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What is the current status of manga1001 (manga1001)! Has it closed down? A comprehensive explanation of illegal manga sites

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Published on Sep 29, 2022 | 15 Minutes Reading
This article will detail the current status of manga1001 (manga1001), the truth behind the rumors, its dangers and risks, and alternative safe sites.

Have you ever heard of manga1001 (manga1001)? If you are a manga lover, I am sure you have heard of it, but there are rumors going around that manga1001 has been closed down, is it true?

On February 2, 2022, manga1001 (manga1001) stopped updating and rumors are spreading on the Internet that it has been shut down, so we will explain in detail the current status of manga1001 (manga1001), the truth behind the rumors, its dangers and risks, and alternative safe sites.

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What is the current status of manga1001? Is it true that it was closed?

What is manga1001?

In fact, manga1001 (manga1001) is a pirate site that uploads manga without permission on illegal sites like Manga Village and Manga Bank. The common point of these sites is that they are repeatedly closed down, only to be revived by changing their names or URL addresses.

Specifically speaking, manga 1001 (manga1001) is a clone site of mangaraw, and "manga 1000" is a clone site of manga1001 (manga1001) that is currently operating under a different name, "manga banku.

In addition, we will mention the successor site of manga 1001 (manga1001), but all of them are pirate sites, so there are potential risks such as virus infection just by accessing them, the possibility that the device you are using may break down from being a mining victim, the possibility of being a phishing victim, the possibility of being caught for illegal downloading, and so on. You should never use these sites because of such potential risks as virus infection just by accessing the site, possible damage to your device from mining damage, phishing, and the possibility of being caught for illegal downloading.

Is it true that manga1001 is closed?

Rather than closed, it is better to say that manga1001 is no longer being updated.

This means that manga 1001 "manga 1001" is not closed. Even if it were closed, we can see that successor sites to manga 1001 (manga 1001) will appear one after another.

The reason why mangaraw and mangabanku came up when I searched for "manga 1001" is because, as mentioned above, manga 1001 (manga1001) is actually a clone site of mangaraw, and "manga 1000" is a clone site of manga 1001 (manga1001) Because "manga 1000" has changed its name to "mangaraw". manga 1000" was renamed and operated as manga bunku. Both "manga 1001" and "manga 1000 (manga bunku)" are accessible because the content and appearance of the sites are very similar.

Causes of manga 1001 (manga 1001)'s closure

Some may think that the fact that the site has stopped updating is the same as it being closed, but if it is not closed, why has it stopped updating? The reason for this is not certain at this time, but it is rumored that there are two main reasons.

The server of manga1001 (manga1001) is located in Ukraine.

The first reason is that manga1001's servers are located in Ukraine. Manga1001 (manga1001) stopped updating in February, which coincided with the invasion of Ukraine, and there was a lot of speculation that this was the reason why the servers are located in Ukraine.

Four major Japanese companies, including Shueisha and Shogakukan, sued.

Secondly, the server provider of mangaraw, which is also the main source of manga1001, was sued by Shueisha, Shogakukan, and four other major Japanese companies, which is also the main reason why the updates of manga1001 have stopped. The prevailing information is that due to these effects, the server will be gone and updating will not be possible as a matter of course.

Many of you may be happy to renew again if you can access the site, but please do not ever use illegal sites, as they are actually all pirate sites and there are latent dangers and risks involved in using them. Please check out the following section for specific explanations.

Dangers and Risks of manga1001 (manga1001)

Many of you may be asking yourself, "I know I shouldn't use this site, but what will happen if I do?" The following is a detailed explanation of the risks associated with using illegal sites like manga1001 (manga1001).

Virus infection

Mining damage

Leakage of personal information

Possibility of being charged with a crime.

Each of these will be explained in detail.

Virus - just accessing an advertisement or page will infect you.

Illegal sites like manga1001 (manga1001) often have malicious advertisements. They claim that you can read manga for free, but in fact they operate for advertising revenue. Moreover, because viruses are embedded in them, if you tap on such malicious ads, you are likely to be infected with a virus and suffer damage such that the device you are using stops working and your charge is quickly consumed.

