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FlixiCam Video Downloader Review and Its Alternative

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Published on Jun 28, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
FlixiCam offers a pretty decent solution to beginners who wish to download their favorite movies and videos without experiencing a lot of technicalities or pesky restrictions. However, for those who’re looking to indulge in a flawless downloading experience, KeepStreams Video Downloader is the way to go.

Are you looking for a fast and professional video downloader that lets you search for your desired videos using keywords and download them in HD quality? Then FlixiCam is certainly the best investment you can make for yourself in 2022 and beyond.

But that’s perfectly alright if you’re not too impressed by the fancy definition we just shared with you above. After all, everyone who’s spending money needs validation. This is why we have decided to review FlixiCam Video Downloader and all its features in detail exclusively for you down below.

FlixiCam - an Overview

Before we head over to the features and other parts of this FlixiCam review, let us first tell you what FlixiCam really is.

FlixiCam is a professional and third-party downloading software that helps users download their favorite videos from the Netflix streaming service platform. This includes all types of videos, including movies, TV show episodes, documentaries, and so on.

FlixiCam is loaded with numerous intuitive features, to help users download their favorite videos from different streaming platforms and VoD sites with ease so that they can enjoy the top-most quality of their videos.

Let’s head over and talk about the features that FlixiCam has to offer…

FlixiCam - Features

Intuitive User Interface

FlixiCam offers a very clean and simple user interface. This makes it incredibly easy for users to use this downloading software, and start downloading all their desired movies, TV shows, and endless more videos for offline viewing.

Superior Video Quality

Another great feature of FlixiCam is that all your desired videos will be downloaded in the highest quality available, including up to 1080 p and HD resolution. This makes FlixiCam stand out from most downloading software out there that offers lower video quality.

Audio Tracks and Subtitles

FlixiCam crack has a variety of subtitles and multi-language audio tracks to choose from. Subtitles definitely enhance our viewing experience, and it is even more helpful when we wish to watch foreign content that is not available in our own native language.

Not only this, but FlixiCam offers three subtitles encoding modes for how you wish to save your subtitles- External, Internal, and Hardcode.

Compatible File Format

FlixiCam crack will download all your desired videos from streaming platforms in MP4 and MKV file format, which is universally compatible. This way, you will no longer have to fret over compatibility issues or even playback errors. The best part is that you can transfer these compatible video files to any device you wish to enjoy your movies, TV show episodes, and videos on.

Fast Performance

Worrying about the downloading speed? Well, you don’t have to. This is because FlixiCam offers incredibly fast performance, making sure you don’t have to wait all day long for your downloads to complete.

FlixiCam will download all your desired videos at lightning-fast speed so that you can enjoy all your downloaded videos in no time.

Batch Mode

If you’re looking to download various episodes of your favorite-most TV shows or season’s episodes, let us tell you that FlixiCam’s Batch mode feature is made for this task. FlixiCam Batch mode feature will download several videos in one go, saving you an incredible amount of both time and energy.

Other Incredible Features

There are other impressive features by FlixiCam that you will definitely find useful when you’re watching your favorite movies and TV episodes. These features include Speed Control, Picture-in-Picture mode, auto-resume, auto-skip, and various more incredible features.

FlixiCam - Usability

As mentioned earlier, FlixiCam crack is easy and pretty straightforward to use, and you are only required to follow a few simple steps and you’re ready to enjoy all your downloaded videos in the highest quality.

Before you can actually start downloading videos with FlixiCam, you will need to first register FlixiCam on your Windows.

Here’s how:

  • Launch FlixiCam
  • Click on the FlixiCam license key icon or the three lines from the top right corner
  • Check your email to look for your FlixiCam registration code
  • Enter your email and FlixiCam free code

What’s next?

  • Run FlixiCam on your Windows
  • Head over to your desired OTT platform, and log in with your credentials
  • Choose any movie, TV show episode, or video you want to download
  • Copy the URL
  • Head over to FlixiCam, and paste the URL
  • Choose your desired file format, resolution, subtitles
  • Click on Download

Speaking of the benefits and downsides…

In all honesty, finding a reliable downloading tool in today’s competitive digital work is a blessing on its own. But similar to anything else, FlixiCam does have a few disadvantages that we would definitely want you to get familiar with.

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Is FlixiCam Legit?

Now, when it comes to using third-party downloading software, it is quite normal to fret over how secure and safe it actually is to use.

So, is FlixiCam safe to use? Absolutely.

FlixiCam is a 100% secure and safe-to-use downloading software. You can safely download all your favorite and most-desired videos from different streaming platforms, without fretting over the safety and security issues of FlixiCam.

Want to know about PlayOn and Plex? This review will help you make the right decision: PlayOn and Plex Review

Pros and Cons of FlixiCam Video Downloader


Here are the pros of using the FlixiCam Video downloader:

  • Simple and easy to use software (great for beginners)
  • High resolution of videos, up to 1080 p and HD
  • Fast downloading speed
  • MP4 and MPK file format
  • Subtitles available
  • Multi-language audio


Now for the cons of FlixiCam…

  • You need an active subscription to the OTT platforms you wish to download content from

Price of FlixiCam Video Downloader

Now let’s talk about the price of FlixiCam.

Here are the current prices of the FlixiCam license you can choose from.

  • Monthly license - $16 .96
  • Yearly license - $59.95
  • Lifetime license - $129.90

Yes, a little pricey but worth it if you’re willing to spend well on your entertainment needs.

The Alternative of FlixiCam Video Downloader

While FlixiCam is reliable and offers a reasonable number of features at the stated price, there is an alternative we believe is equally (maybe a little more) exciting and worthy.

KeepStreams Video Downloader

Ever heard of a downloading tool that comes with every single feature you think you will ever need to straighten out your downloading journey?

From the superior picture and sound quality to complete control over subtitles and the ability to download multiple videos at once, KeepStreams Video Downloader has it all (plus a lot more).

All you need to do is visit the official website and it won’t take you more than 10-minutes to set up everything on your device. Affordability, functionality, and impeccable support are three words that define this tool the best.

TunePat is another option you can try. Read more about it over here: TunepPat Netflix Video Downloader Review

Is FlixiCam Video Downloader Worth it?

The short answer is, yes.

It offers a pretty decent solution to beginners who wish to download their favorite movies and videos without experiencing a lot of technicalities or pesky restrictions.

But for those who’re looking to indulge in a flawless downloading experience, KeepStreams Video Downloader is the way to go.

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