What is WATCHA's pricing plan, and a summary of WATCHA's advantages, disadvantages, and how to download videos.

| Published on Oct 12, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
This article provides a summary of WATCHA's pricing plans, advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we also explain how to download WATCHA videos. If you like Korean drums, this is a must!
What is WATCHA's pricing plan, and a summary of WATCHA's advantages, disadvantages, and how to download videos.
5 Minutes Reading
This article provides a summary of WATCHA's pricing plans, advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we also explain how to download WATCHA videos. If you like Korean drums, this is a must!

WATCHA is the best video service for Hallyu lovers with strong Korean dramas and movies!"

I want to join WATCHA, but I'm a little confused about the pricing plan, advantages and disadvantages..."

'I love the abundance of Korean dramas on WATCHA! I want to watch them offline, so what is the best way to do that?

You may have various questions about WATCHA. In this article, we will introduce WATCHA's pricing plan, advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we will also explain how to download WATCHA videos. If you like Korean drums, this is a must!

What is WATCHA?

WATCHA is a video streaming service from South Korea launched in January 2016, and started offering video streaming service in Japan in 2020. WATCHA offers a wide range of content, from past masterpieces to the latest hit shows. WATCHA is also linked to the "WATCHA PEDIA" service.

WATCHA PEDIA is a recommendation service developed by the same company as WATCHA. Its main function is to rate and review movies, dramas, and animations. In addition, WATCHA will utilize the "WATCHA PEDIA" functionality to recommend films that are suited to the user's hobbies based on the user's rating of the films. This is a behind-the-scenes way for WATCHA to attract users.

What are WATCHA's pricing plans?

WATCHA is a subscription-based streaming service, so if you want to watch a work, you need to pay for it.

WATCHA offers two pricing plans. If you join now, you will get a one-month free trial.

Basic Plan: (Monthly fee: 869 yen (tax included))

  • 869 yen per month (tax included) [Monthly fee for iTunes Store payment is 880 yen].
  • Up to 5 movies can be downloaded
  • Simultaneous viewing is limited to a maximum of 1 device

Premium Plan: 1,320 yen/month (tax included)

  • 1,320 yen/month (tax included) [Monthly fee for iTunes Store payment is 1,350 yen] Up to 100 titles can be downloaded.
  • Up to 100 titles can be downloaded.
  • Simultaneous viewing on up to 5 devices

How to pay for WATCHA's price plans

There are three ways to pay for WATCHA's fee plan.

  • Credit/debit card (VISA, JCB, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB)
  • Carrier payment (docomo payment, au Kantan Settlement, Softbank Collective Payment, Y-mobile Collective Payment)
  • In-app payment (iTunes Store payment, Google Play Store payment)

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of WATCHA

The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of WATCHA.

Merits of WATCHA

  • Strong in Korean drums/programs

Since WATCHA is a video service originating from Korea, many Korean drums and programs are distributed as the main contents. Below is a recent lineup of Hallyu productions that have been distributed.

WATCHA Original Movies

UNFRAMED" - Available in December 2021

Semantic Error" - March 2022

Double Trouble" - April 2022

Join My Table" - June 2022

Alice, the Ultimate Weapon" - July 2022

Dokkebi Takes Away Your Wisdom" - August 2022

  • Strongest Cooperation with "WATCHA PEDIA

作品評価件数5億件以上の無料映画レビューアプリ『WATCHA』が『WATCHA PEDIA』としてリニューアル!(2020.07.09)|株式会社 Watcha Japan

WATCHA utilizes the functionality of "WATCHA PEDIA". Specifically, users' evaluations of WATCHA's works actually utilize the AI function of "WATCHA PEDIA", and this improves the accuracy of WATCHA's recommendations and allows it to recommend the most suitable works to users.

Disadvantages of WATCHA

  • You cannot read detailed information about a work without joining.

The design of WATCHA's website is similar to that of the major distribution service Netflix. It is also similar in that you cannot read detailed information about the works without joining the service. For a beginner of Hallyu, if you don't know the details of the movies, how is it possible that you will fall in love with this movie and join WATCHA right away?

  • Few works other than Hallyu

The biggest disadvantage of WATCHA is that there are not many movies other than Hallyu... You may feel that the number of movies and programs rated in "WATCHA PEDIA" is large, but the number of movies posted on WATCHA is very small, except for Hallyu movies. ...

How to download WATCHA videos to your PC

Next, for those who have already joined WATCHA, we will tell you how to download WATCHA content. We recommend KeepStreams downloader here.

KeepStreams Downloader allows you to download videos from streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc., subscription services such as TVer, NHK Plus, etc., and video sharing sites such as Twitter, TikTok, etc., regardless of service, region, or You can download videos from any service, region, and video sharing site such as Twitter and TikTok.

To download WATCHA videos with KeepStreams downloader, you can download videos in up to full HD quality. Next, we will explain how to use KeepStreams.

1. First, download the KeepStreams downloader by clicking the button below.

KeepStreams Downloader
It is the most powerful downloader that supports numerous streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, U-NEXT, Paravi, ABEMA, FOD, TELASA, GYAO!
  • Support for downloading videos in 720p, 1080p, and 4K quality
  • Save shows, movies, variety, and live performances in MP4 format.
  • Can remove ads automatically
  • Capable of saving subtitles in SRT format
  • Free download of any video, regardless of quality or capacity, with 3 free trials

Learn More

2. launch KeepStreams Downloader and enter WATCHA's website URL (https://watcha.com/) in the address bar above the home page. 

3.Visit WATCHA directly with the built-in browser. After logging in by entering the account you wish to join, search for your favorite show/drama.

4. Play this video and select your desired picture in the pop-up window that appears, then click "Download Now"!

5. Then wait for the download to complete, it need not take much time as KeepStreams' download speed can reach up to 32MB/s.


As a Korean video streaming service, WATCHA has a lot of Korean content. If you like Korean dramas, join WATCHA so that you never miss out. If you want to watch your favorite dramas offline, use the KeepStreams downloader introduced above.

KeepStreams is currently offering a free trial with 3 videos available for download.

Download any video regardless of quality or time

Join the annual plan for 8,700 yen (daily rate of approximately 23.8 yen only) and you will be able to

You can download unlimited movies!

Jessie Smith
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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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