You may think that you will be careful not to tap such ads because you can read manga for free, but in fact, such ads are often placed in places where you can tap by mistake, so you cannot avoid them even if you wanted to. It is better not to use such illegal sites from the beginning.

Mining damage - shortened battery life or device failure

Mining damage is when a device is infected with a mining virus and issues new virtual currency without permission. Forced mining does not directly result in the loss of money, but it puts a strain on the smartphone or other device you are using, causing it to run out of charge quickly, consuming a huge amount of the device's data communications charges, or in the worst case scenario, the device may malfunction and become unusable.

Many people use such illegal sites to read manga for free, but they do not want to pay tens of thousands of yen in repair costs due to mining damage. So please do not use such sites.

Leakage of personal information - phishing scams, etc.

Some pirate sites often offer benefits such as "just register as a member and you can immediately read manga without advertisements. Since these are illegal sites, there is a high possibility that your personal information such as name, address, and phone number will be leaked to third parties if you register. Furthermore, even if you do not register as a member, just accessing the site can infect it with a virus and lead you to a page pretending to be a legitimate site, where your credit card, e-mail address, password, and other information may be extracted.

In addition to financial damage, personal information can be stolen and social networking accounts can be hijacked, so be sure to use legitimate sites that are secure and well managed.

Possibility of being charged with a crime - Possibility of being caught for illegal downloading

While users of illegal sites have never been charged with a crime in the past, the crackdown on illegal sites is getting stronger every year, and as of January 2020, anyone who downloads a work after knowing that it has been illegally uploaded will face criminal penalties. The penalty for illegal activities is "imprisonment for up to two years/ a fine of up to 2 million yen/ both imprisonment for up to two years and a fine of up to 2 million yen.

Many pirate sites have works that cannot be read without downloading, but if you inadvertently do so, you will be in violation of the law.

Illegal manga sites instead of manga1001 (manga1001)

There are other illegal sites like manga1001 (manga1001) that claim to offer free manga. Some of these sites are still in operation, although some have been shut down. All of them are pirate sites, and various dangers lurk in them, so you may get hurt if you use them with an easy mind. Therefore, please do not use them.

We have compiled the following list of illegal sites that are similar to manga1001 (manga1001), so please check them out.


Current Status


Manga Village



New Manga Village



Manga Bank



Manga Town



Hoshi no Romi



Manga Raw

(Manga Raw, Manga Raw)




In operation

In operation

You can't read manga without downloading it, so it's very risky.

Manga ZIP

In operation



In operation

There are a lot of advertisements, and there is a risk of phishing. There is a risk of being scammed.

Manga Gohan

In operation

Leakage of personal information

High possibility


In operation

Mining damage

High possibility


In operation

Infected by virus

High possibility

Alternative sites to manga1001 (manga1001) [Legitimate sites

If you use pirate sites like manga1001 (manga1001), there is a high possibility that you will suffer from various damages without knowing it. We will now introduce six safe sites that can be used as alternatives to manga1001.

  • Comic Seymour
  • Ebookjapan
  • Manga Kingdom
  • Ameba Manga
  • FOD Premium
  • U-NEXT

Comic Seymour, an e-book store operated by NTT Group

Comic Seymour, a long-established e-book store celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, is a service operated by NTT Group and is a safe and secure alternative to manga1001. The site has more than 990,000 manga titles to choose from!

In addition to manga, the site also offers a wide variety of genres such as light novels and BL. Among the wide variety of genres, manga for women tend to be particularly strong. The site also offers frequent sales and campaigns, and a great feature is that you can enjoy more than 18,000 free comics just by registering as a free member. If you want to enjoy manga as much as possible for free, this is the perfect site for you. Please give it a try.

E-book service with many free manga - ebookjapan

The appeal of ebook service ebookjapan, jointly operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation and eBOOK Initiative Japan Inc. And there are more than 5,000 manga available for free! Unlike manga1001 (manga1001), ebookjapan is operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation, so it is safe and secure, making it a perfect alternative site.

Among the more than 850,000 books distributed, most of them are manga, and there is a rich selection of works that everyone knows, such as "Blade of Oni no Kai," "Shinkage no Kyojin," and "One Piece," as well as older works and other original works.

