Save HBO Offline: KeepStreams for HBO

| Published on Apr 27, 2022| 15 Minutes Reading
KeepStream for HBO is the latest technology tool that downloads HBO Max and HBO movies for offline watch
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Save HBO Offline: KeepStreams for HBO
15 Minutes Reading
KeepStream for HBO is the latest technology tool that downloads HBO Max and HBO movies for offline watch

KeepStreams for HBO is the latest technology tool that downloads HBO Max and HBO movies for offline watch. The high-end technology accumulates with the latest OTT platforms that download your favorite movies, shows, dramas like various entertainment packages.

Want to know more about the KeepStreams application? Keep scrolling!

A Brief Note about HBO vs. HBO Max, HBO Now vs. HBO Go

HBO or Home Box Office, a premium channel, recently rebranded them in the digital forum to entertain its large audience. Initially, HBO started with an HBO identity broadcasting movies, shows, dramas, documentaries, interviews etc., on the OTT forums and maintained an exclusive standard.

HBO diversified and formed HBO Max, HBO Go and HBO Now. After the rebranding, HBO Go and HBO Now merge and create HBO. HBO and HBO Max have been streaming exclusive and premium content for its largest audience.

In the next couple of paragraphs, we will discuss HBO and its various channels' brief descriptions.


HBO Now was streaming as a branch of HBO. The channel was a perfect selection who does not want to watch HBO through cable service but to watch HBO streaming. You could watch HBO Now live streaming while paying $14.99 per month; now, it is history.

How to watch HBO Now?

HBO is rebranding and announced that HBO Now is no longer any streaming channel. Instead, you can log in to HBO using your HBO Now login credentials and be able to watch HBO content without paying anything extra. But your device should support HBO as Roku and Amazon Fire do not support HBO.


Warner Bros owned HBO also stopped airing HBO Go. In a brief announcement, the HBO authority mentioned that subscribers could watch HBO instead of HBO Go without pay any extra cost. It results from the rebranding of HBO that they merge HBO Go and HBO Now into HBO.

How to watch HBO Go?

HBO Go is merged with HBO. The app is no longer used for live streams of shows or HBO movies on most devices. The viewers can watch HBO Now, and HBO Go in HBO Max without paying extra costs.


Warner Bros emerged as the HBO brand through HBO Max, and the majority of the content is broadcast on HBO Max now. Even HBO Max supports Warner Bros other streaming like CNN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network etc. Like Hulu, Netflix HBO Max also produces original content for US viewers. HBO Max became the prime live streaming and HBO that aired all the exclusive live shows, originals, blockbuster movies, megahits etc. and entertained its massive content library.

How to watch HBO Max?

HBO Max is now taking the primary responsibility to entertain a vast audience. You can watch HBO Max on your supportive device like Amazon fire tv, streaming player, Roku, Smart tv. HBO Now subscribers can now watch HBO Max using their old login credentials.

The subscribers can pay the old scale of $14.99 and watch unlimited and exclusive content of

HBO Now and HBO.

HBO Max vs HBO Go vs HBO Now

As HBO rebranded and focused on HBO Max and HBO content, still watchers make comparisons about the variations of HBO vs. HBO Max, HBO vs. HBO Go, HBO vs. HBO Go, HBO Now vs. HBO Go. HBO Go, HBO started with live streaming and slowly gained popularity and created the streaming branch, HBO Max.

Their internal decision reformed to run HBO and HBO Max and shut down the HBO Now and HBO Go completely.

A Great Way to Watch HBO Max and HBO Now offline

HBO Max and HBO or HBO Now are streaming several blockbusters and megahits with a great content library. You can watch them offline if your device supports offline viewing as HBO restricted some of the devices for the offline watch of the shows. As HBO Go download is not possible, you can go with HBO Max download and HBO download content for later watch.

To download the shows or movies offline, follow the steps:

  • Sign up for your HBO or HBO Max account.

  • Select the show, check whether the show is available to download or not. If yes, then click on the download icon and save it for later watch.

HBO Max download and HBO download offline are worthy watches to intrigue your offline watch experience. You will get HBO Go download content in HBO Max and HBO download offline.

The Restrictions Regarding Downloading HBO vs. HBO Max offline

You can download the content for a later watch from HBO or HBO Max, but there are several restrictions to download the content. HBO won't allow streaming players, gaming consoles, Xbox to download the content from HBO or HBO Max. Smartphones, Tablets, iPhones are the devices that support the download of HBO and HBO Max for offline watch.

