Can I Get CleverGet Crack? Is it Safe?

| Published on Jan 22, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
Are you going to download CleverGet crack to download your favorite shows? Go through this guide to learn the information you should know before hitting the download button.

What do you do in your leisure time? Watch movies and shows? What if there is no internet? To avoid this scenario, keep your shows available for offline watching. To download shows and movies of high quality, you can consider CleverGet Crack.

You can download your favorite shows with pirated versions without paying bank-breaking fees. You will also go through KeepStreams, the better video downloader, so read this guide to know if CleverGet Crack is safe to use.

What is CleverGet?

It is a formidable video downloader that facilitates users to easily download TV shows, online videos, as well as live streams of dramas and music in up to 8K resolution. There is no restriction of choice, as CleverGet Netflix Video Downloader allows you to download content from over 1000 websites. The platform ranges from Twitter to Vimeo, BBC to Dailymotion, and everything in between.


Live streams are downloaded conveniently as this software grabs M3U8 links automatically. You just need to navigate to the video site, and this video downloader will get the videos you want. CleverGet includes a built-in browser and player. It covers all aspects of searching, downloading, and playing back videos. You can download video with 320 kbps audio quality to ensure your immersive view.

If you wonder about the reviews of pirated versions, you can go through Can I Get Kigo Amazon Prime Video Downloader Crack?

Exclusive Features of CleverGet

Here are some worth mentioning features making it one of the best video downloaders.

Built-In Browser

The inherent search browsers make downloading online videos, live streams, and subscription-based content from different platforms easy. No need to spend a long-time finding links to download. All you need to do is select the videos, and CleverGet will do the rest for you.

HD Quality Video and Audio

CleverGet knows how to maintain quality. When you download the videos using this software, you will get a resolution of up to 8K. It is probably the only tool that allows 8K resolution quality. Moreover, with more than 320 kbps, you can enjoy the best audio.

Convert Videos into Different Formats

CleverGet offers multiple downloading options. No matter which format file you are selecting to download, CleverGet will allow you to convert and download online videos into MP4, WEBM, MKV, and many other famous formats for multiple uses.

Batch Processing

It is a rare but very useful feature when it comes to downloading videos. CleverGet has the ability to process and download multiple videos at a time in batch form. This makes a hit purchase.

Remove Ads from Videos

Ads are the mod breaker. They can potentially disturb the entire show's experience. Therefore, we suggest you download videos through CleverGet Crack. It acts as a filter that removes all ads from the show, and you can enjoy break-free leisure time.

Save Mata Information

Meta information may feel unnecessary sometimes, but it is valuable information that all video downloaders do not save automatically. However, this is not the case with CleverGet. It preserves metadata information for future management.

How to Use CleverGet Crack?

CleverGet is one of the easiest and most functional video downloaders, which allows you to save a video in a few clicks with a simple interface. To make the process even more convenient, we have mentioned a few steps. Let's walk through them.

Step 1: Download and Install CleverGet Crack

Search for CleverGet Crack from the browser. Download and install the CleverGet Crack and get the activation code which opens the door to a wide range of features and facilities.


Step 2: Set Output Directory

Launch the software and click the three dots before downloading the video, show, or live stream you want to download. Then click "Settings" to open the detailed settings panel. Hit the "General" option to set the output options in the "Save Video To." You can also adjust other settings according to requirements and click the "Save" button.


Step 3: Open and Download the Targeted Video

Now enter the website in the address bar and tap "Enter" on the Keyboard. No need to bother yourself to find the link because CleverGet will do it for you. Once you open the video link, the videos will appear in the form of different sizes and formats. Select the desired video and click "Download."


Step 4: Check Downloading Process and Download the File

Now click on the "Downloading" icon to see the progress. In case you are willing to stop downloading due to any reason, you can click the "Pause" button. Once the downloading has been completed, you can check the result in the form of audio or video.

Is CleverGet Crack Available?

The answer of whether you can have CleverGet Crack or not is hard to determine. It can be yes, or no. As long as you are determined, you can search online and find better and trustable results of CleverGet Crack. However, you will have to spend a good amount of time evaluating whether these cracks are valid or not. Therefore, we never suggest users go for cracked versions. It will consume not only time but also energy to find and download it.

Is CleverGet Safe?

Safety should be your priority because you can never enjoy a cracked version if your device stops working. As the CleverGet Cracked version is available on different websites, and somewhat they are functional, but your security is at high risk.


When you open the website, many malicious pop-ups appear on the screen. If you ever accidentally open them, automatically, different files will start downloading, which are hard to redirect. These files can infect your device and put security at risk.

The virus can corrupt the entire data available on the computer and gives attackers a way to steal private information. Furthermore, if CleverGet detects that you are using a cracked or pirated version, they will immediately cancel your subscription.

We suggest you avoid these situations as much as you can. And switch to a better and safer alternative.

KeepStreams Video Downloader: Best Alternative to CleverGet

When it comes to safety and functionality, it is hard to find this combination in any video downloader other than KeepStreams Video Downloader. Its high functionality and versatile features allow free downloads from any platform and format. The users usually anticipate a dependable and speedy download experience regardless of location.


Features of KeepStreams

These are some worth-mentioning features of KeepStreams that make it the best alternative to CleverGet.

High-Quality Videos

CleverGet Crack offers high-resolution video download, but KeepStreams takes the resolution game to a higher level with even better audio and video quality. Whether you are downloading a live stream, video, or music, it will be saved into your device in high-quality.


KeepStreams not only ensure the security of the device being used to download the videos, but it also acts as a protective barrier for other devices connected to the same connection. You can download videos from any platform legally and safely.

Efficient Downloader

It enables the user to select different videos and lets them download them all together by making a queue. Moreover, you do not need to wait for hours for your show. This video downloader will take 5 minutes to save the entire movie.

Save Metadata Files

While incorporating useful and main features, KeepStreams included a side feature to improve the user's experience. It automatically saves metadata of files as well as other information like cast, episodes, series, and more. This download also enables the user to set the library according to preference.

Built-in Browser

It is one of the most appreciable features of KeepStreams. No need to find the video links manually. You can browse and open the targeted video within the software. All you need to do is to type the keyword in the designated area, and you will have the video in front of your screen.

How to Use KeepStreams Video Downloader?

KeepStreams has a simple interface. All you need to do is to follow these few steps:

  • Get a compatible device to KeepStreams and connect to a high-speed and stable internet connection.
  • Navigate to the official website of KeepStreams video downloader and hit the “free trial” button. Once it has downloaded, complete the installation.
  • Now open the software and go to the streaming services section. Select your preferred streaming service and log in to your account with the credentials such as password and ID.
  • Look for the video you want to download and set other options. Now hit the Download button to complete the installation.


CleverGet is a useful downloader as it incorporates a wide range of features that anybody can demand in a video downloader. As it is a free downloader, the owner earns through ads. So they allow all kinds of ads that can act as a gateway for the attacker. Therefore, you should select a better and more secure alternative.

In this case, KeepStreams is the best alternative which allows you to download videos and more than 100 websites in a matter of minutes. It does not compromise on quality and other services.

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