[Alternative] What's the current status of mangaraw! Closed down, pirate manga sites like mangaraw explained in summary

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Mangaraw is an illegal site that uploads manga without permission, and if it is an illegal site, you may want to know if there are any successor sites or safe sites.
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[Alternative] What's the current status of mangaraw! Closed down, pirate manga sites like mangaraw explained in summary
15 Minutes Reading
Mangaraw is an illegal site that uploads manga without permission, and if it is an illegal site, you may want to know if there are any successor sites or safe sites.

Mangaraw (Manga Row) is well known as an illegal manga site that uploads manga without permission. If you use the site easily, you may be transferred to a malicious site that leads you to the site by displaying advertisements, and you may be infected with a virus.

In addition, there are widespread rumors that Mangaraw has recently been closed, but it has actually reopened after a brief closure. It continues to operate today through various URLs.

Furthermore, many people are concerned about Mangaraw's sudden closure at some point and its successor sites and safe manga sites.

This article will explain the current status of Mangaraw, points to keep in mind while using it, and alternative manga sites, so be sure to check it out until the end.

Current status of Mangaraw and its incessant successor sites

What is the current status of Mangaraw?

Mangaraw is an illegal manga site with many malicious advertisements. Alternative successor sites include MangaBANK, MangaBay (Combay), Fbay, 2CC.SI, and 13DL.me.

The original site, Manga Raw (漫画raw), was closed on February 2, 2022, leaving users baffled by the sudden loss of access, but reopened the next day and appeared to be available as usual, but content updates were suspended once again. Thus, the site has closed and changed URLs many times, and as of November 2022, it is still operating as "Mangaraw" without closing.

Although Mangaraw is a website entity, it has not been updated for some time, leading to speculation that it has already been shut down.

What are the chances of Mangaraw's revival?

Manga1000 was one of the successor sites to Mangaraw, launched in 2019 and closed once in May 2022, but after a brief opening in October, it was suddenly in the process of being closed.

Since then, MangaRaw successor sites such as Manga1001 and Manga1002 appear frequently.

According to the successive transition of Mangaraw's successor sites, it appears that there is a great possibility that Mangaraw will be revived later. Whether it is a name change or the opening of a similar site, the now-closed Mangaraw may reopen shortly.

Although Mangaraw may have been used by many people for its approximately 3,000 types of free manga data, it was a site that profited from advertising revenue and should never be used because of the high possibility of viruses infecting the site just by clicking on it.

What is the URL of the successor site to Manga Raw?

If you search for "mangaraw" now, you will not be able to find the mangaraw site directly. It appears that the mangaraw site is no longer in operation, but can be found operating under a different name. The mangaraw site has now moved under a different domain and is operating under the name "Mangaraw". The following four URLs are operated as successor sites of "mangaraw".

  • mangaraw.to (forwarded mangaraw.co)
  • mangaraw.io (forwarded mangaraw.lol)
  • mangaraw.vip
  • mangarow.org

Once you enter these four sites, you will see that there are many clones or fake sites of Mangaraw that may steal users' personal data. All but the URLs listed above are cron sites." It is assumed that these four sites are probably the successor sites of the revived MangaRaw.

mangaraw site

Since they all use the English name "MANGARAW" and their updated contents are almost identical, we can assume that these four sites are operated by the same operator.

As the successor sites to MANGARAW, the 4 The Mangaraw successor sites offer free access to hit shonen manga such as "Jutsu Kai," "One Piece," "Kingdom," and "My Hero Academia.

Furthermore, the site offers a wide variety of genres, with many "ecchi," "sci-fi & fantasy," "dramatized," and "supernatural" manga. You can read as many manga as you want for free on mangaraw.

However, if you click on them, you may be infected with a virus, and there is a high possibility that you will be the victim of a mining or phishing scam.

Illegal manga sites instead of mangaraw

Next, we will introduce some illegal sites that can be used as alternatives to mangaraw. All of these sites are pirate sites that upload manga without permission, so do not use them.

