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VidiCable Review: Pros and Cons, Prices and Alternative [2023 Latest]

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Published on May 26, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Is VidiCable safe? Is VidiCable free? This VidiCable review will show all the information that you want to know about VidiCable.

Looking for a streaming video recorder that enables you to record videos on your favorite streaming sites, such as Netflix and Paramount Plus? That is important since many streaming sites set limits on downloading. And an awesome third-party tool like VidiCable can help you enjoy what you like without the restriction of the Internet!

Never heard of VidiCable before? Do not worry! In this professional VidiCable review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the pros and cons of VidiCable based on firsthand experience. We’ll also provide tips on how to use VidiCable to save your favorite Netflix movies.


VidiCable Review: Pros and Cons of VidiCable

This part covers the pros and cons of VidiCable to get you informed and let’s start with the VidiCable pros.

Pros of VidiCable

1. All-in-one. VidiCable is an all-in-one solution that supports you to record videos from major streaming sites. This fundamental feature satisfies the downloading needs of most people.

2. No recording time limits. With VidiCable, you can record your favorite videos for as long as you want.

3. High-definition recording. Video quality of up to 1080P is available to you with VidiCable. Such clarity will improve your offline watching experience.

4. Compatible formats. The videos will be saved in MP4 and MKV formats, making them compatible with a broad variety of portable media players thanks to the utilization of both of these formats.


5. An easy transfer without cost. After you finish the recording with VidiCable, you can easily transfer the recordings to your smartphone or PS4 device.

6. Available to both Windows and MAC computers. Unlike other screen recording tools, VidiCable provides a different version for Windows and MAC users.

Cons of VidiCable

1. Time-consuming. The biggest drawback of VidiCable lies in its recording process itself. This form of saving videos for offline viewing is time-consuming and likely to undermine the quality of original videos.

2. Crashing issues. VidiCable did not work twice when the editor tried to install it on his computer, which is troublesome. Such untable operation may ruin your downloading experience.

3. No multiple devices support. VidiCable can only be used on one PC since it only provides one license after purchase.

4. Price prices. The VidiCable prices are much more expensive than other recording applications and video downloaders, which might not suit everyone’s budget.

VidiCable Prices: Is VidiCable Free?

For those who are curious about VidiCable’s pricing, it’s important to note that VidiCable is a paid video recorder. Then, a question naturally comes into your mind: how much does VidiCable cost?

VidiCable offers you two options. One is the annual plan at $119.9, the other is the Lifetime plan at $229.9.

Frankly speaking, the VidiCable prices are expensive. And VidiCable does not provide a monthly plan, which is far from user-friendly. You can find a VidiCable alternative that makes you pay less but gain a better offline viewing experience.


If you want to save money, you can skip to the part of “Any VidiCable Alternative?” in this article.

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How to Use VidiCable to Save Your Favorite Netflix Movies?

Using VidiCable is not difficult. You should install it on your computer and then follow the detailed instruction below.

  • First, start VidiCable and select the key in the upper right corner.
  • Second, sign in with your email and license key that VidiCable sends to you after you purchase its plans.
  • Third, choose Netflix or any other icon of streaming platforms. And then its website will be started in the browser automatically.


  • Fourth, log in to your Netflix account or account of other streaming sites according to the pop-up page.


  • Fifth, choose the video that you want to record and paste the link to it into the search bar of the VidiCable.
  • At last, choose the settings that you want to download and click the download button.

Any VidiCable Alternative?

If you dislike the form of recording or want to have a cheaper but great video downloader, KeepStreams Video One is one of the best video downloaders available. As VidiCable Alternative, KeepStreams is simpler than VidiCable to download videos to watch later.

1. Downloading videos from 1000 sites: KeepStreams allows you to download videos directly from Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount Plus. And the list can go on and on. Almost all videos from common streaming sites can be easily downloaded. KeepStreams, an excellent VidiCable alternative, supports more streaming sites than those of VidiCable.

2. Quick Downloads with Batch Processing Capability: During any download procedure, the download speed is the most important factor. KeepStreams Video One video downloader's software optimizations are so good that it may achieve incredible speeds even on a slow connection.


3. No Ads: Advertisements are often disliked by viewers, yet content producers are limited in their ability to eliminate them because they constitute a significant source of money. Thankfully, our objections were heeded, and the oath has been removed from all of our videos and movies on KeepStreams.

4. Superb audiovisual Quality: As was previously mentioned, KeepStreams Video One is preloaded with high-quality software that allows for the smooth downloading of high-quality video and audio. Low-resolution videos can be seen comfortably on a mobile device due to the near proximity of the screen's pixels.

5. Various and Cheaper Pricing Plans: Unlike VidiCable, KeepStreams Video One provides various plans to satisfy diverse needs of users.

  • Monthly Plan: $49.99
  • Biannual Plan: $83.94 ($13.99/mon)
  • Annual Plan: $95.88 ($7.98/mon)
  • Lifetime Plan (1 PC): $199.99
  • Lifetime Plan (3 PC):$299.99 ($99.99 per PC)
  • Lifetime Plan (5 PC):$399.99 ($79.99 per PC)

You will pay less but get more compared with VidiCable prices.

A Step-by-step Guide to Use KeepStreams

  • 1. Click the following button to download KeepStreams.
  • 2. Run KeepStreams and choose the VIP Services.
  • 3. Choose the icon of a streaming site, such as Netflix, which will bring you to its official site on KeepStreams.


4. Log in to your Netflix account, decide the video that you want to download and click the download now button.


VidiCable is aimed to help users record videos from a dozen of streaming sites. Its features can make sure a high-quality recording. But it is worth noting that VidiCable prices are too expensive to afford for most prospective users.

Do not worry. Based on this VidiCable review, it is found that KeepStreams Video One is the best VidiCable alternative that you can have. With various and more affordable pricing plans, KeepStreams can bring you an almost perfect downloading experience!

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