Can I use a cracked version of StreamFab? Any alternative software?

| Published on Dec 30, 2022| 3 Minutes Reading
Is it possible to use a cracked version of StreamFab? This article describes a cracked version of StreamFab.
Can I use a cracked version of StreamFab? Any alternative software?
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3 Minutes Reading
Is it possible to use a cracked version of StreamFab? This article describes a cracked version of StreamFab.

StreamFab All-in-One Video Downloader developed by DVDFab, Inc. uses advanced technology to download videos from over 1000 video Download videos from over 1000 streaming sites in 1080p and high quality with StreamFab software.

StreamFab offers a 30-day free trial, after which it becomes inoperable. Many people complain that they cannot download StreamFab after the free trial period. So is it possible to use a cracked version of StreamFab? This article describes a cracked version of StreamFab.

Free Trial of StreamFab

StreamFab is available for a free trial of up to 30 days, but after the trial period, it is no longer available. It will remain expired no matter how many times you uninstall and reinstall it.

Furthermore, the free trial version of StreamFab is severely limited in functionality; StreamFab All-in-One offers only a "YouTube Downloader" as a free version with limited functionality, but it can only download video sites from YouTube, and The download size is limited to a maximum of 10 GB. Also, the resolution is up to 720p ( 1280 x 720 ). In addition, the number of times you can download content from video distribution services such as NETFLIX and Amazon Prime Video is limited. The free trial version allows only 3 downloads, and to download more than that, you will need to purchase the paid version.

Can I use a cracked version of StreamFab?

There are a lot of rumors circulating on social networking sites that there is now a cracked version of StreamFab. Certainly, there is a cracked version of StreamFab, but it is easy to see that the performance due to the older version is weak. Therefore, we do not recommend cracked versions of StreamFab.

Reasons why we do not recommend cracked versions of StreamFab: (1) May be infected by viruses.

Cracked versions of StreamFab are generally found on pirate software sites. Be aware that these pirate software sites may embed malicious viruses for advertising revenue.

If you download and run the pirate software, there are likely to be cases where you will receive various error messages.

These viruses may cause leakage of personal information and device malfunction.

Cracked versions of StreamFab are not recommended because of (2) Old versions

Cracked versions of StreamFab are generally based on older versions of StreamFab, and by not being updated for a long time, it is not surprising that you cannot download videos from various video streaming sites.

Why? Because the developers of StreamFab update the software frequently due to the constant updates of each video streaming site.

And with a legitimate StreamFab product version, you can update your software for free for a paid period and never worry about not being able to download videos from video streaming sites.

Causes why we do not recommend cracked versions of StreamFab (3) Mining damage.

Pirated software websites may contain mechanisms that force users to participate in mining.

Mining is the collaborative process of performing calculations required for virtual currency transactions. Large amounts of calculations require large amounts of battery power and data transmission.

If you are a victim of mining, your smartphone, tablet, or computer will not work properly and your daily life will be disrupted.

Alternative software to StreamFab

KeepStreams downloader, like StreamFab, downloads videos in full HD quality and saves them with multiple audio tracks, multilingual subtitles and voice-overs to choose from, and is one of the most massively popular software for offline viewing. Here are some of the advantages of using KeepStreams Downloader.

✅ Video, music, live broadcasts, live streaming from over 1000 video streaming sites including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Tiktok, etc. Download TV shows and playlists in high quality.

Download 1080P video with ✅EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 audio channels.

✅720P, 1080P, 4K, and 8K high quality streaming videos can also be downloaded without loss of quality. The same high quality audio reaches 320 kbps, the highest audio quality available.

✅Save subtitles and audio for each language as SRT files for easy switching.

✅Converts and saves in the universal MP4/MKV format for easy playback on a variety of devices and playback players, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, PS3/4/5, and more.


In this article, we have discussed cracked versions of StreamFab. The risk of using a cracked version is too high, and it is wise not to use it. Moreover, the cracked version of StreamFab has not been updated for a long, long time, making it inapplicable to many current streaming video services.

If you want to find an alternative to StreamFab, you can use KeepStreams downloader, which is a powerful downloader with powerful features.

Jessie Smith
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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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