One of the largest sites in Japan where you can read more than 3,000 works for free - Manga Kingdom

Manga Kingdom, an e-comic distribution service for smartphones and tablets operated by Beagle Inc. offers more than 3,000 free manga and e-comics, and boasts a cumulative total of more than 1.5 billion downloads. While most free manga services usually only allow users to read 10-20 pages, Manga Kingdom has many free manga titles that allow users to read an entire volume for free, making it the best choice for those who have been using manga1001 (manga1001).

Free 1-volume and multi-volume free campaigns are also available! -Ameba Manga

Ameba Manga, an e-book service operated by CyberAgent, is considered one of the largest e-comic services in Japan with more than 5 million members. Ameba Manga offers 400,000 e-comics in a wide variety of genres, from popular hits to nostalgic classics. The most attractive feature is that more than 4,000 free comic books are always available. Another feature of the site is its frequent special promotions. Just by registering as a member for free, you will receive very special coupons such as "40% discount coupon for all up to 100 comics" for the first time, which is a must for comic book lovers. Furthermore, it is highly recommended as an alternative to manga1001 (manga1001) because it has a download function that allows you to enjoy manga offline anytime and anywhere you want, regardless of your location or communication environment.

Free trial period is a steal! -FOD Premium

Unlike illegal services like manga1001 (manga1001), FOD Premium, a video distribution service officially operated by GTV, is a safe and secure site to use. 14-day free trial period is offered, and just by registering, you can enjoy popular videos and magazines as well as 1,200 This is highly recommended for drama and manga lovers.

This is a great way to read eligible manga for free or purchase them at sale prices. Plus, the lineup of free manga changes regularly, so there's no doubt you'll enjoy a variety of titles!

If you are looking for a service that offers videos, magazines, entertainment, and all the works you are interested in in one place, this is the best alternative to manga1001 (manga 1001).

You can enjoy videos and manga too! You can get a free trial - U-NEXT

U-NEXT is a streaming service launched in Japan in 2009, U-NEXT aims to improve the video viewing experience and become Japan's leading online video service. It offers users a wide range of content including animation, drama, entertainment, and movies. The first 31 days are a free trial, followed by a monthly fee of 2,189 yen (tax included). Currently, users can create up to four accounts and browse over 220,000 anime titles and more than 150 magazines.

Users also receive 600 yen worth of points when they buy manga. You can also use your points to read the latest issue for free, and if you cancel your membership during the free period, it is completely free. This is also a great place for those who want to enjoy both the original story and the video, as there is a full lineup of anime here. You can also use the points you receive each month to purchase the latest volume of manga for practically free.

Software to download videos from streaming distribution services

TVアニメ『SPY×FAMILY』2クール目ティザーPV/2022.10より放送開始! - YouTube

Many manga have recently been adapted into anime. For example, the soon-to-be-distributed TV anime "SPY x FAMILY" (Spy Family), the second season of which will be broadcast from October 2022 on six TV Tokyo networks and others, is available on ABEMA Premium, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, dAnime Store, FOD, FOD. Netflix, Paravi, and other video services.

If you join legal sites such as ABEMA, FOD, and U-NEXT, you can enjoy the distributed videos as much as you want. If you also want to watch "SPY x FAMILY" offline, we recommend the KeepStreams downloader here.

KeepStreams is compatible with all of the video services listed above that stream "SPY×FAMILY" (Spy Family) 2nd season.

ABEMA Premium

Amazon Prime Video

Disney+, Disney+, and FOD.




KeepStreams downloader can save videos in their original highest quality and transfer them between each device in MP4 format for viewing. If you have videos you would like to download, we encourage you to use KeepStreams Downloader.


Although rumors are spreading on the Internet that the site has been shut down, manga1001 (manga1001) is actually accessible from four different sites with no current updates, meaning that it has not yet been shut down. Even if the site is still in operation, there are still many dangers and risks involved, so we recommend that you do not use illegal sites such as manga1001. We have introduced some sites that you can use safely and securely for free, so please try them out.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
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