Unlike other streaming platforms, HBO also won't allow you to keep the downloaded content for more than 30 days. If you start watching just after the download, after 48 hours, the content will be removed from your device.

Furthermore, at one time, each HBO Max and HBO account can download 30 content for offline watch and, as usual, auto-delete the content after 30 days.

Can You Download HBO Episodes?

You can download the episode only if the main show consists of below 30 episodes because, after 30 episodes, HBO will restrict the download process. And you have to download each episode one by one; you cannot download all the episodes at a time.

But the first thing you need to check is whether HBO allows the show for download as HBO never allows all its shows or movies to download for later watch.

KeepStreams for HBO, a Tool that Supports Your Offline Watch Habit

Keeping in mind so many restrictions imposed on HBO Max and HBO viewers, we design our downloader to relieve all these unwanted rules and restrictions and allow them to watch whatever they want, whenever they want.

KeepStreams for HBO, a unique features laid application that supports HBO content offline without any restrictions or rules. The latest software has many contemporary features that support every show and movie of HBO and HBO Max.

The Features that Prop Up your HBO Offline Watch

The high-end list of features surprisingly suits your offline watch. They are:

High Definition Picture Quality

You can download HBO or HBO Max exclusive content in high resolution to watch the clear picture like in the theatre. The application can extend its resolution up to 4k and even 8k content.

Batch Download Option

If you are downloading any show consisting of episodes or series, the application can auto-sense it and download all the episodes one after another without your interference.

Customized Subtitles and Metadata info Saving Option

KeepStreams for HBO would allow you to select the subtitles and metadata like the show or movie name, cast, plot settings, genre, releasing details etc., in your preferred language. The feature will help you to build your content library based on language and genre.

Save the download file in the.SRT file folder

The application would allow you to save the download content in the.SRT file folder and maintain your content library.

A stereo sound quality

To give you the best listening experience, you can have a 5.1AAC soundtrack. Both picture and sound are of top-notch quality.

High-speed Download

Despite the size of the original show or movie, you can download the content within a few minutes. The fastest speed gives you high-speed downloading enjoyment. Now you can have any download, spending less time and effort.

Apart from the features, KeepStreams for HBO comes up with a few more interesting notes. They are:

  • You can download HBO Max or HBO content without a commercial break means no-ads disturbance.

  • You can save the download content for a long time means the application gives you an expiry date-free saving option.

  • There are no account-based download content restrictions with KeepStreams that HBO maintains. You can download unlimited HBO content with our application and save them for offline watch.

How to Install KeepStreams and Save Content from HBO Now or HBO Max

KeepStreams launching on your device is easy. You need to follow a few simple steps to install the application and then download content.

Here we go:

Step 1: Install the software

Visit the official site of KeepStreams and install it on your device. Click on the link below:


Step 2: Open the HBO streaming service.

Go to the service window pane and select HBO.

Step 3: Sign up for your account

Here, you must log in to your account by putting in the login credentials.

Step 4: Browse the show or movie

Select the show or movie from HBO or HBO Max for the download.

Step 5: Choose the subtitles and Metadata info language

You must check the language box on which you want the subtitles and metadata info before clicking on the download button.

Step 6: Download and save

Lastly, click on the download button and save it on your device.

You can share the download content with your friends through a USB cable. The application can automatically auto-detect the show and download the episodes and series for the batch download option.

A Short FAQ Session | KeepStreams for HBO

Let's give you more updates about our handy application through a FAQ session. We hope you will get more clarity regarding our product and service.

How to Activate my HBO account?

If you use a smartphone or tablet, go to the play store and install the HBO app on your device. Create an account with an email id and password. You are all set to watch HBO on your device.

What to watch on HBO Go?

HBO Go is not available in any app store as HBO authority closed HBO Go last year. If you wish to activate HBO Go and watch your favorite show, you can still watch them on HBO. It would help if you kept activating HBO Go login credentials to watch them.

What is on HBO tonight?

There are various movies and shows on the list. Kindly visit the official web page of HBO to get the list.

How to Download HBO Max on Firestick?

Here are the specific steps to download HBO Max on Firestick.

  • Visit the Firestick Home page.


  • Get the search bar, type HBO Max and click on the first option.


  • Click on the HBO Max option and click on the Download icon.


  • Download HBO Max on your device and put in the sign-in credentials.

First-time users get a code. In a smartphone or computer and smart tv, open the browser and type

  • Enter the code and then click the next option.


  • Select sign in, select the service provider, but the service provider's login details.

