. KeepStreams DMM TV Downloader is a well-reputed software that, unlike Ffmpeg, simplifies and streamlines the downloading of DMM videos with its superior technology, although it is not as well known.

KeepStreams DMM TV Downloader can save DMM videos up to 1080P with clear screen and realistic audio, so you can save DMM videos in MP4 format for offline viewing instead of Ffmpeg. With KeepStreams, you can save the following DMM videos

  • DMM TV's exclusive content
  • DMM Unlimited Movies that you can watch with just a monthly fee
  • Movies rented or purchased on DMM TV
  • DMM adult videos, etc.

Features of KeepStreams DMM TV Downloader

Super Value! With KeepStreams, Download and save 3 complete DMM video contents regardless of format (dcv, wmv, etc.), file size, quality, or audio track. You can save them.

In addition, KeepStreams' first offer provides a trial to download 3 videos for each of the many distribution services, not only DMM TV, but also Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and U-NEXT.

Below are, KeepStreams DMM TV Downloader detailed features. Please check it out first before using.

  • Software for Windows and MAC
  • Full HD (1920*1080) high resolution downloading
  • Can freely convert DMM videos (DCV and WMV) to MP4 and MKV
  • Can automatically download the latest episode of a series being distributed
  • Download DMM videos more easily than Ffmpeg
  • Download multiple videos at once
  • Applicable to all DMM TV services worldwide
  • Multilingual interface

How to convert DMM videos from DCV to MP4 with KeepStreams

KeepStreams DMM TV downloader works under the following operating environment

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 or MAC OS Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey
  • RAM 4GB or more
  • Hard disk space 40 GB or more
  • Internet connection is required.

STEP1 Install KeepStreams on your computer (Windows or MAC).

First, visit the KeepStreams DMM TV Downloader homepage to download & install its software. You can download it directly by clicking the button below.

STEP2 Launch KeepStreams and set output format for DMM videos.

After installing KeepStreams DMM TV Downloader, launch it and click "≡" in the upper right corner to set the output format (default is MP4 format) from "Video Format" under "VIP Service".

STEP3 Select DMM and log in.

Then, return to the homepage and select "DMM" from "VIP Services" on the left side, you will be able to access DMM.COM with the built-in browser. Then login with your DMM account. (*Before using KeepStreams, please check the premium expiration date of your DMM account and the content you have purchased or rented.)

STEP4 Select the DMM video you wish to download

After logging in to DMM, select the "DMM TV" service, then select the DMM video you wish to download and play.

STEP5 Select the number of episodes you want to down

When you play a DMM video, it automatically recognizes and starts analyzing the data of the work. 2 to 3 seconds later, when the analysis is complete, a dialog box with information about the work will appear. On the screen that appears, select the image quality and the episode you wish to download.

STEP6 Let downloading begin

If you wish to start downloading immediately, click "Download Now. Downloading of the selected content will begin. If you wish to download more than one video title at a time, click "Add to Queue. This will add the video titles to your download queue.


Q1. Can I use GOMPlayer to play video data (dcv) purchased from DMM?

A1. GOMPlayer is a player for Windows that can play AVI/MP4/MKV/FLV/WMV/MOV filters. If you import video data (dcv) purchased from DMM at an Internet cafe onto a USB and input it directly into GOMPlayer on an offline computer at home, the video cannot be played.

Therefore, in order to watch DMM videos on a versatile player like GOMPlayer, you must first convert the ".dcv" extension to MP4, MKV, or other formats. Here, we recommend you to use KeepStreams DMM TV Downloader to convert videos to MP4 format.

Q2. Is it illegal to convert DMM videos from DCV format to MP4?

A2. Downloading from DMM Video is not illegal, but may be subject to damages as an infringement of business profits. Especially in the case of content copyrighted by others, Renting, transferring, selling, showing, or publishing online is strictly prohibited.

It is important to keep the use of tools within legal limits. When downloading, use the tools only for personal enjoyment or storage purposes and within fair limits. Respect copyrights and be mindful not to infringe on the rights of others.

Q3. How do I convert DMM videos to MP4 on my MAC?

A3. The success rate of converting DMM videos to MP4 format using ffmpeg is particularly low for both Windows and MAC, so it is quite difficult to convert DMM videos to MP4 on MAC without using a professional application. KeepStreams DMM TV Downloader also has a MAC version, so MAC users can easily convert DMM videos from DCV to MP4. Please give it a try!

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