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A Look at How FlixiCam Vs TunePat Has Evolved Over Time

| Reviews |
Updated on Jan 11, 2023 | 10 Minutes Reading
Are your thoughts juggling to find the best app between FlixiCam Vs TunePat? Let us find out their complete details and know Is FlixiCam safe to use?

Since numerous platforms are eager to provide users with the best entertainment experience, FlixiCam and TunePat are no less to compete in the race. Now, if you too are planning to go with either of them but need clarification to draw a concrete conclusion, we have you covered with more profound insights into FlixiCam Vs TunePat.

You will be in to know the FlixiCam activation code and is FlixiCam safe to be a medium in downloading your chosen videos. So let’s get started for a decisive read ahead.

FlixiCam Vs TunePat

What Is FlixiCam?


FlixiCam is a video downloader and a binge-watch player to assist users in downloading offline Netflix movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original dramas to PC without much effort. FlixiCam saves the videos in MP4 or MKV format in HD quality. This platform also supports downloading Disney Plus, YouTube, and Amazon Prime videos.

But that’s not it. To go through a thorough FlixiCam Video Downloader review, you can visit this blog right away and get into the deeper details.

Prime Features

  • It supports an intuitive interface and fast performance
  • Supports downloading and converting videos from Netflix and Amazon
  • Saves videos in high resolution
  • Multilingual audio tracks
  • Saves subtitles
  • Available for Windows and Mac

Let us find out how to register the app using the FlixiCam activation code.

How to Register FlixiCam App on Windows?

Here’s a quick guide to help you register with FlixiCam and get started instantly.

Step 1: Download and launch the Flixicam app.

Step 2: On the app’s interface, click the Key or hamburger menu icon at the upper right corner and select Register.

Register FlixiCam App on Windows

Step 3: Once the registration popup dialog opens, you must copy and paste the registration e-mail and FlixiCam activation code in the required spaces.

Since the registration info is case-sensitive, try not to add any blanks at the start or end of the e-mail or code.

What Is TunePat?


TunePat is a video downloader and converter that supports downloading TV shows, series, documentaries, movies, original dramas, and other videos from multiple platforms like Netflix, Paramount, Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Max and saving them offline to your devices. TunePat also provides multilingual audio tracks, including 5.1 audio. Also, it is an excellent music and media converter for Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, Apple, Spotify, and many more.

Prime Features

  • Saves videos in HD quality
  • Caters multiple products
  • Output videos in MP4 and MKV format
  • Provides multiple output formats
  • It offers three subtitle encoding ways: internal, external, and hardcode subtitles
  • Assists with ten times faster download speed
  • Available for Windows and Mac PCs

Now let us have a comparative analysis of FlixiCam Vs TunePat to have deeper details of both software.

A Comprehensive Analysis of FlixiCam VS TunePat in Multiple Aspects

While selecting the best one between FlixiCam Vs TunePat can be confusing, here is a comprehensive comparative analysis of the two software on some common grounds to help you make a decision.

User Interface

FlixiCam has an intuitive interface that supports fast performance. Even TunePat provides ease of use to its users to get a hold of all their favorite movies and TV shows without much effort.

Video Resolution

FlixiCam offers a high-quality video resolution of 720p and 1080p with the highest bitrates. TunePat also allows its users to download videos in low, medium, or high-quality videos with a resolution of up to 1080p. Both the software save videos in MP4 or MKV format.

Audio Tracks and Subtitles

FlixiCam provides an uncompromised audio quality with multi-language subtitles and audio tracks and supports three subtitle encoding ways, external, internal, and hardcode. Similar to FlixiCam, even TunePat supports multilingual audio tracks, including 5.1 audio, and supports the same subtitle encoding.

Batch Download and Hardware Acceleration

FlixiCam supports downloading multiple videos simultaneously at the fastest speed, preserving the metadata information with the videos. TunePat offers batch downloading and hardware acceleration, but the feature is compatible only with Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD graphics cards.

Supporting Platforms

While FlixiCam supports only Netflix and other platforms like Amazon, Disney Plus, and YouTube. TunePat offers services on a wide array of streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Apple, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Any Audiobook converter, etc.

Pricing Plans and Refund Policies

Talking of FlixiCam Vs TunePat in terms of Netflix downloaders, here’s the pricing policy of each:

FlixiCam subscription plans:

  • Monthly price: $16.95
  • Yearly price: $49.95
  • Lifetime price: $90.93

The monthly and yearly plans can be canceled within two days to avail refund, while the lifetime plan can be canceled within 30 days of purchase to claim the refund.