Pirate sites

Operational Status

Manga Bank


Manga Village


Manga Town


Manga Tower


Manga Village Pro


Manga Village Club


Star Romi





In operation


Under Management


Under management


In operation

Manga Gohan

In operation


In operation


In operation


Under management


Under management


In Operation


In operation
KLManga In operation
Hamiraw(NIKARAW) In operation

Below is a list of illegal manga sites like Mangaraw for each of the following.

Manga Village [Closed].

Closed as of November 2022. Japan's number one piracy site that distributed free manga and boasted a huge user base; according to SimilarWeb's analysis tool, Mangamura, which offers free manga downloads, has an estimated 98.92 million monthly users. This figure alone may not be enough to help some people understand the scale of the problem. The operator of Manga Village was found guilty of violating the Copyright Act and sentenced to four years and six months in prison, fined 10 million yen, and paid an additional penalty of approximately 62.57 million yen.

MANGAZIP [in operation].


MANGAZIP is one of the illegal manga sites similar to Mangaraw (Manga Row).

It handles a wide range of works, and popular manga magazines such as Weekly Shonen Jump as well as hit manga such as Kingdom and One Piece are also uploaded to the site.

However, before viewing the manga, you need to download compressed files in formats such as zip and rar, and in general, the risk of virus infection and illegality is very high on this site.

13DL [ in operation

>> 13DL

13DL is another similar illegal manga site to Manga Raw (Manga Row) that is now in operation. like MANGAZIP, you have to download manga to read manga.

It is one of the most well-known sites among the many illegal services, with many users due to its unauthorized reproduction of content in many genres, including shoujo manga, general fiction, yaoi manga, and adult manga.

However, as an illegal manga site, be warned that if you download any of their videos, you could get a virus!

SenManga [in operation].

>> SenManga

This is another pirate site similar to Mangaraw (漫画raw). It has been in operation for a while now and has a lot of hit manga available.

Sen Manga is a very popular manga site, and the themes of the manga posted on Sen Manga are written in English, so finding manga can be a bit of a hassle.

Rawkuma [in operation

>> Rawkuma

Rawkuma, another alternative to Mangaraw, is an illegal manga site operated by an overseas server. Like Sen Manga, the entire site is in English, but the search function is very convenient and you can easily find the manga you want to read.

Rawkuma has a wide variety of manga, from past hits to the latest manga, available for free, and the latest anime are also updated here. You may be scammed as many ads will be posted.

SakuraManga [In Operation].

>> SakuraManga

Another alternative illegal manga site to Mangaraw, SakuraManga has considerably less manga than the similar sites mentioned above, and you probably won't find the latest manga releases here. However, you can read past masterpieces such as "Kingdom" and "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" here.

Rawdevert [now closed].

>> Rawdevert

Instead of Manga Raw, Rawdevert is another illegal manga site with a wide variety of titles, even the latest Japanese manga. Now closed, it has moved to Endevart and is still in operation.

The site features many reincarnation-related manga, such as "Isekai de Mukonai Ikiritai Syndrome," "Isekai Bokenroku," and "Shitsugen Orc-san no Fun Seeding Harem Tsukuru."


>> mangafreak

mangafreak is an illegal manga site that is popular overseas. It is another of the pirate manga sites like Mangraw. It offers a wide variety of Japanese manga such as "Jutsu Kai" and "Oni no Kai," as well as updated Chinese manga. If you are bored with Japanese manga, why don't you try reading manga from other countries?

It is a little inconvenient since you have to enter the English manga name to search for manga.

Endevart [ in operation

>> Endevart

Endevart is the successor site to rawdevart. in December 2022, the original rawdevart moved to endevart and many of the previously published Japanese manga disappeared. In exchange, the content now posted is mostly manga originating from Korea.

KLManga [in operation


KLManga is a manga site operated overseas. It is the successor site to RawQV or MangaHATO. It continues to operate under the name KLManga, not KissAway.

