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Updated on Sep 01, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Detailed guide to DMM recording. Uncover how to record on your PC or Mac and enjoy high quality video with ease using KeepStreams DMM downloader. This will enhance your entertainment experience.

DMM was founded in 2006 by Keiji Kameyama (Kouki Kameyama). Initially, DMM began as a platform specializing in adult content, but has since expanded into a diversified platform offering a full range of entertainment content. As a result, DMM has been very successful in Japan and abroad, serving a large number of users.

DMM Service Features and Contents

How much does DMM TV cost, lineup, and how to register for free for Premium|Can I watch it on TV? | Goal.com Japan

DMM offers streaming services, the primary one being DMMTV, which provides some viewing resources for free, which registered users can enjoy by becoming members of DMM. Other portions, however, are paid content or content for premium members. If one wishes to view other video content, a premium membership subscription is required.

The premium membership package offered by DMM is set at 550 yen per month. Premium members can view most video resources for free each month. However, some videos require an additional fee, even for Premium members. These resources that require additional fees generally have a viewing deadline, after which the video will no longer be available. Premium members enjoy a variety of membership privileges: they can participate in drawings for performances and prizes, and they can also earn DMM points that can be exchanged for movie tickets and other items.

Causes for recording DMM

Although the cost of DMM membership can be said to be cost-effective compared to other services, things look different in situations where additional anime purchases are required: the paid videos offered by DMM have various pricing schemes, and the available viewing periods vary depending on the price. The duration can range from 2 days to unlimited, and of course, the longer the viewing period, the higher the price. Usually, the difference between the lowest and highest price is more than 1000 yen. Hence, if you can record an animation, you can get a longer viewing right at a relatively low price.

Methods you can refer to

KeepStreams DMM Downloader

As a reference method for recording, DMM video downloader. Before we show you how to download the software, which does not require installation, we will first introduce you to the KeepStreams DMMdownloader.

KeepStreams DMM Downloader
Enjoy 1080p DMM movies, TV, and shows offline!
Detail Page

Compared to recording, DMM Video Downloader has an overwhelming advantage over recording. DMM Video Downloader, not video recording, DMM to analyze the videos directly, DMM Video Downloader outputs a level of video quality that is not possible with recordings. Recording a video also requires that the video actually play from start to finish, and if the recording software does not support internal recording, it also requires that the scene be silent. Such restrictions are not DMM Downloader has none of them. DMM TV s animations can be downloaded anywhere, and you can download up to 20 times faster than the original download speed. times faster than with DMM TV downloader. No more waiting hours for recordings. Plus, KeepStreams s DMM downloader, DMM s other streaming services, as well as downloading adult content from FANZA adult content.

For more information KeepStreams DMM downloader, please see the end of this article.

PC with Windows

If your PC is running windows 10 or higher, you can record your screen using the Xbox with built-in windows. First, start the Xbox by pressing the Home button and the G button at the same time.

  • In the upper left capture, press the "Record" button to create a new recording file.

  • Search for recorded videos in the "View Captures" section.

Recording DMMTV on a Mac with Ios

Macs come with screen recording capabilities. You are probably familiar with QuickTime, the software that comes with your Mac from the factory. Many people think it is just a player. Actually, it is not; it has a screen recording function.

  • Open the QuickTime player on your Mac.
  • Select "File" and then select "New Screen Recording.

  • Press the red record button on the pop-up to record the screen.

  • When recording is finished, save the file.

However, it often happens that the screen cannot be recorded or that a black screen appears during recording. This is because DMM uses hdcp technology to protect its content from illegal recording and unauthorized use. Recording software cannot remove this restriction. In this case, a professional DMM downloader is needed.

KeepStreams DMM Downloader

  • Download and install KeepStreams DMM Downloader on the official KeepStreams website.
  • Select VIP service on the left side and select DMM on the right side.

  • Open DMMTV and select the video of your choice

  • When you play the video you want to download, KeepStreams analyzes the video's URL.

  • Select your favorite fomat in the pop-up and press "Download Now" and "Add to Queue".

  • During downloading on the left side, you can search for videos you are downloading.


In this article, we described DMM, a platform founded in 2006 by Keiji Kameyama that offers a wide range of entertainment content. We elucidated recording methods for PCs and Macs. In addition, by using KeepStreams DMM Downloader or KeepStreams DMM Downloader, you can download DMM videos directly and enjoy high-quality videos easily.

We encourage you to try these methods to enjoy DMM with a more convenient and enhanced experience. We promise to make your entertainment experience even better.

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