A Comprehensive Introduction to U-NEXT - a Japanese Streaming Website

| Published on Apr 15, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
If you haven’t heard of this service earlier and have questions about it, you have come to the right page. In this article we will talk about U-NEXT, what it is, how it works, its features, alternatives, and more.
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A Comprehensive Introduction to U-NEXT - a Japanese Streaming Website
5 Minutes Reading
If you haven’t heard of this service earlier and have questions about it, you have come to the right page. In this article we will talk about U-NEXT, what it is, how it works, its features, alternatives, and more.

U-NEXT is a popular Japanese streaming website that includes tons of western and Japanese movie options, overseas TV dramas, domestic dramas, anime, and kids' shows.

Before you commit to U-NEXT’s monthly plan, you can enjoy a 31-day free trial. Also, you can cancel at any time within the trial period without paying a single penny.

If you haven’t heard of this service earlier and have questions about it, you have come to the right page. In this article we will talk about U-NEXT, what it is, how it works, its features, alternatives, and more.

What Is U-NEXT?

U-NEXT is a streaming service that offers an extensive product lineup unmatched by any competitor, with access to everything from movies and TV shows through anime, manga comics, music videos, and a variety of different types that you can't find anywhere else.

It also offers Japanese language learning programs on how to speak conversely with native speakers! It's perfect if you're looking for something specific because they offer over 130,000 films & TV shows with 2 million monthly updates (International and Domestic). The site also offers 34 thousand ebooks updated 5 times a month!

There'll always be more than enough content right near you without ever having trouble finding anything new or exciting again. Since it operates domestically only within Japan, you can quickly find this streaming service.

U-NEXT Launch

In 2007, U-NEXT's video distribution service was launched in Japan with a beta test group of about 1 thousand people. This marked the beginning of what would eventually become one of Japan’s most extensive on-demand streaming services, GyaO NEXT! 2009 saw moderate success after changing from their original name to simply 'NEXT.'

U-NEXT Values Innovation and Technology

U-NEXT is a company that values innovation and technology. They strive to hire the best people to build their product, no matter what nationality they come from, as seen by an engineering team assembled at U NEXT's Tokyo office.

The team contains many different nationalities working agile development practices alongside one another while maintaining culture-inspired directly out of Silicon Valley tech companies like Facebook or Google.

The CEO himself has said, “understanding how things work underneath will help us grow more efficiently than ever before.” U-NEXT is looking forward to seeing what new heights they can reach with all this knowledge!

U-NEXT Mission

With a mission to be the most comprehensive 360° entertainment distribution service, U-NEXT provides subscribers with diverse and high-quality content. U-NEXT is all about meeting your needs from what you're looking for as far as movies go or how often you want new episodes of TV shows delivered straight at home; no matter where they fall on that spectrum, one thing is sure: U-NEXT got something perfect for you!

What Makes U-NEXT Stand Out Among Its Competitors?

There is something for everyone: With U-NEXT's diverse range of content, you'll find something that suits your needs. From niche genres like horror and mystery through romance, and action U-NEXT got it covered!

All For One: The U-NEXT team has experience in content acquisitions and customer support. They are also uniquely situated to tackle any challenge, with all business divisions situated within their company walls!

Everything Is About Entertainment: U-NEXT is a company that seeks to provide an entertaining experience for all. Their work has discovered the importance of joy and fun in creating this memorable event or occasion with optimism towards dynamic industry changes!

U-NEXT Working Style

U-NEXT is one of the most progressive Japanese companies regarding working style. They offer remote opportunities, full flex time without core hours, and even COVID 19 protection!

Their benefits make their employees happy with everything they need, from healthy food options at lunchtime or evening snacks on days off.

Features of U-NEXT

TV/STB Streaming

U-NEXT offers several solutions to help you streamline your distribution process. Their TV/STB streaming service is compatible with most major manufacturers, so there's an option for everyone, regardless of device or operating system preference!


U-NEXT has AEON CINEMA Web, a VOD service cooperating with AEON ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. This service has provided its fans and viewers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite movies, shows, or sporting events without having them miss out because they don't have access like before!


