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Can't download Netflix videos? All the causes and solutions are explained!

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Published on Aug 10, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
For those facing the "Can't Download Netflix" problem. In this article, we will analyze in detail the reasons why you cannot download videos on Netflix and offer specific solutions. Let's work together to find all the solutions to the problems you are facing.

Netflix offers one of the largest streaming services in the world and has become an essential site for leisure and entertainment at home this year due to its highly popular series. Depending on the pricing plan, Netflix offers a variety of services, including online video viewing, video downloads, and automatic episode subscriptions. However, in the process of using the service, many users face the same problem. However, in the process of using Netflix, many users face the same problem: there are some videos that cannot be downloaded. So, what exactly is the cause of not being able to download? From now on, we will analyze the causes of Netflix video not downloading from various angles in an easy-to-understand manner, and we will also introduce solutions. We are sure that you will find a solution to your problem.

Cause 1: The movie is not available for download.

Most Netflix movies are available for download, but some are not due to the intellectual property rights of other companies. If you do not see a download icon below a video, it means that the video does not offer a download function.

Workaround: Check for download availability or use download software

We recommend that you check the work page in advance to see if a download icon is available for the work you wish to download. If I do not see that icon, what should I do? Feel free to use the high-performance KeepStreams Netflilx downloader at the end of this page.

Cause Two: Netflix download functionality is not available on your device.

Netflix has requirements not only for the device itself, but also for the system it is installed on. This means that the device must be running on a system that can install the latest version of Netflix; Netflix's official website provides a list of systems that support this mechanism.

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 9.0 or later
  • Android smartphone or Android tablet with Android 4.4.2 or later
  • Amazon Fire tablet with Fire OS 4.0 or later
  • Windows 10 (version 1709 or later) or Windows 11 tablet or PC
  • Chromebook and Chromebox computers using the Netflix app obtained from the Google Play Store

Solution: Convert to a device that can use the feature.

If you want to use the download feature, you can change the device type if necessary. However, if changing devices is difficult, don't worry. With the Netflix download software presented at the end of this article, you can remove the device model restrictions and enjoy the download feature.

Cause Three: There is no limit to the number of devices using the download feature at the same time.

Depending on your pricing plan, Netflix places a limit on the number of devices you can download to at the same time. This is the same as the number of devices you can watch on.



Number of devices you can watch at the same time


800 yen



1,200 yen



1800 yen


Solution: Change your pricing plan or reduce the number of devices you are downloading to.

Pausing the download process on other devices will allow you to download on your current device. If you have already reached your limit and still want to download, consider changing your Netflix plan. Note that you can break the limit on the number of devices you can download to by using the Netflix downloader described at the end of this article.

Cause Four: You have already reached the limit on the number of movies you have downloaded.

Netflix places a limit not only on the number of devices you can use the same account on, but also on the number of movies you can download on each device. That number is limited to 100 movies per device. Once this limit is reached, no more movies can be downloaded from that device.

Solution: Reduce the number of movies, use another device, or use Netflix download software

Deleting a movie you have downloaded will allow you to download a new movie. You can also download movies using a different device with the same account. In addition, KeepStreams, Netflix's downloader, offers a service that breaks the 100-film limit.

Cause V: There is a limit to the number of times you can use the download feature.

Some of the videos offered by Netflix can only be downloaded twice a year due to licensing. Therefore, videos that have already been downloaded twice in a year cannot be downloaded again in that year!

Solution: Convert your account or use Netflix download software

For movies that have exceeded the download limit, you can take action by using a different account. The Netflix downloader listed at the end of this article can also download videos in such cases.

Cause VI: Insufficient device memory capacity

Insufficient memory on the device may cause the download to fail.

Solution: Adjust the quality of the video you want to download, convert the Netflix video storage location, or delete extra files.

Different Netflix video quality will require different memory capacity. Lowering the picture quality will reduce the size of the download file and make it easier to fit in your device's memory. You can also solve the problem of not being able to download due to insufficient memory capacity by storing videos on a storage device such as an external hard disk or USB. In addition, unnecessary files can be deleted to free up memory space for downloading!

Cause 7: Poor network conditions

The network environment has a significant impact on video downloads. Poor network conditions may cause the download to be automatically aborted.

Solution: Check network conditions or reduce the number of devices using the network at the same time.

Check the network status or reconnect to the network and try downloading the video again on Netflix. Additionally, reducing the number of devices using the same network may improve the network environment for the device currently downloading the video.

Final Remedy|Limit Removal, the Perfect Download Method

In addition to not being able to use the download function due to insufficient memory or other reasons, Netflix users are often subject to restrictions from Netflix regarding download device model, number of devices available for download, number of downloads, number of available movies, etc. These various limitations may make it difficult to carry Netflix with you anywhere, anytime.

KeepStreams solves all of these problems! With KeepStreams, you can eliminate all these limitations and enjoy downloading high quality videos.

  • Full HD quality at 3412 kbps
  • Supports ACC/EAC3 audio and multilingual voice-overs
  • Batch download function allows you to download multiple videos at once
  • Internal browser allows you to download videos without extracting the URL
  • Supports saving multilingual subtitles in SRT format
  • Download Netflix videos with DRM restrictions removed.

Here is how to use KeepStreams!

Step 1: Download & install its software from the official website of KeepStreams.

Step 2: Open the KeepStreams app and select "Netflix" from "VIP Services".


Step 3: Then, once logged in, find the video you want to download.


Step 4: On the download screen that appears, select your desired quality, audio, and subtitles, then click "Download Now.


Step 5: After downloading, you can watch the Netflix video offline! Permanent storage will also be available.


In this article, we have introduced various reasons why you cannot download videos on Netflix and how to deal with them.

With KeepStreams Netflix Downloader, you can enjoy convenient features such as breaking through download limits, downloading high quality videos, and performing batch downloads. We hope you will take this opportunity to try it out and guarantee that your Netflix experience will be even richer.

KeepStreams offers a 30-day free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you are free to use it without any worries. KeepStreams also offers download and playback of other streaming services, so you can try not only Netflix but also other streaming services during the free trial period.

These are the ways to deal with the Netflix not downloading problem and the introduction of KeepStreams. We hope you will give it a try.

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