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Thorough Explanation] Causes of Different Songs Playing on Amazon Music and Countermeasures

| Amazon Music |
Updated on Oct 31, 2023 | 10 Minutes Reading
After the latest update to Amazon Music, we have received quite a few complaints from users that different songs are being played. We will explain in detail the cause of the "amazon music playing different songs" issue and find a solution to the problem.

Amazon Music, the world's leading digital music service platform, has millions of users and a vast music library. However, a recent major update to the Amazon Music service has caused some frustration.

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Amazon Music can no longer listen to the music I want to listen to after the update.
  Amazon Music has been updated.
Obviously, I'm a Prime member, but I can't listen to the music I want to listen to, and I can't download it anymore.
After the update, Amazon's music service is harder to use than before.
It seems that the main problem is that I can't listen to the music I want to listen to. Let's find out the cause of this problem.

Different songs are playing on Amazon Music.

Many listeners report that when they use Amazon Music, they clearly select the music they want to listen to, but the music actually playing is not the music they want to listen to at all, and even the artist is different. This situation is clearly different from what we think of as music streaming. To understand the real cause of "different songs always playing," we must start with the various music services offered by Amazon Music.

Services from Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon Music offers users three levels of music service: a free version, a Prime version, and an Unlimited version, with significant differences in service and pricing. The Prime version is one of the additional benefits of Amazon Prime membership, offering more than 2 million songs, which can be played freely without the distraction of advertisements. Sound quality is excellent, and offline playback is supported. It should be noted, however, that after the 2022 revision, Prime members will no longer have the right to download or use a fixed library of songs. As with the free version, Prime members can listen only to music in the recommended list, but can choose the order of playback. The Unlimited version offers the largest number of songs, over 75 million, and the sound quality is available in HD and Ultra HD options to satisfy users with very demanding sound quality requirements. The price is relatively high, but for the true music lover, the offerings are very comprehensive and of high quality. On the surface, the three services range from free to paid, offer different levels of musical experience, and cater to different user groups. The crux of the matter, however, lies in the random playback feature offered to both free and prime users.

Shuffle playback

Is the only difference between random play and free play the order of play? Not at all! Random play represents the control of the song.

It's actually easier to understand than comparing what can be listened to by this member and not that member, or understanding it in terms of library openness. Amazon has a library of hundreds of millions of music sources, but it is open to three different levels of membership. At this point, you may be wondering, isn't Amazon Music claiming that it wants to open its music library to all members? On the surface, that's true, and in theory free members can listen to Amazon music without paying for it. In practice, however, the only real options available to free members are the official playlists provided by Amazon Music and some of the music recommended by them. It is up to Amazon Music to decide which of their music library outside of that music can or cannot be utilized. This is where the issue of random playback comes in. Many people assume that random playback does not mean that you can only listen to music in a playlist at random. In fact, for free members, Random Playback applies to your entire music library, excluding Amazon Recommended Music. Whether it's on-demand playback or search playback, you don't get to hear the songs you want to hear; Amazon plays similar songs based on what you want to hear. I don't know what the algorithm for "similarity" is, but I do know that recommended similar songs vary from artist to song title, and sometimes the music you want to listen to and the music you want to listen to are completely different.

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So does becoming a Prime member unlock all music libraries?

The answer is no. Amazon Music is like a museum that decides what music to exhibit to its listeners. Initially, Amazon Prime members had access to about 2 million songs, and the rest of the library was displayed in the same way and in the same order as the free members, randomly and at the discretion of Amazon, the owner of the museum. Prime members were given access to playlists called "All-Access" lists, which were customized to each member's preferences, and Prime members could play songs from the "All-Access" lists on demand or download them for offline listening. Prime members can now play songs from the "All-Access" list on demand, or download and listen to them offline.Prime members can play songs from the "All-Access" list on demand or download them for offline playback. In fact, it's clear that the "All-Access" playlists are very similar to the official "Mix" lists offered to free users. Members have partial access to these lists, but otherwise can only play them at random. There is no specific number of songs that can be played, but the number of songs that can be played on All-Access is much larger than the number of songs that can be played on the mixes.

