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Compile a list of the top 10 alternative sites for free! Alternative solutions for 'ikkinimirunarakoko"

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Updated on May 28, 2024 | 10 Minutes Reading
In this article, we will introduce 7 selected illegal manga sites where you can watch anime for free, instead of "Where to watch all episodes at once."

If you are watching anime for free, there is no one who does not know the anime free site called "ikkinimirunarakoko". However, recently, the updates for "ikkinimirunarakoko" have stopped, and some people may be worried about not being able to watch it someday and wondering if there is a replacement site.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to 7 illegal manga sites where you can watch anime for free as an alternative to "ikkinimirunarakoko".

Furthermore, I understand that some people may be anxious about getting infected with viruses or falling victim to phishing scams if they use illegal sites. Therefore, I will also introduce you to 3 legitimate manga sites as alternatives. I would be pleased if you find it helpful.

What is "ikkinimirunarakoko"?

"ikkinimirunarakoko" is a site that consolidates links to free anime viewing sites. Clicking on the links will take you to illegal sites where anime is uploaded without permission. As you access unknown links, there may be a risk of getting infected with viruses or falling victim to phishing scams, so it is best not to use them.

I have summarized the features of this site as follows:

① Since the source is overseas, subtitles such as English are included.

Since the source of the videos on this site is overseas, English subtitles are included as it was created for English-speaking people. Some may find this intrusive, but it may be useful for those learning English.

② Many unable to watch during peak access hours (19:00 to 23:00).

Many people use this site, so if you try to access it during the peak access hours (19:00 to 23:00), you may not be able to open the page.

③ There is a risk of virus infection and falling victim to phishing scams.

Since it is an illegal site, pop-ups frequently appear on the page. Accidentally clicking on them can lead you to unfamiliar sites or potentially infect your device with viruses.

④ The video quality may not meet expectations.

While you can enjoy anime for free, the video quality is often not top-notch.

When using a site where anime is uploaded illegally, simply watching anime does not make you complicit in illegal activities. However, if you knowingly download illegally distributed content, you may be held liable. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from using such illegal sites as much as possible.

As an alternative to "ikkinimirunarakoko", here are 7 illegal manga sites where you can watch anime for free

If you are looking for sites similar to "ikkinimirunarakoko", there are still many others available, but here we will focus on introducing 7 of them.

Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime-1


Known as the world's largest pirate anime site, KissAnime offers both ongoing and completed anime for free viewing. Moreover, videos are delivered in high quality, such as 720p and 1080p, with fast streaming speed and no broken links. It also allows Japanese language searches and has been gaining users since 2000.

With a variety of anime in different languages, you can enjoy anime and practice language listening skills at the same time.




Access from Japan may be limited, but the new anime free viewing site GOGO ANIME, which started operation in the summer of 2017, provides ample information such as anime summaries. While Japanese searches are not possible, you can watch a lot of popular anime even in Japan. It also comes with English subtitles along with Japanese audio.




With over 5 million monthly visitors, the anime free viewing site B9GOOD, most of its users are Japanese. It used to be operated under the name "B9DM." Its major feature is its Japanese language support. While most sites operated by overseas entities are in English, b9good (b9dm) has Japanese titles, making it easy to search.

Moreover, not only can you watch as much as you want of old anime like Dragon Ball GT, but you can also watch the latest popular anime such as Spy Family and Tokyo Revengers. Full playback in high quality is possible, and the absence of subtitles is also a welcome feature.




ANIMEGG, a popular anime free site where a large number of works from old to new can be watched, boasts a monthly access of over 100. The majority of its users are from overseas, with Japanese users accounting for only about 5%. The entire site is in English and does not support Japanese searches.

Its greatest feature is the large playback screen, allowing you to watch powerful videos on a big screen. Additionally, with membership registration, you can also leave comments on videos.




Site animefreak, where you can watch anime from various countries in beautiful quality for free, is also operated by overseas entities. The top page is updated with the latest series, and the site features minimal pop-ups and advertisements. You can also watch videos in full HD.




From past popular works to the latest creations, the overseas site Chia-Anime offers free viewing. Its greatest feature lies in the lightning speed with which it uploads the latest anime episodes aired on television. In 2020, the number of uploaded works has already exceeded one million. The site is incredibly user-friendly, with anime video links embedded within it. By simply entering the initials of the video you wish to watch from the menu, you can immediately find the desired content.

Enjoying anime smoothly is possible with high-quality images and no subtitles.

Bilibili Videos

Bilibili Videos-1

>>Bilibili Videos

Referred to as the "Chinese version of Nico Nico Douga," BiliBili (BiliBili) was established in 2009 and is an extremely popular video sharing site with over 170 million monthly users. BiliBili Videos not only operates video, live broadcasts, mobile games, and comic businesses in China but also officially licenses Japanese anime for distribution.

For completed anime series, there is a dedicated page with all episodes available, where you can find both older and newer works. Furthermore, several times a year, they hold a real-life event named Bilibili World, where they stream unique broadcasts specific to China. If you are interested in Chinese youth culture, make sure not to miss this site!

Instead of "ikkinimirunarakoko" Here are 3 Recommended Official Manga Sites Where You Can Watch Anime for Free

While there are several video streaming services offering unlimited anime viewing, you can enjoy anime for free by taking advantage of the free trial periods offered by some services. Here, I have compiled the monthly fees and trial periods of various video streaming services for your convenience.

