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How to Download Music on Apple Music?

| Apple Music |
Updated on Mar 31, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Apple Music download is one of the most searched queries, and thus, we are discussing how to download music from Apple Music in this article.

Apple Music downloads may be aggravating, and I can sympathize with your frustrations. The act of downloading music strains your device storage, and device storage in general, when stressed, slows down your phone. Thus, you should avoid tampering with your storage systems.

The process of downloading songs from Apple Music is so streamlined and easy that you won't even need to think about it. Everything is taken care of on my end. Let's break down the very easy and straightforward procedure of streaming and downloading in this article.

How to Download Songs on Apple Music?

Just establish an Internet connection and open your Apple Music application on your iPhone and get started with it.

  • Open your Apple Music app and go to the ‘My Library’ section.
  • In Library, you will get access to all music files with proper sorting, playlists, songs, by artist, etc.
  • Whatever you want to download you can long-press the file and then select download.
  • If you want to download in bulk, I would suggest you make playlists and download them or select download albums, in case you want to get more songs to play offline. Once it is done, stream your favorite songs.
  • Another alternative technique that you can use to download is to tap on the cloud icon and then proceed for downloading the music file.

This is one technique you can use. You can also apply another technique, whichever works best for you. This is a technique that you can use another way you can download the music files by taking shortcuts. This also elaborates an important question, How to download all Apple Music directories?

Download Music From Apple Music: In steps

  • Open the gallery in the bottom right corner. Launch the gallery application.’ Shortcuts’.
  • Set a parameter that you want to download, just about the right number of songs available for download on the Apple Music app.
  • Tap on Get (your playlist name) and enter the exact number of songs you have in the playlist.
  • Now select the enter icon in the bottom right.
  • You will be taken to Apple Music Playlist, open it.
  • Now click on the three dots on the top right and then select ‘download’.

You have learned about adding and streaming music files on your iPhone through the Apple Music app. Now, you will get to know to Download Music on the Apple Music app meant for the PC Mac system.

Download Apple Music on Mac: Alternative method

You can download Apple Music songs in a far easier manner on your MAC. It's just a few steps and after doing them basically you are done and now you can easily access Apple Music without having to worry.

  1. Open Apple Music services on your Mac PC. On the left side of the UI, you will see the ‘songs’ option.
  2. Here you can download all the songs in just one click, and multiple playlists can download. All these options are available on the right-corner option window.
  3. You just have to select files/a file and then right-click, now simply select ‘Download’. You will be done after this.

How to Download All Apple Music?

It's very easy to download all of Apple Music. To download all the music directories and memory you would require OS Catalina and further. You need to have iTunes for this.

  • Once you open iTunes, you need to click on Music.
  • Now click on ‘New’ first and then click on ‘Smart Playlist’.
  • In sequence please understand the meaning behind all the counters and options.
  • First checkmark the ‘match’ option. Then select ‘music’ in the horizontal next option.
  • Now Time will be selected already do not do anything. Horizontally next option will be ‘is greater than’, ‘lesser than’ ‘on the same range’. As the name suggests it means the values are the same or less or greater than the mentioned time actually in minutes: seconds format.
  • Now check mark limit to and then in the text box near the limit to option fill in the number of songs that you would like to include in your playlist.
  • The Live Updating option will be check-marked too, let it remain like that, and do not change the option.
  • Then click on okay.
  • You will be prompted to provide a name to your new playlist listing.
  • After naming the Playlist go and simply download it and you are done.

As far as I am concerned, I would recommend you do batch and groupings download it will be far easier. Especially in case, you need to have an offline collection of songs on your own.

Need A Professional Downloader for Apple TV Plus?

Now, you know how you can download music from Apple Music, but if you want to download movies from Apple TV, then what?

It won’t allow you to download movies from its platform. Thus, to download movies from Apple TV plus, KeepStreams is the best in the business as it can download movies in just a few clicks and in high quality.

Download Songs From Apple Music On Android

For Android users, the first thing they would need is to download Apple Music. Apple Music has an app of its own on the Play store download it. You need to first make your playlists. And then once playlists are made tap on options and then download.

Other Streamers Like Apple Music

Apple Music Download Songs are great, but let's face it we can switch to other best players in the market right and so comes the other great application for Music related work and this is Spotify. There is Beezer, Tidal, and even regional music streamers like Gaana from India. There is much more diversity as far as streamers are concerned.


Spotify has to be an impressive music app. It has an easy-to-use service. It is compatible with every other music file. It launches and provides a platform to create music and gain traction like the production world on Youtube. In the US, it has only a free compatible subscription service. You would love listening to the best songs it has to offer. And, most importantly that a lot of people are ignoring which Spotify edges Apple Music out is its turnover and market capture of podcasts. Spotify has one of the best streaming services in regard to commentary and other relevant types of podcasts and also discussions.

Amazon Music

Prime Music and its big brother Music Unlimited has been smashing records on Amazon. Amazon has some of the best lossless tracks and also has a wide range of spatial remixes. All of it can be played and navigated easily on Dolby Atmos. Things that work for Prime Music are its lossless streaming, and cheaper price, prime music is available for free with Prime Subscription. For Music Unlimited you need to pay the lowest of the music streamers and Tidal is included.


Downloading from Apple Music is very easy. I have mentioned in incredible detail on how to download and stream smartly with thus wonderful app.

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