The BBIQ U-NEXT service offers thousands of hours' worth of video content for you to enjoy. With this premium VOD solution from QTnet and partnership with un levers, our viewers are guaranteed an unparalleled experience that is sure not disappointing!

MEGA EGG Theater

MEGA EGG Theater is a service in cooperation with U-NEXT that provides users access to movies and TV shows for download. This innovative new platform allows people worldwide, no matter their location or internet connection status at home - unlimited downloads!

Streaming With Smart Devices

Support for streaming your favorite shows and movies on any device, including Android or iOS

What Is in the Future of U-NEXT?

HBO Max's original programs are coming to Netflix Japan! A new partnership will bring the best of HBO's programming, including previously unaired pilots and other exclusive content. The first titles licensed by this deal premiers in both streaming formats (VPN) and traditional TV broadcasts - so you can enjoy them wherever it suits your fancy most conveniently.

The Newest partnership with Kansai Electric Power will allow subscribers an easier way of paying for their U-NEXT subscription via combined electric bills.

The primary device manufacturers will incorporate U-NEXT buttons into their TV remotes, making it easier to find what you're looking for.

Alternatives to U-NEXT

U-NEXT is content heaven for all binge-watchers out there. But there are some other U-NEXT alternatives you don’t certainly want to miss out on. We’re going to talk about a few of them down below:


dTV brings some of the best Live TV packages for you. Similar to U-NEXT, dTV also airs some of the most interesting dramas, movies, and shows for its viewers.

Apart from the live streaming option, you can also download dTV content for offline viewing. Plus, you can also screen-record your favorite dTV videos so you can enjoy them later on your preferred devices.

Read the full guide here: How to Screen Record dTV Videos Offline?

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is another popular video-on-demand platform in Europe that features some of the best free movies, action movies, drama movies, comedy movies, and more.

Check this link out to know everything you need to know about Rakuten TV: What Do You Need to Know About Rakuten TV?

Again, you can either watch your favorite content live by downloading the Rakuten TV app or download or screen record your desired movies and shows from the platform.

Read the full guide here: How to Screen Record Rakuten TV Videos Offline?

As discussed above, you can either download your favorite U-NEXT movies and shows or screen-record them to play offline on your screen whenever you want.

We shared a few links with you above that you can follow to screen-record content. But what if you wish to download those amazing videos and shows to be enjoyed totally offline without having to worry about the internet connection or picture quality.

There is where a video downloader steps in.

How to Download U-NEXT Videos and Movies Offline?

A video downloader, as its name implies is an all-in-one solution that lets viewers download videos and movies from their favorite streaming platforms.

KeepStreams for U-NEXT tops the list of downloaders one can use to download U-NEXT videos and movies.

With KeepStreams for U-NEXT, you can download movies, videos, and anime from U-NEXT and enjoy them in the highest possible 1080p video quality.

What sets KeepStreams for U-NEXT apart from the rest of the other available solutions is it lands with a range of amazing features that you will not find in any other commercially-available alternative.

Here are some of the many features that this impressive downloader has in store for you:

  • With KeepStreams for U-NEXT, you can download and save your videos in the highest possible video quality upto 1080p
  • You can download your videos in bulk, hence saving you tons of time and effort
  • KeepStreams for U-NEXT makes use of cutting-edge technology that ensures you experience a seamless downloading experience
  • This downloader will automatically remove ads for you
  • Your downloads will be saved in MP4 format and you can transfer them on devices of your choice
  • You can manage and organize your media library using the Video Manager feature of KeepStreams for U-NEXT
  • Fast downloads
  • Built-in browser to search for and play your favorite U-NEXT videos

Summing It Up

U-NEXT has gained quite a lot of popularity in Japan. The good thing about this streaming platform is it enables you to choose and watch from its extensive library of content that comprises some extraordinary movies, reality shows, anime, and thrillers.

KeepStreams for U-NEXT is all you need to download the U-NEXT videos and shows from the platform so you can enjoy them whenever or wherever you want.

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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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