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Summary of CleverGet Amazon Video Download Features, Usage, and Limitations

| Amazon Prime Video |
Published on May 28, 2023 | 10 Minutes Reading
This article details how to use CleverGet Amazon Video Download and its features, and also introduces KeepStreams as an alternative software. With this information, you can choose the download method that is right for you.

If you have a favorite movie or drama on Amazon Prime Video, you can easily download it using CleverGet CleverGet Amazon Video Download is a software to download and save videos from Amazon Prime Video! .

This article details how to use CleverGet Amazon Video Download and its features, as well as its limitations in terms of use. This information will help you choose the download method that is right for you.

What is CleverGet Amazon Video Download?

CleverGet Amazon Video Download is one of CleverGet's many products that allow you to download dramas, movies, anime, and other content from Amazon Prime Video and save them with specified quality, sound quality, subtitles, and more.

CleverGet Amazon Video Download Basic Information

Supported subscription video services

Amazon Prime Video only

Free Trial

Free trial available, up to 5 videos can be downloaded for free

Pricing System

  • Annual Plan: $35.97($2.99/month)
  • Perpetual License: $59.97

System Requirements

Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 & macOS 10.15... /13

  $3.99 ($3.99 per month)

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CleverGet Amazon Video Download Features

CleverGet Amazon Video Download has several outstanding features that make it a smooth downloader of Amazon Prime Video. The following are introduced one by one.

  • Download up to 5 multiple episodes of Amazon Prime Video shows at the same time
  • Supports up to Full HD quality when downloading Amazon Prime Video
  • Save downloaded content as MP4/MKV
  • Specify and download multilingual subtitles/dubbing on Amazon Prime Video.

How to use CleverGet Amazon Video Download

If you want to download NHK Plus videos, CleverGet makes it easy to save them. Below is a detailed explanation of how to use CleverGet specifically.

Step 1) First, install CleverGet Amazon Video Download from the official website.

Step 2) Launch CleverGet Amazon Video Download and log in to Amazon Prime Video opened with a new tag.

Step 3) Play and watch the video you wish to save. On the video playback screen, click the blue-white download button. The download analysis will then begin.

Step 4) On the settings screen, select the output format, audio, subtitles, and other options. Then click the [Download with 1-Click] button at the bottom to start downloading.

These are the specific instructions for CleverGet NHK Plus Download.

Is it illegal to use CleverGet Amazon video download?

Using CleverGet Amazon video downloads for personal use is not a violation of copyright law.

However, downloading videos that have been uploaded illegally is illegal. Amazon Prime Video distributes videos in accordance with copyright law, so downloading is not a problem.

In addition, enjoying downloaded videos for personal purposes or sharing them with friends is within your personal scope and does not violate copyright law. However, using the videos for commercial purposes, such as selling them for a fee, is illegal due to legal restrictions. Use videos in a lawful manner.

[Review] Restrictions on CleverGet Amazon Video Download

According to feedback from CleverGet users, the following disadvantages have been collected.

Limitations of CleverGet Amazon Video Download (1) Limitations in image quality

Although the product description allows you to download Amazon Prime Video in full HD quality, CleverGet Amazon Video Download does not allow you to download some of the Amazon Prime Video content in full HD, and only up to 720p quality This may not be supported.

Limitation of CleverGet Amazon Video Download (2) Limitation of simultaneous downloads

Although the product description states that you can download 5 videos at the same time , CleverGet may not allow you to enter the URL of another video while downloading one video, and you may not be able to download multiple videos at the same time.

Limitation 3) Sound Slip of Downloaded Videos on CleverGet Amazon Video Download

Sound slipping may occur when downloading Amazon Prime Video videos using CleverGet. There are multiple causes for this problem, including communication conditions and server errors, and it may also be related to the compatibility of the downloaded codec with the playback player.

Limitations of CleverGet Amazon Video Download (4) Insufficient Support

CleverGet's support system is inadequate, and it can take some time to resolve issues that arise. Also, some platforms and content are not supported, so users must use at their own risk.

The most suitable alternative to CleverGet--KeepStreams for Amazon

Download content from Amazon Prime Video with DRM removal and higher quality softwareKeepStreams for Amazon It has more features like CleverGet Amazon Video Downloader, such as simultaneous download, subtitle preservation, Full HD quality support, and much more.

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Recommendations for KeepStreams and Amazon

  • Download in the highest quality resolution: KeepStreams allows you to download Amazon Prime Video up to 1080p, the highest quality available, so you can enjoy high-quality video.
  • Wide selection of file formats: You can choose to save your video files in a wide variety of formats, including MP4, MKV, M4A, and more.
  • Easily save multilingual subtitles and voice-overs: With KeepStreams, you can easily download subtitles in SRT format and multilingual voice-overs in ACC format from select video services such as Amazon Prime Video.
  • Direct downloading via the built-in browser: KeepStreams has a built-in browser that allows you to directly access the Amazon Prime Video video site to download videos.
  • Automatic download feature: With KeepStreams, you never have to worry about missing the latest episode of a series available from Amazon Prime Video by automatically downloading it.
  • Batch Download Feature: When downloading multiple videos at once, KeepStreams is efficient, allowing you to batch download up to 100 episodes of your choice.