Video Streaming Services

Monthly Fee

Trial Period

Unlimited Anime Titles

Download Option


2,189 yen

31 days

Over 5,100 works



440 yen

31 days

Over 4,800 works



1,026 yen

14 days

Over 1,200 works



550 yen

31 days

Over 700 works


Amazon Prime Video

500 yen

30 days

Over 900 works


Unlimited Anime

440 yen

1 month

Over 3,400 works


(App only)

Strictly speaking, if you want to watch anime as well as works from other genres, the cost performance of "U-NEXT" is the best. However, if you only want to watch anime, "dアニメストア" with a monthly fee of 440 yen (tax included) and a large number of works is recommended.

Next, we will introduce "U-NEXT" and "dアニメストア" in detail. We will also introduce one completely free anime unlimited viewing site.

First, let me explain the paid and free anime unlimited viewing sites. Each has its own merits and demerits.

In the case of paid sites


  • No ads, so you can enjoy your favorite anime smoothly.
  • You can download and enjoy watching stress-free anytime, anywhere if you want to watch on the go.


  • There is a monthly fee.

In the case of free sites


  • No monthly fee at all.


  • Ads interrupt your viewing experience.
  • You cannot download, so you cannot watch in places without a good internet connection.

If you want to watch your favorite anime stress-free anytime, anywhere, using a paid anime unlimited viewing site is recommended. However, for the sites summarized in the above table, there is a free trial period when you first register, so you can also enjoy anime for free during this period.

U-NEXT (For those who want to watch various genres, not just anime)

U-NEXT (For those who want to watch various genres, not just anime)-1

A video distribution service where you can watch unlimited over 5,100 anime works, U-NEXT. The monthly fee is 2,189 yen (tax included), which may seem high compared to other video distribution services, but you actually receive 1,200 yen worth of points every month, making it a service that can be used for less than 1,000 yen in reality.

You can watch the highest number of works among various video distribution services, not only anime but also foreign and domestic dramas, movies, variety programs, etc. You can also download and enjoy your favorite anime anytime, anywhere. A 31-day free trial period is also provided, so don't miss out if you want to watch various genres!

dアニメストア (Recommended for those who want to focus on anime only)

dアニメストア (Recommended for those who want to focus on anime only)-1

A video distribution service where you can watch unlimited over 4,800 anime works, dアニメストア. Surprisingly, the monthly fee is only 440 yen (tax included)! Operated by NTT DoCoMo, this video distribution service is safe and secure for your use.

There is also a 31-day trial period, and you can even purchase anime-related goods. It is a perfect site for those looking for a site where you can watch unlimited anime, isn't it?

The search function is also comprehensive, and you can enjoy high-quality anime even while on the move with the download feature. Of course, if you cancel during the 31-day free period, there will be no monthly fee, so if you want to watch anime videos for free, it would be wise to take advantage of the free trial period first.

(※NTT Docomo will raise the monthly fee for the unlimited anime distribution "dAnime Store" from the current 440 yen to 550 yen starting from March 1, 2023.)

dアニメストア (Recommended for those who want to focus on anime only)-2

ABEMA (Watch anime for free with unlimited access)

ABEMA (Watch anime for free with unlimited access)-1

ABEMA, a video distribution service that boasts the number one free distribution of both new and nostalgic anime ABEMA. There is a free basic plan and a premium plan for 960 yen per month (tax included), but with the premium plan, a two-week free trial period is also available. To watch, you only need the app and the video quality ranges from data saving to the highest quality.

In addition to anime, you can watch a wide range of genres such as dramas, news, and variety shows.

Explanation of the method for DRM release of streaming videos

KeepStreams Downloader is a download software for Windows and MAC that allows you to save videos from numerous streaming services such as Netflix, TVer, Hulu, etc. Of course, you can also download videos from various websites related to Johnny's. Providing high-quality 1080p videos that rival other downloaders, you can save the downloaded videos in mp4 format, making them viewable on other devices as well.

Advantages of KeepStreams
✅Compatible with Windows and MAC
✅Support for over 60 subscription-based video services
✅Support for downloading the highest Full HD videos
✅Support for bulk downloading multiple videos at once
✅Ability to save subtitles in multiple languages using the SRT file format
✅By using the free trial, you can download 3 video files for free (with the highest quality, sound, and SRT subtitles)

Next, let's briefly explain how to use the KeepStreams Downloader.

※Operating environment for KeepStreams

  • Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32/64-bit) / macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey
  • 4GB of RAM or more
  • 40GB or more of available hard disk space


Explanation of the method for DRM release of streaming videos-1

Netflix、Disney Plus、Prime Video、Hulu、and HBO Max
For streaming video downloads, look no further


In this article, we have introduced 10 sites that can be an alternative to "Where to binge-watch all episodes." It is best to avoid using illegal sites, as they pose risks of virus infection and falling victim to phishing scams.

We have introduced three legitimate sites where you can watch anime for free as alternatives. Each site offers a free trial period, and for those who want to watch videos of various genres, U-NEXT is recommended. Additionally, for those who want to focus on anime and are interested in anime-related merchandise, we recommend using dAnime Store.

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