How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39? [Updated May 2022]

| Published on May 17, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Disney Plus Error Code 39 is a rights management code that often signals that the streaming service requires a secure connection but your streaming setup cannot supply one.

What Is Error Code 39 on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus Error Code 39 is a rights management code that often signals that the streaming service requires a secure connection but your streaming setup cannot supply one. It is possible that a problem with your Disney Plus app, streaming device, HDMI cable, or television is blocking a secure HDMI handshake. If your issue is similar and you are able to resolve it, the Error Code 39 Disney Plus will disappear.

Typically, when Disney Plus Error Code 39 occurs, this error message will appear:

We're sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support (Error Code 39).

What Causes Error Code 39 Disney Plus?

Typically, the Disney Plus Error Code 39 indicates a rights management problem that prevents the requested video from streaming from Disney's servers. There are instances in which you have little control over this; if Disney cannot broadcast the material at all or to people in your location, there is nothing you can do.

Typically, this error code may be resolved by switching to a new streaming device, using a different television, switching to a different HDMI port, or using a different HDMI cable when the problem is caused by an issue on your end.

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How to Fix Error Code 39 on Disney Plus?

Follow each of the following procedures in succession until Disney Plus is functioning correctly and the Error Code 39 disappears:

Try Loading the Video Once Again

In certain instances, this error code may be the result of a random occurrence. When this occurs, merely refreshing or reloading the video will enable playback. If it stops and error code 39 appears again, return to these troubleshooting steps and continue.

Close the Xbox Streaming App on Your Computer

If you were using the Windows 10 Xbox app to broadcast your Xbox One to your PC, stop the stream and exit the program. It may also be necessary to restart the Disney Plus app or your Xbox One. Error Code 39 Disney Plus should disappear after you stop streaming from your Xbox One to your PC.

Consider Using a Different Streaming Device

This issue has happened most often while streaming Disney Plus from an Xbox One gaming console, but it has also occurred when streaming straight from a smart TV and with other devices. Try a new streaming device to see if it solves the issue.

If you are able to stream properly from a different device, the fault lies with your Xbox One or the device that caused the error code.

Switch to Another HDMI Port

Switch to a different HDMI port on your television using the streaming device that returned Disney Plus Error Code 39. Test each port to see if any are functional. If one works, this indicates that the handshake on that port was successful. Keep your streaming device connected, and it should function normally.

Try Another HDMI Cable

If you have an alternative HDMI cable, try substituting it to see if the issue is resolved. Try using a high-quality, undamaged HDMI 2.1 cable that is not extremely lengthy. If you discover a cable that works, leave it plugged in and utilize it.

Make Sure That You Are Using an HDMI-to-HDMI Cable

This issue may be caused by the use of any HDMI converter cable, such as an HDMI to VGA connection. Change to an HDMI cable with HDMI connections on both ends and plug it straight into an HDMI port on your television, monitor, or projector.

Try Shutting Off Your Television and Restarting It

Unplug the television and left it unplugged for some time before reconnecting it. If it doesn't work, try power cycling your television and streaming device simultaneously. If it succeeds, you may need to repeat this process if the HDMI handshake fails again in the future.

Delete the Disney+ App and Reinstall It

Start by removing the application from your streaming device, and then restart it. Reinstall the application and see whether it still works.

Reset the Xbox One to Factory Settings

First, ensure that Disney Plus is compatible with the same TV and HDMI cable when connected to a Roku or Fire TV. If so, execute a factory reset on the Xbox One, being sure to choose "Reset and keep my games & apps" to prevent losing any data. You may need to remove and reinstall the Disney Plus app once the reset has been completed.

What Is the Most Effective Method for Viewing Disney Plus Offline?

KeepStreams for Disney Plus is an excellent third-party downloader that enables you to download any TV show or movie for offline viewing.

Additionally, you will be able to browse and download material from Disney Plus websites in other countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Germany. Thus, you will get access to an even greater selection of Disney Plus videos.


The Disney Plus Error Code 39 is mostly relevant to Xbox one or any Xbox series compatible user. When streaming Disney Plus on a Smart TV or even a projector, you may get the same error code, which happens most often on gaming consoles. We are certain that you will be able to overcome this error and continue to enjoy your favorite movies on Disney+ without further difficulty by following the aforementioned steps.

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