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Can You Record on Paramount Plus? (2023 Latest)

| Paramount Plus |
Published on Jun 01, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Thinking of can you record on Paramount Plus? No need to worry because this article is packed with information to help you understand how to record on Paramount Plus.

Content streaming services are increasing day by day. People love to put on their favorite shows or movie and binge-watch them on these streaming platforms. Among all of these streaming platforms, one platform that has gained a lot of popularity is Paramount Plus.

This platform offers people a wide range of shows and movies and even features original content. With the robust collection of entertainment shows, people are now trying to find ways through which they can view these favorite shows and movies easily. One of the main queries that people are having right now can you record on Paramount Plus?

In this article, you will find detailed information on Paramount Plus and also about what can you record on Paramount Plus. So let's dive into the article and have a look at this.

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What is Paramount Plus?

Before learning about can you record on Paramount Plus, you need to know what Paramount Plus is and how this software works. Paramount Plus is the software launched by ViacomCBS. This platform contains a massive library of content that includes every kind of genre so everyone can find something that they enjoy. Here you can find the most famous series, TV shows, reality shows, and popular movies. Furthermore, Paramount Plus also has original content that can be viewed on this streaming service.

When it comes to subscription plans, Paramount Plus allows users to have two different subscription packages. There is a basic plan, and the other one is the ad-free plan. The basic plan includes all the content that is available on Paramount Plus. You will get all the shows, movies, and even original programs in this Paramount Plus subscription package.

However, there will be annoying ads can come between the shows and can ruin the fun. For this, Paramount Plus offers an ad-free plan where you can find the same content as the basic plan; however, there won't be any ads. The pricing of both plans is the same, at 5.99 per month and 59.99 per year.

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Can You Record On Paramount Plus?

Can You Record On Paramount Plus

This is the main part where you will learn if can you record on Paramount Plus. This platform is a video-on-demand platform that allows you to watch videos whenever you want. This platform does not support the DVR or the Cloud DVR.

When it comes to offline viewing of Paramount Plus, you can download most of the content for offline viewing. However, there is some content, such as live programming and original content, which you won't be able to download. In such cases, the best thing you can do is screen recording the content.

Now you might be thinking can you record shows on Paramount Plus, and if yes, how can this be done? There are many different ways through which you can learn how to record Paramount Plus. So let's look at all the different ways you can do this entire process.

1. iTop Screen Recorder

The first one on the list that will help with can you record on Paramount Plus is iTop Screen Recorder. This is a powerful tool but very easy to use. The best thing about this screen recorder is that you can easily record everything that is on the screen without disturbing the quality. Furthermore, there won't be any time lagging, and the screen recording will be done smoothly.

Another great feature here is that you also get amazing sound quality. You get to watch the screen-recorded videos in MP4/AVI format. This is one of the most simple and effective screen recorders you can find online for Paramount Plus recording.

2. Bandicam

Another impressive software that can help you with can you screen record on Paramount Plus is Bandicam. This software makes it very easy for users to record every kind of content from Paramount Plus. Furthermore, you also get fantastic quality of sound and video. This software has a simple interface, thus making it very simple for the users to screen record their favorite Paramount Plus shows and movies easily.

[Must Read] Why You Shouldn't Record on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus

Now that you know how to record on Paramount Plus, it is not always safe to record on Paramount Plus. There can be many problems that occur when it comes to recording on Paramount Plus. One of the most common problems you can face is the lagging issue. Sometimes while recording, the video might lag, and that entire thing will be captured in the screen recording.

Sometimes the audio can also be a considerable problem when recording Paramount Plus videos and shows. Some of the recorders do not support audio recording. Thus, you might get stuck only looking at the video without sound.

Similar to this, there can be many other technical problems that can ruin the entire binge-watching plan. Therefore, always keep recording the Paramount Plus videos as a last resort and opt for other methods that can help you with offline viewing of your favorite shows and movies.

Why Should You Choose KeepStreams Paramount Plus Downloader?

There is no doubt that people love to use Paramount Plus as their source of entertainment. However, some people like to view their favorite shows and movies offline. Where Paramount Plus does have downloading features, there are a few shows and series that can’t be downloaded. In such cases, KeepStreams Paramount Plus Downloader comes into action.


KeepStreams Paramount Plus Downloader is one of the best software that you find for offline streaming of shows. This software allows the users to batch download their favorite content at high speed. Furthermore, you get the best video quality and audio quality.

Other than this, the users also have the option to pick the subtitles for their shows so that everyone can view them easily. There won't be any ads in the shows and movies because of the ad removal feature of KeepStreams.

Thus, this is one of the best options that you can find when it comes to offline viewing of the Paramount Plus shows and movies.


Paramount Plus is one of the most popular streaming services that is available online. A lot of people are using this to find their favorite shows and spend their free time. With the extensive range of shows and movies, Paramount Plus has easily become one of the top on the list.

We hope this article was beneficial in understanding if can you record on Paramount Plus, and if you can't find any recorder KeepStreams Paramount Plus Downloader is the perfect option for you.

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