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How to Watch Channel 4 without Ads?

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Updated on Dec 01, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
How to watch Channel 4 without ads? This article discusses possible ways to watch Channel 4 no ads. Amd you can choose the one suits you best.

Watching videos on Channel 4 can be quite irritating due to the frequent ads that interrupt your viewing experience. Do you want to watch Channel 4 videos without ads? In this article, we will introduce 3 methods to watch Channel 4 no ads.

What is Channel 4?

Channel 4

Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster that was launched in 1982. It is known for delivering a wide array of unique and high-quality content across multiple platforms. Programming includes documentaries, films and imported shows. 

The BBC and ITVX are Channel 4’s principal competitors within the UK. Unlike the BBC, Channel 4 is funded by advertising and sponsorships. It does not receive any public funding. Therefore, Channel 4 has to display ads to generate its operational revenue. The amount of ads you see, however, should still be within the limit set by the industry governing body, Ofcom, which is currently an average of 7 minutes per hour for UK channels with a maximum of 12 minutes in any one hour. 

If you are tired of watching Channel 4 ads, you can try the following 3 methods to watch Channel 4 no ads.

Method 1: Subscribe to Channel 4+

Channel 4 has a premium service called All4+ or Channel 4 Plus where subscribers can watch shows without ads. This service requires either a monthly subscription fee of £3.99 or an annual fee of £39.99. However, keep in mind that some programs due to rights issues may still include advertising.

Channel 4 no ads plan

Method 2: Use KeepStreams Channel 4 Downloader

The second method to watch Channel 4 videos without ads is by using KeepStreams for Channel 4. This efficient system downloads videos quickly and removes ads in the process. As a result, you can enjoy Channel 4 content without advertisements and also have the convenience of watching it anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, the videos are downloaded in MP4 format, enhancing your Channel 4 offline viewing experience.

Channel 4 Downloader
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Here are the simple steps to download Channel 4 videos without ads.

Step 1: Log in to Your Channel 4 Account in KeepStreams

Open KeepStreams and click All 4 icon on its VIP services. Then, the built-in browser will led you to the official site of Channel 4.

Visit Channel 4 videos in KeepStreams

Log in to your account to watch Channel 4 videos.

Download Channel 4 no ads

Step 2: Play the Channel 4 Videos

Select the Channel 4 video that you want to download, then play it. KeepStreams will analyze the URL and show you the pop-up download window.

Watch Channel 4 videos

Step 3: Download Ad-free Channel 4 Videos

Choose how many Channel 4 episodes that you want to download in one go. Click Download Now icon and the downloading process will be started right away. You can check the download ed content on the Your Library section.

Start downloading Channel 4 videos

Method 3: Use an Channel 4 Ad-blocker Extension

Another way to enjoy Channel 4 no ads is to use an ad-blocker extension, this is perfect for anyone loving watch Channel 4 shows on their computer.

To do this, you first need to install an ad-blocker extension to your web browser. There are lots of ad-blocker tools available like AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin and Poper Blocker. Once you have your ad-blocker installed, you just need to activate it when you are on the Channel 4 website. The ad-blocker will then filter out the ads, allowing you to enjoy your videos uninterrupted. 

Adblock plus

Remember, while ad-blockers are useful tools, they may sometimes cause some technical issues with the site functionality, so they should be operated carefully.

Comparison between 3 Methods for Watching Channel 4 No Ads

In comparing the services, we can conclude that Channel 4+ is suited for those who wish to stream Channel 4 videos exclusively.

On the other hand, KeepStreams is an excellent choice for individuals who want to enjoy ad-free Channel 4 videos anytime, particularly when offline.

While Channel 4 ad-blockers offer a budget-friendly solution, they may not provide consistent performance.

  Channel 4+ KeepStreams for Channel 4 Ad-blocker
Feature just skip ads; cannot download MP4 videos download videos as MP4 without ads skip ads
Success Rate 100% 92% 74%
Cost £3.99 (around $5.05) $23.99/month Zero
£39.99 ($50.60 ) $59.99/year
/ $119.99 for Lifetime


In conclusion, watching Channel 4 videos without ads is possible through various methods. These include subscribing to Channel 4's All4+ subscription service, using ad-blocker extensions, and downloading videos for offline viewing. Downloading videos for offline viewing using KeepStreams allows an ad-free experience and also offers the convenience of watching them anytime, which is more recommended.

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