Now you are all set to access HBO Max on your device.

Can I Watch HBO Max on Roku?

Yes, you can watch HBO Max on Roku. The method to watch HBO Max Roku is simple. Using the remote, press the home page button, select the search channel, search for HBO, get HBO Max, press the add channel button, and then ok. The channel surfing on HBO Max Roku will bring a vast content library for your entertainment.

Netflix and HBO, what to watch, which one should you choose?

Netflix and HBO are both the exclusive OTT service. Still, if we compare based on a few reality grounds, Netflix gets the majority vote as Netflix now leads the digital entertainment sector. HBO has premium content library genre-specific channels and many more to offer to its viewers.

But Netflix has all these aspects under a single banner. Before the covid world, the affordable capacity was different, but after covid, the situation is different and awful.

Even viewers are reluctant to pay an unnecessarily heavy amount to watch 3 or 4 hours sitting in front of the device.

Netflix's supportive device list is lengthy than HBO, and even the pay structure is also lower than HBO. It seems HBO maintains a high-class people's live stream. On the other hand, Netflix is for everyone. Precisely, in the battle of HBO vs. Netflix, the other is stronger and larger than the first one.

Let us show you one chart in support of our opinion.

Source: CNET

It is the 2020 survey result!

If we verify the total viewers of Netflix vs. HBO, we will have a precise idea of which OTT is loved chiefly and preferred by the viewers. Here is the chart of the viewers:

Source: Statista

It is HBO's graph of viewers from 2009 to 2020. Next, we will check the Netflix viewers' graph.

Source: Businessinsider

It is showing 2001 to 2020 and touches the 200 million subscribers club. And as per the 2017 report, HBO reached 142 million subscribers globally.

Even in originals and licensed tv shows' measure, Netflix is dominating others. Check once here.

Source: Businessinsider

It seems HBO vs. Netflix comparison, the viewers base and content library variations, Netflix way ahead than HBO.

Netflix is leading in high-quality originals and licensed high-quality content than its primary competitor HBO. Have a look!

Source: Businessinsider

We can sum up that in the price range, viewers and content perspective, Netflix is leading with its various content and the most extensive audience base OTT service platform. HBO and HBO Max are getting popular, but the growth rate is slow due to its restrictions on content distributions.

The rest of the decision is on the viewers. If you wish to watch Netflix and HBO, you can install KeepStreams, download your favorite show and enjoy them with your family and friends.

A Few New Trends about HBO and HBO Max

Other than the US, HBO has reached 50 other countries with a 35 million subscribers base. HBO has emerged its program in Asia, South-Asia, Central Europe, and Latin America in the present scenario.

But on 15th Dec 2020, South-Asia HBO closed the live streaming. In Asia, Central Europe, and Latin America, HBO has been rapidly growing. HBO Max is still restricted to view from the US and some certain US territories.

In Europe, HBO collaborated with the following studios:

Walt Disney

20th Century Fox

Colombia pictures

Paramount pictures

With HBO originals and exclusive content, HBO Europe is getting popular amid the competition with Netflix.

HBO Max has launched in Latin America's 39 territories to entertain them. The only difference between HBO US and HBO Latin America is that the former doesn't have an ad-supported plan.

 In Latin America, HBO renamed it, HBO Latino, the colloquial name to grab the attention of the local viewers.

Despite the country you are staying in, you can watch HBO and HBO Max content. Visit our KeepStreams to continue your binge-watch offline. Click the link and get up to date about the service: KeepStreams for HBO.

Other Features you Can Avail for Your Offline Watch

KeepStreams as a top-notch streaming video downloader, also offers support to download streams from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+ and Amazon Prime in high-quality 1080p.

If you’d like also to download videos from other streaming service as well like Netflix, Hulu, Paramount Plus, Amazon Prime, and the well-known sports channel ESPN, you’d better check out each feature of this fantastic KeepStreams tool.

The Pricing of KeepStreams for HBO

KeepStreams for HBO maintains a budget-friendly application that supports your offline watching experience. There are two ways you can select, monthly and yearly. Monthly you have to pay $19.9 and yearly $59.9. For the monthly plan, you will get a single license for a single PC or laptop and for yearly, you will get a single license for 2 PCs or laptops, read more about the pricing plan of KeepStreams.

For both plans, you will get free updates and 48 hours of technical support from our professionals. The application is available with auto-renewal and cancel anytime option.

The Free plan is also there with limited features and a short period. KeepStreams for HBO is designed to meet your offline requirements.

Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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