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NHK Plus DRM Removal Methods!

| NHK Plus |
Published on Aug 28, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
"In this article, we will show you how to unlock and download NHK Plus DRM using three tools: 'KeepStreams', 'Y2mate', and 'StreamGaGa', 'StreamGaGa'. Download inspiring dramas and watch them anytime, anywhere."

Have you ever come across an inspiring drama and thought, "I want to share this with my loved ones"? However, have you ever felt that you cannot enjoy it when you need to because of NHK Plus DRM protection? This is the problem we face and its solution is urgent. Therefore, this article provides the key to storing high quality dramas in a limited amount of time and making them available anytime, anywhere. In this article, we will show you how to remove DRM from NHK Plus using three tools: KeepStreams, Y2mate, and StreamGaGa. By making full use of this information, your viewing experience will improve dramatically and you will be able to have the excitement in your hands at all times.

What is NHK Plus?

NHK Plus is an online video service provided by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). With this service, you can watch documentaries, dramas, and other programs produced by NHK from your computer or smartphone.

One of the most attractive features of NHK Plus is its high-quality video and audio. The video can be up to 4K, providing a realistic visual experience. There are also plenty of subtitles, so even those who are not comfortable with foreign languages can enjoy the programs with ease.

NHK Plus also features a "time-shift" function that allows users to watch programs they have missed later. This allows you to enjoy your favorite programs at your favorite time.

NHK Plus requires NHK subscription fees. By paying the subscription fee, you can use NHK Plus as well as NHK's TV and radio broadcasts.

NHK Plus is a service for residents in Japan. Please note that this service is not available from overseas.

NHK Plus is an attractive online video delivery service with high quality and a diverse lineup of programs. We hope you will pay your subscription fee to use this service and enjoy its rich content.

NHK Plus with DRM protection

The programs offered on NHK Plus are DRM-protected. DRM is a technology used by copyright holders to manage copyrights and prevent illegal copying, and is intended to prevent unauthorized use of digital content. copyright by preventing copying in an inappropriate manner.

NHK's programs are protected by copyright law and are legally prohibited from being reproduced or distributed without permission. This is where DRM plays an important role. Viewers are required to agree to a license agreement when viewing programs through the NHK Plus service. This license agreement stipulates the proper use of the content, and any violation of this agreement is illegal.

In addition, there are regional access restrictions on NHK Plus services. This is also part of DRM. Due to broadcasting rights issues, some programs can only be viewed from within Japan.

NHK Plus uses DRM to protect program copyrights in order to allow viewers to watch content legally and in a transparent manner. On the other hand, DRM is a necessary means to comply with copyright laws, thereby protecting the interests of both content creators and viewers and maintaining a healthy ecosystem in digital media.

Method One: KeepStreams NHK Plus Downloader

KeepStreams NHK Plus Downloader is an excellent video download tool that supports over 200 different video delivery services (VOD), including Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, NHK, and more. But not only that, with KeepStreams, you can also easily download videos from social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The presence of such a powerful and convenient application makes it possible to download videos from NHK, for example, in an instant.

How to use

Visit the KeepStreams website and install KeepStreams.

Start the KeepStreams application and enter NHK on Demand in the search box on the main screen.

The search results will then be displayed. Find the program you want to download on the screen and proceed to the details screen.

When playing the video, analysis of the video URL will begin. Set the basic information of the video in the download box and start downloading.

You can check the status of the download in the left laibrary.

Method Two: StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader

StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader has established itself as a comprehensive download tool for handling gems of NHK Plus content. It can save a wide variety of genres such as drama, anime, variety shows, and sports in MP4/MKV format with up to 2160p and AAC 2.0 audio track quality, making it suitable for anytime, anywhere viewing, even offline, without any viewing time constraints. This makes it suitable for viewing anytime, anywhere, even offline, with no restrictions on viewing time. In addition, a batch download feature allows you to download and save many NHK Plus videos at once.


 Windows  macOS

Method Three: Y2mate NHK Plus Downloader

Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader allows you to download your favorite media content from any Netflix profile on your device for offline enjoyment. The software preserves all Netflix originals, dramas, movies, series, and TV shows in top quality.

Offering 1080p HD quality and 5.1-channel audio for a streamlined and efficient alternative, the Y2Mate program retrieves content from over 1000 platforms and decrypts DRM encoded in M3U8/MDP format prior to download. The software analyzes video sources, downloads them in high resolution, and stores metadata information along with the video for efficient management. For first-time users, we offer a free trial with the demo version.


In this article, we have introduced the respective sites KeepStreams, Y2mate, and StreamGaGa on how to remove DRM from NHK Plus. These sites allow you to download and save high quality videos.

When saving after DRM removal, you should also pay attention to the file format: MP4 is the most common format, which has no problems with playback and is smaller in size.

These sites can be useful as a way to enjoy dramas you missed on NHK Plus in high quality. You can download your favorite productions and watch them anytime. However, be careful of copyrights.

The above is how to remove DRM from NHK Plus and how to save high quality videos. We recommend that you use this service safely and without any illegal activities.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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