TunePat subscription plans:

  • Monthly price: $16.95
  • Yearly price: $59.95
  • Lifetime price: $129.90.

TunePat’s audio converters are available for $14.95, and Any Audiobook converter is priced at $19.95.

In case of product dissatisfaction, feel free to claim a refund within five days for a monthly or yearly plan and within 30 days for a lifetime plan.

Similar to FlixiCam Vs TunePat, if you ever plan to dive into the close details of PlayOn Vs FlixGrab, now can be the perfect time to analyze their pros and cons and decide the better one.

Trial Limits

FlixiCam assures the users to download and watch the first 5 minutes of each video in HD quality. While TunePat enables users to download only the first 3 minutes of any video.

System Requirements

If you are planning to install either of the FlixiCam Vs TunePat, have a look at its essential system requirements.

FlixiCam System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32 bits & 64 bits)
  • 1GHz processor or above
  • 512 megabytes (MB) or higher RAM
  • 1024*768 resolution display or higher Monitor
  • 1GB of available hard-disk space or higher

TunePat System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Processor: 1G Hz processor or above
  • Monitor: Monitor having 1024x768 pixels or higher resolution
  • RAM: 512MB or higher RAM

Supported languages

FlixiCam downloader supports a few languages, while TunePat supports 25 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Greek, Brazilian, Hungarian, Portuguese, and much more.

Is FlixiCam Safe?

Regarding safety concerns, FlixiCam is absolutely safe and secure to use and provides a massive selection of series, movies, and TV shows to download in excellent quality. But despite having favorable reviews, FlixiCam offers a low trust score.

After going through a detailed FlixiCam Vs TunePat, you must have gained insights into both software. However, neither of them offers streaming goodness that fits your skin to quench your entertainment needs. For some movies, you might need to compromise with lesser video quality and might find forced narratives in your videos.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you had a platform to curb these entertainment stigmas for a joyful watch? Here’s where you can explore the KeepSreams Video Downloader to indulge in guilt-free enjoyment. Stay tuned to explore this fantastic downloader.

KeepStreams Video Downloader: The Finest FlixiCam Alternative

In a debate of FlixiCam Vs TunePat, KeepStreams Video Downloader definitely bypasses the two software to become their finest alternative in terms of ease of use, safety, features, and functions.

It downloads videos from over 200 websites and 25 leading OTT platforms, including leading giants like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, and many more. It provides top-notch audio and video quality and automatically saves newly released videos at the scheduled time.

Not to forget, KeepStreams Video Downloader provides free trials to its new users to know its top features and functions.

Besides this, this excellent video downloader has a lot more left to explore. So stay tuned to learn its noteworthy highlights and benefits and how you can save your best-cherished videos across all the platforms through this fantastic software.

Noteworthy Highlights and Benefits

  • Downloads from multiple streaming websites and OTT platforms
  • Supports saving subtitles in a chosen language
  • Saves metadata information with the video
  • Downloads bulk videos at blistering speed
  • Saves videos in MP4 format
  • Downloads videos at 720p HD and 1080p full HD quality
  • Supports live streams and broadcasts seamlessly
  • Downloads entire playlists from social networking sites
  • Downloads videos without commercials
  • Shares and transfers downloaded videos to other devices
  • Available on Windows and Mac systems

How to Download KeepStreams Video Downloader

Use this quick process to save your desired videos with KeepStreams Video Downloader in under minutes.

Step 1: Install the KeepStreams Video Downloader

Get started in an uninterrupted entertainment journey by downloading and installing the KeepStreams Video Downloader app on your Windows or Mac PC.

Step 2: Find and login to the streaming service


Use the Steaming Services tab to find and sign in to your chosen platform. Alternatively, you can use its built-in browser too.


Step 3: Play the video and customize your preferences

Select your video and play it. As the video playback starts, customize the video and audio codec and select the subtitles language before downloading and saving it to your device’s local storage.


Step 4: Hit the download button

Lastly, select the Download button to save your video instantly. Alternatively, you can also click Add to Queue to select multiple videos and download them later.

Concluding Thoughts

In a bet of FlixiCam Vs TunePat, we have provided you with a thorough comparison to wisely decide and choose the best platform that serves your needs and desires.

However, suppose you are still confused and looking for a powerful alternative. In that case, KeepStreams Video Downloader can cease your thoughts, providing you with top-notch quality and larger platforms to satiate your entertainment cravings.

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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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