Thoroughly Explanation of Bandai Channel's video download function! What about more convenient tools?

| Published on Sep 30, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
This article explains the Bandai Channel's video download function. More useful external download software is also detailed.
Thoroughly Explanation of Bandai Channel's video download function! What about more convenient tools?
5 Minutes Reading
This article explains the Bandai Channel's video download function. More useful external download software is also detailed.

On October 29, 2020, Bandai Channel began offering download and offline viewing on its unlimited viewing app for smartphones and tablets. By downloading anime videos in advance in your home wifi environment, you will be able to comfortably watch videos without worrying about communication fees or signal conditions. This article will introduce the Bandai Channel's download function. We will explain not only the downloader function included with the application, but also how to use external downloaders. Read on to find the best download method.

About Bandai Channel Download

Let's now briefly explain about Bandai Channel and the Bandai Channel download function.

What kind of video streaming service is Bandai Channel?

Bandai Channel is a video distribution service where you can enjoy plenty of more than 2000 animations from hit animations to masterpieces. For 1100 yen per month (tax included), you can watch as many of the target works as you want! There is a free trial for the first month. There is an initial one-month free trial, and non-members can also view some of the contents for free.

Requirements for using Bandai Channel's download function

Before using the Bandai Channel download function, please check your environment. Right now, the download function is limited to the Bandai Channel application.

  • It is only available for Android/iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • Android version app: 2.1.6 or higher
  • iOS version app: 2.1.1 or higher
  • Amazon Fire tablet: 1.2.7 or higher

Notes on the Bandai Channel download function

  1. Downloading cannot proceed when the device is in sleep mode. Please check the problem brought about by the application closing and also when the power is turned off.
  • Change the screen display time (time until the lights go out) so that the device does not go to sleep.
  • Perform downloading while connected to a power source.
  1. To use the Bandai Channel download function, you need to install the Bandai Channel Unlimited Viewing application and register for an unlimited viewing membership.
  2. Only unlimited viewing titles can be downloaded. Rental titles are not supported. In other words, rental titles cannot be downloaded and can only be streamed.
  3. There is no limit to the number of episodes that can be saved, so you can save videos up to the maximum amount of free space on your device.
  4. The number of works that can be batch downloaded is limited to 100 episodes at a time; for works exceeding 100 episodes, please download them individually.
  5. Offline viewing is possible only within 48 hours after downloading an animation.
  6. After 48 hours, once you attempt to watch online, the storage license will be renewed.

How to download an anime on Bandai Channel

STEP1 Launch the Bandai Channel app, first go to "Settings" in the app and configure the settings related to downloading. Set "Allow downloading only over Wifi" and the quality of the downloaded video (two options: High [HD] > Standard [SD]).

STEP2 Go to the top screen and select the movie you want to download. Check to see if there is a download button on the work page.

STEP3 Tap the "Download" mark, then click "ok" in the window that appears to start downloading.

How to watch and delete downloaded Bandai Channel videos

Switch to "Library" in "My Page" and tap

Click the icon of the saved animation to start playback.

If you want to delete the downloaded video, click the trash can symbol next to it

So far, we have introduced the Bandai Channel's download function, but there are various restrictions on the devices that can download only on smartphones and laptops, as they are compatible with smartphones and laptops, so this article will continue to tell you how to download more conveniently We will continue to provide you with a more convenient way to download the videos.

How to download Bandai Channel videos on PC

Here we recommend KeepStreams downloader. To download Bandai Channel videos on your PC, you will need external download software.

What is KeepStreams?

KeepStreams is an external download software that supports not only more than 300 major vods such as Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, Paravi, and Amazon Prime Video, but also dAnime Store, Bandai Channel, and other anime video services. KeepStreams can be described as a downloader that specializes in Bandai Channel download functionality. The following is a description of KeepStreams' outstanding features.

Excellent features of KeepStreams

  • Download Bandai Channel titles in the highest original quality

When using KeepStreams to download all Bandai Channel titles, you can choose to download in either SD or HD quality.

  • Save Bandai Channel movies in MP4/MKV format

KeepStreams is a premium video downloader that allows you to download Bandai Channel anime in MP4/MKV format and save the downloaded videos in MP4/MKV format not only to your smartphone or laptop, but also to your TV, game console, PC, or any other device. You can save the downloaded video in MP4/MKV format on all devices.

  • Save videos with subtitles or as SRT/SUP

When downloading Bandai Channel movies through KeepStreams, users can save the subtitles in their preferred language as SRT/SUP files or burn subtitles to the videos.

  • Bulk and Fast Downloading

KeepStreams has no problem downloading more than 100 movies and multiple videos at the same time. It also saves you a lot of time by downloading at high speed without any limitations.

  • Ads are automatically removed during downloading.

KeepStreams can automatically remove ads from Bandai Channel videos when downloading Bandai Channel anime.

  • Easy to save metadata of anime videos

KeepStreams automatically saves metadata for your favorite Bandai Channel anime while downloading, helping you build a multimedia library.

Steps to download videos from Bandai Channel with KeepStreams

Let's take a look at the steps to download videos from Bandai Channel with KeepStreams, with images.

STEP1 After downloading the application from the official website of KeepStreams, install it on your chosen file. Note that KeepStreams has a dedicated version for any OS, be it Windows or Mac.

STEP2 Launch KeepStreams, enter the Bandai Channel's official website URL in the search field of the built-in browser, and find the video you want to download.

STEP3 Click on the video you want to download and jump to the viewing page.

STEP4 Once on this video page, click "DRM M3U8" on the upper right side of the built-in browser, and a pop-up window will appear.

STEP5 In the pop-up window that appears, select your preferred video mode, quality, subtitles, and also audio, etc.

STEP6 If you want to download now, click "Download Now" and the download will begin. If you want to add other videos and download them all at once, check the ones you want to download and click "Add to queue".


Above, we have explained the Bandai Channel's video download function. We have also detailed the more convenient external download software. What do you think? By downloading Bandai Channel videos in advance, you can comfortably watch your favorite anime on the go without consuming your traffic. If you are an anime fan, we strongly recommend KeepStreams. If you join not only Bandai Channel, but also dAnime Store and other video streaming services, KeepStreams can download all of those videos.

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