Operating environment for KeepStreams and Amazon is as follows

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 or macOS Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey
  • 4GB or more RAM
  • At least 40 GB of available hard disk space
  • Internet connection required

How to use KeepStreams for Amazon

First, download KeepStreams for Amazon from the official KeepStreams for Amazon page, or click the button below to download or download & install KeepStreams.

1Launch KeepStreams and select "VIP Services" > "Amazon Prime".
2Access Amazon Prime Video with the built-in browser and log in with your Amazon account. Select your favorite video and go to the playback page.
3Once on the playback page, KeepStreams will automatically analyze the parameters of the video.
4 Once the analysis is complete, set your desired resolution, audio, dubbing, subtitles, etc., select the episode you wish to download, and click "Download Now.
5 The download progress can be checked under the "Downloading" item.
6 Once the download is complete, you can save the Amazon Prime videos in MP4/MKV format for offline viewing on other devices.

Pricing of KeepStreams Downloader for Amazon

Below is a list of prices for KeepStreams' Mozart product, Downloader for Amazon, and the all-in-one product, KeepStreams Video One.

    Monthly Plan Monthly Plan 6-Month Plan Annual Plan

KeepStreams for Amazon


KeepStreams for Amazon $39.99($6.66/month)

KeepStreams for Amazon $59.99($4.99/month)

KeepStreams Video One

KeepStreams Video One KeepStreams Video One $83.94($13.99/month) KeepStreams Video One $95.88($7.99/month)
CleverGet All-In-One 10 / / $134.95($134.95/month) 134.95($11.24/month)

KeepStreams Video One supports not only Amazon Prime Video, but also Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, U-NEXT, and over 65 other paid video services, 38 modular products in one With a wide variety of genres and episodes of TV shows to choose from, you can download streaming video to your heart's content. Careful design maintains stability and ensures high quality downloads.

KeepStreams Video One is a better value than the one for Amazon, allowing you to download 700 videos each week from a variety of genres, so you can enjoy as many videos as you want.

CleverGet All-In-One 10, on the other hand, bundles only 24 single items together; KeepStreams Video One is probably the cosier option. Below you can also see the monthly fees for each of the 10 typical services of KeepStreams Video One. (Actually, there are 38.)

  Monthly Plan

Monthly Plan

6-Month Plan

Annual Plan

KeepStreams Video One


KeepStreams Video One $83.94($13.99/month)

KeepStreams Video One $95.88($7.99/month)

Supported Services

Monthly Fee / By Product

6-month fee / by product

Annual Fee / By Product

Netflix Downloader




Amazon Prime Video Downloader




Disney Plus Downloader




Hulu Downloader




HBO Downloader




U-NEXT Downloader




DMM TV Downloader




TELASA Downloader




FANZA Downloader




MGS Downloader






Total $13.99/month


* Not limited to the 10 products listed above, A list of 38 modular products, including the ones listed above...

What do you think: 38 Mozart products, including KeepStreams Video One, are compatible with over 65 paid video subscription services, including Amazon Prime Video. If you purchase an annual plan, you can also download videos from Amazon Prime Video for only $0.79/month. KeepStreams for Amazon, on the other hand, costs $4.99 to $23.99 per month.

Thus, when you consider the combination of features and price, purchasing KeepStreams Video One is certainly a much better value than purchasing the individual products.


CleverGet Amazon Video Download offers high-quality and stable downloads, support for multilingual subtitles and voice-overs, and multiple file format options, but it also has some limitations, including simultaneous download limits, limited image quality, and insufficient support.

Alternatives. KeepStreams for Amazon is recommended, as KeepStreams offers high-quality and fast downloads, a wide variety of file format choices, direct downloading, and automatic downloading capabilities, among other features. What is more attractive is that the operation is intuitive, fast, and not heavy at all, making it the best Amazo Prime software at the moment.

Of course, if you want to download videos not only from Amazon Prime Video, but also from other paid streaming services, you can use KeepStreams Video One, which is even better.

KeepStreams Video One

Windows 7/8/8.1/8.1/10/11 or macOS Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey
Save money when you buy all KeepStreams Video Downloader with this one! It is an all-in-one downloader that supports Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HB Max, UNEXT, NHK PLUS, and more than 1000 other video sites, so you can download your favorite streaming videos with no worries.
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Jessie Smith
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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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