Explanation of 3 ways to record DMM videos with Audials one.

| Published on Nov 25, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
This article explains three ways to record DMM videos with Audials one.
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Explanation of 3 ways to record DMM videos with Audials one.
5 Minutes Reading
This article explains three ways to record DMM videos with Audials one.

Audials one is software that allows you to easily download videos and music available on the Internet to your computer and record them. It is also possible to convert files for playback on specific devices such as cell phones and tablets.

It is possible to record videos from YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, Netflix, Amazon, GYAO!, Hulu, DMM.COM, and various on-demand services, as well as TSUTAYA TV, U-NEXT, DAZN, and AbemaTV.

This article explains three ways to record DMM videos on Audials one.

Here is how to download efficiently without the need for recording

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3 ways to record DMM videos with Audials one

Recording Method #1: High-quality direct recording, recording one video at a time

  1. Select "Video Streaming" and click "Other Sources / Screen Recording".
  2. Select "High Quality Direct Recording" and then "Record a single video".

  1. When a new window appears, select the browser in which you want to play the DMM video and click "Next".

  1. Restart the selected browser and click the "Start 00" or "Restart 00" button.
  2. When the following screen appears, play the video in the browser and start recording.

  1. When the video ends, it will automatically stop.

Recording Method #2: High-Quality Direct Recording, List Video

This recording method allows you to select the video you wish to save.

If you are using Audials Built-in Player, please refer to "2) Select and Record from High-Quality Direct Recording" here.

  1. Select "Video Streaming" on the left side and click "Other Sources / Screen Recording".
  2. Select "High Quality Direct Recording" and then "List Videos".
  3. Select the browser you wish to play the DMM video in a new window and go to "Next".
  4. Click on the "Start 000" or "Restart 000" button to restart the browser of your choice.
  5. Once the video is playing in the selected browser, a list of available videos for recording will be displayed. To start recording, click on the symbol for the video you wish to record from the list that appears when the list is displayed.
  6. Recording will automatically end when the video has finished playing.

Recording Method #3: Screen Recording

To manually record a video

This recording method is very effective for recording DMM videos that cannot be recorded directly.

  1. First, select "Video Streaming" and click on "Other Sources / Screen Recording.
  2. Under "Screen Recording," click on "Record Screen.
  3. In the blue frame that appears, select the area you wish to record and click the "Record/Record" button to start recording the DMM video.

  1. If you want to stop recording, click "Stop.

If you want to record the screen automatically

This recording method is ideal for capturing videos in situations where direct recording is not possible. Various video ranges can be detected automatically.

  1. To begin, click on "Video Streaming" and then "Other Sources / Screen Recording".
  2. Under "Screen Recording" select "Record Screen (Auto Detect)
  3. Click the "Detect + Record" button to automatically detect the video range and start recording
  4. Recording ends on its own when playback of the DMM video ends.

Audials can record and save videos hosted on DMM video sites using a variety of video recording technologies.

How to download more convenient than Audials one

Here we recommend KeepStreams Downloader, a more convenient download software than Audials one.

KeepStreams downloader can save DMM videos in versatile MP4 format, which is not only compatible with DMM, but also with more than 1000 services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, NHK PLUS, U-next, etc. You can also access DMM directly with KeepStreams built-in browser. Therefore, there is no need to restart chrome to record DMM videos like with Audials one.

  • Download DMM videos in SD, HD, and Full HD.
  • Download subtitles in your preferred language as SRT format
  • Add multiple DMM videos for batch download
  • Automatically remove TCM (commercials)
  • For Windows 10 and 11, MAC (IOS Venture 12 and 13)

STEP1 Go to the official website of KeepStreams downloader for DMM, "Free Download" and install the version appropriate for your computer's OS.

STEP2 Launch KeepStreams downloader and select "DMM.com" from "VIP Services" on the left side of the top screen.

STEP3 On the browser screen that appears, login to DMM.

STEP4 After logging in, click "Purchased Videos" in the upper left corner. From the displayed screen, click the video you wish to download.

STEP5 Once the video page loads, analysis will begin automatically and the download screen will appear. Check the box next to the title you wish to download, or select the quality, audio, and subtitles.

STEP6 Click "Download Now" to start downloading immediately, or "Add to Queue" to start downloading in batches later.

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