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Ezvid Review: Does Ezvid Have a Time Limit?

| Reviews |
Updated on Dec 09, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article gives an objective Ezvid review and answers questions that are related to the Ezvid screen recorder, including “Does Ezvid have a time limit?”

Looking for a free screen recorder to record your favorite movies from Netflix or Disney Plus? Ezvid can help you easily download videos that you like. But is Ezvid safe? No need to worry! This article will show you everything you need to know about Ezvid Screen Recorder through a complete Ezvid review. Let’s get started!

What is Ezvid?

Ezvid or Ezvid Screen Recorder is a reliable tool to help you record videos from any site without any risk! More importantly, Ezvid does not cost you a penny. Launched in 2009, Ezvid has stood the test of time and won the support of users from different countries, including the United States, Brazil, India, and even Poland. You can try Ezvid to enjoy the videos offline anytime you like. And Ezvid's pros and cons are listed below to help you know it better.


Ezvid Pros

  1. Ezvid supports recording 1080p videos, bringing you immersive images of games and streaming videos.
  2. The usage of Ezvid is simple and user-friendly. You can find the keyboard shortcuts on Ezvids’ website.
  3. Ezvid also supports video editing, which enables you to have video synthesis or speed control.
  4. With Ezvid, recording your voice and screen videos simultaneously is not a problem.
  5. When you record your favorite movie, the capture controller can be easily hidden.

Ezvid Cons

  1. The time limit is troublesome for users who want to record long videos. Does Ezvid have a Time Limit? Many people are curious about this question. Unfortunately. Ezvid has a time limit: 45 minutes is the maximum time that you can record for one video. If you want to record a movie that is around 70 minutes, you have to record it twice with Ezvid.
  2. Mac users cannot use Ezvid. Currently, Ezvid for Windows is available, but Ezvid is not compatible with Mac systems. You have to find an Ezvid alternative to help you enjoy Netflix videos offline.

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How to Use Ezvid to Record Videos?

If you want to use Ezvid Screen Video Recorder, this part will help you to achieve that without much effort.

You only have to do 2 simple steps. First, you should download Ezvid to your computer and you can find the risk-free downloading link on its website.

And when you decide to record a video, just open Ezvid and select “capture screen” and the screen recording will start after 3 seconds.

You can choose to pause or draw marks when the recording is working. Ezvid is easy to use, isn’t it?

Ezvid Alternative: KeepStreams Video Downloader

If you want to enjoy videos offline without a time limit and you are a Mac user, you should try the best Ezvid alternative: KeepStreams Video Downloader. KeepStreams is a second-to-none all-in-one video downloader, which allows you to save videos from various streaming platforms. No matter whether you prefer Netflix or Vudu, KeepStreams can easily download their videos.


What are the Features of KeepStreams?

1. Videos in more than 100 streaming websites can be watched offline anywhere and anytime with KeepStreams.

2. The downloading speed of KeepStreams is fast when you are connected to a stable WiFi connection.

3. 1080P videos are possible with KeepStreams video downloader.

4. Automatic downloading of new episodes will not let you miss any video that you want to watch offline.

5. Saving SRT subtitles and high-quality sound is available to you.

6. A free trial of KeepStreams is too attractive to resist. And you will also have free updates to the software.

A Detailed Guide to Download Videos with KeepStreams

You should not skip this if you want to try KeepStreams. The simple steps to use KeepStreams are explained in detail.

Step 1: Choose the Mac or Windows version and click the “free trial” button below, which will make KeepStreams download to your computer.

Step 2: After installation, you should open KeepStreams and click on the upper right corner, register with your email, and log in to your account.

Step 3: Select Netflix (or other streaming platforms that you want to stream offline), and log in to your Netflix account.

Step 4: Choose the Netflix videos you want to download and click the download now button.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ezvid

Some questions are often asked by new users, and this part has answered these questions.

Does Ezvid Have a Watermark?

Many screen recorders have watermarks to show their products. But unlike them, Ezvid has no watermark.

What are the System Requirements of Ezvid?

Most Windows computers are compatible with Ezvid, including Windows XP3, Windows 7, and above. At least 10GB of free hard drive space is necessary for the operation of Ezvid. In addition, the processor should be no less than 2.0 GHz.

How Does Free Ezvid Maintain its Service?

The feature of no cost brings real benefits to users who want to record videos. And the operation of Ezvid is supported by donations from people. If you think Ezvid is GREAT, you can show your support by donating a small amount of money via its official website.

Is it possible to use Ezvid to record just a selected area of the screen?

Certainly, without a doubt! You can select how much of the screen you want to grab by moving the mouse in the appropriate direction.

Final Thought

This article shows a full guide to Ezvid. After reading this Ezvid review, you can know the Ezvid pros and cons. As a free screen recorder, Ezvid can satisfy your basic reording

And if you are a Mac user, you can use Ezvid alternative, KeepStreams Video Downloader to download videos from Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Twitch, and even more.

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