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How to remove DRM and download videos from Netflix?

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Published on Feb 14, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we would like to explain how you can remove DRM and download videos from Netflix.

The Netflix app has a feature that allows users to download original content, but it is only available for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android, so this article will explain how to remove DRM from videos from Netflix and download them. This article will explain how to remove DRM and download videos from Netflix.

Downloading is not possible outside of the Netflix app.

Netflix implements a DRM mechanism, which is a technology designed to prevent piracy of digital content such as streaming videos, so when recording DRMed videos, the screen will go black and the recording will be disabled. Netflix.

In general, if you want to watch Netflix videos offline, you can only use the Netflix app to save them. And please note that you cannot download Netflix content except on a smartphone or tablet device. Below are the restrictions imposed on official downloads.

  • The number of works that can be downloaded per device is set to 100 works.
  • Downloaded works also have a set viewing time limit, which varies from 48 hours to 7 days, depending on the work.
  • You have only 48 hours from the time you play a downloaded work until it expires. Once the expiration date has expired, the work will be automatically deleted.
  • There is also a limit to the number of devices you can download to. The limit is determined by the subscription plan you have subscribed to.

Plan Name

Monthly Fee

Number of devices you can download to

Basic plan

990 yen (tax included)

1 device


1,490 yen (tax included)

2 units


1,980 yen (tax included)

4 units

  Not all content can be downloaded.

  • Not all content can be downloaded.
  • Netflix's official download function can only be performed with the app on iPhone, Android phones, tablets, and Windows; it does not apply to Macs and other devices.

Can I download Netflix content with DRM removed?

What if I want to watch Netflix content on a device other than the app, such as a large screen TV, game console, or Mac? And what if I want to save Full HD Netflix videos as MP4 to my computer?

If you can download Netflix content with DRM removed, you can easily transfer it to other devices and save it as MP4 without expiration.

With KeepStreams, you can save not only Netflix videos, but also Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, U-NEXT, etc. with DRM removed.

How to download videos with KeepStreams Netflix downloader to remove DRM

KeepStreams Downloader for Netflix is a professional downloader for Netflix content. More powerful and feature-rich than official downloads, it can easily remove DRM and download Netflix content in MP4 format. you will need to have a Netflix subscription.

Below is a list of KeepStreams Netflix Downloader's best features The following are some of the best features of KeepStreams Netflix downloader

✅Supports downloading of Netflix content up to full HD quality.

✅Save Netflix content in versatile MP4 and MKV formats.

✅Download Netflix content with Dolby quality 5.1 surround sound.

✅Download multiple Netflix contents in one batch.

✅Download subtitles in each language as SRT format so you can switch to watching.

✅ Save money with KeepStreams Free Version!

With KeepStreams free version, you can download 3 Netflix videos in full, with full support for settings such as picture quality, audio, subtitles, and more. Once the free trial expires, you can purchase the paid version of the product.

Steps to download content from Netflix with KeepStreams Downloader for Netflix

*KeepStreams operating environment

  • Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7 (32/64 bit) / macOS 10.10-12
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • 40GB free hard disk space or more

 Windows 10.10-12

1 Download & install the software from the official website of KeepStreams.
2 Open the KeepStreams application and select "Netflix" from "VIP Services".
3 Then, after logging in, find the video you want to download.
4 On the download screen that appears, select your desired quality, audio, and subtitles, then click "Download Now.
5 After downloading, you can watch the Netflix video offline! Permanent storage is also available.


In this article, we have shown you how to remove DRM from Netflix content and download videos, and with KeepStreams Netflix downloader, anyone can easily download Netflix content without having to analyze DRM and extract video links. Download Netflix content without the need to analyze DRM and extract video links.

First, download your favorite Netflix content using the free version of KeepStreams.

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Jessie Smith
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