If both Free and Prime members just stay in the showroom and visit, UNLIMITED members have the keys to the Amazon Music Expo warehouse; only Amazon UNLIMITED members have truly unfettered access to the Amazon Music library.

Now, the reason why you can't listen to the music you want to listen to on demand as a Prime member is clear. The music you want to listen to is not on the "unlimited" list. With a free membership, the problem is even simpler: you can't play the music you want to listen to, except in the "Amazon Recommended Playlist" that appears on the home page.

How to deal with "Amazon Music plays different songs

Although the playlists provided by Amazon Music were created based on an analysis of our listening habits, we cannot guarantee that the songs we want to listen to are in the playlists, much less that the songs in the playlists match our listening preferences I can't even guarantee that the songs on the playlist will match our listening preferences. I believe that every listener must want to hear the songs of his or her choice, and to prepare some way to make Amazon Music feasible on demand is as follows.

The 100% on-demand way: KeepBeats Amazon Music Converter

KeepBeats Amazon Music Converter is a handy music conversion tool that converts music on Amazon Music to popular formats such as MP3, WAV, and AAC, making on-demand playback a possibility.

In addition, this software also includes the following features

  1. Up to 20x download speed: KeepBeats offers the fastest Amazon music download speed ever. With an amazing 20x download speed, you can save time and enjoy your music at a super fast speed.
  2. High quality conversion: The software uses advanced audio codec technology to ensure the quality and sound quality of the music conversion, and the burned music will not be distorted or degraded in sound quality.
  3. Multiple output formats: KeepBeats Amazon Music Converter supports multiple output formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, etc. to meet the needs of different music formats and easily burn music to CD.
  4. Customizable parameter settings: KeepBeats Amazon Music Converter provides detailed parameter setting options such as sample rate, bit rate, and number of channels, allowing you to freely adjust the quality and size of the output music according to your personal needs.
  5. Easy to use: KeepBeats Amazon Converter's interface is simple and intuitive, and its operation is straightforward, allowing you to complete music conversion without complicated steps.

How to use KeepBeats Amazon Music

  • Step 1 Download and install KeepBeats Amazon Music Downloader from the official KeepBeats website.
  • Step2Tap "Amazon Music" under "VIP Services".

Amazon Music Converter Usage Procedure 1

  • Step 3 Find your favorite song and play it; KeepBeats Amazon Music Conerter will automatically analyze the song's URL.

Amazon Music Converter Usage Step 2

  • Step 4 Select the format you need, KeepBeats Amazon Music Converter offers a variety of output formats including OPUS, M4A, MP3, FLAC, WAV, ACC, etc.

Amazon Music Converter Usage Step 3

Create a playlist of music you want to listen to

If you want to listen to certain music, you can create a list of songs that brings it all together. When you open the list you created when you want to listen to it, it will play randomly, but with the advantage that random playback is limited to your own list containing the music you want to listen to.

If you only have one song you want to listen to, you can create a separate song list for that song, so that when you play it in the playlist, only that one song will be played, even if it is random playback. If you have a playlist that includes only one song that you want to play in


In this article, we have summarized the reasons why different songs are played on Amazon Music, which is offered in three levels: Free, Prime, and Unlimited. Each level offers different services and a different number of songs, and the random playback feature for free and prime users is the reason why different songs are played than the ones you want to listen to. Free and Prime members, in particular, do not directly play the song of their choice, but rather randomly play songs recommended by Amazon. However, if you want to listen to a particular song, you can create your own playlists or use the KeepBeats Amazon Music Converter to select some of the songs you want to listen to. Understand them, understand the details of each level, and make the appropriate settings to get the best music experience for yourself. We hope you will take this opportunity to try it out.

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