Unlike Mangaraw (Manga Raw), the site The manga are in English. However, the manga itself is in Japanese.

And there are many ads placed on the site, with many malicious links. It's free, but dangerous to read!

Why you should not use mangaraw

There are many other pirate illegal sites like mangaraw. Many of them have already been shut down, but there are also several operational sites that have not been shut down again.

All of them are illegal sites, so please do not use them, as there is a risk of viral infections and punishments. The following is a more detailed explanation.

List of dangers of using MangaRaw

  • Leakage of personal and credit card information
  • Failure of devices due to mining damage
  • Punishment due to violation of copyright laws
  • Becoming a victim of fraud
  • Placing cartoonists in a difficult situation

Leakage of personal and credit card information

There were some reviews about MangaRow, such as "the site is difficult to use," "the selection is not very good," and "features such as bookmarks and favorites are not available.

However, many people still use the site because they can read manga for free. However, pirate sites such as MangaRow are not concerned with this.

They encourage users to register as members by saying things like, "If you register as a member, you will not be shown advertisements or you will be able to download manga in a shorter time. They may also extract "credit card information" or "passwords" in a deceptive manner.

Since such personal and credit card information may be leaked to third parties by the site operators, please do not use such illegal sites to avoid getting into trouble.

Failure of devices due to mining damage

Devices that use illegal sites such as MangaRow are likely to be infected with mining viruses without being aware of it.

If a device is used for mining, it may be superficially unnoticeable that it is being used, and in some cases the CPU may be used to 100%, lose charge, or run slowly.

Although you do not directly lose money due to mining, if you allow your phone or computer to be mined without knowing it, it will overload your phone or computer, and you may end up having to pay for repairs for device failure instead of just reading free manga.

Instead of using pirate sites like MangaRow, use official and safe sites.

Penalties for Violation of Copyright Law

It is obvious that the operators of pirate sites such as MangaRaw (漫画raw) are violating the law because they are uploading manga without permission.

However, while one might think that users are not guilty of any crime simply because they use the site to read manga for free, this is actually a big mistake.

On January 1, 2021, the Copyright Law will be revised, and since then, downloading works from illegal sites with the knowledge that they are illegal will become an illegal act and subject to punishment.

Until now, users have not been charged with a crime, but now, if you download a manga from a site similar to Mangaraw, you may be subject to one or both of the following penalties

  • Imprisonment for up to two years
  • A fine of up to 2,000,000 yen

Some people may think that if they do not download manga from mangaraw, they will not be charged with a crime, but if the regulations become even stricter and users are asked to prove that they did not download the work if they use an illegal site, they may be charged with a crime if they fail to do so. So, from the beginning, you should never use MangaRaw.

Become a victim of fraud

Similar pirate sites on mangaraw are operated for advertising revenue, so there are many advertisements on the site.

The ads are scattered here and there in an attempt to get you to click on them even if you do not intend to click on them. If you accidentally click on one, you are likely to be exposed to one-click fraud or phishing scams.

One-click fraud is when you simply click on an advertisement and something like "Membership Complete" appears, completing your registration without your consent and charging you a large fee.

In phishing scams, you click on an advertisement and are directed to another site, which pretends to be a legitimate site and tricks you out of your credit card information, password, and other information.

To avoid scams like the one described above, stop using illegal sites such as mangaraw and use official sites.

Putting cartoonists in a difficult position

The distribution of manga is only possible through the efforts of many people, including manga artists and publishers. However, with the advent of pirate sites, profits are not properly returned, and cartoonists and others involved in cartoon production are suffering tremendously.

In other words, the use of pirate sites is depriving cartoonists of a stable environment in which they can produce better work.

In fact, the estimated amount of damage caused by "free reading" by pirate sites as a whole in 2021 is said to be at least 1.19 trillion yen.

It is a sad state of affairs that money that should be going to cartoonists and those involved in the production process is instead going to the operators who are uploading cartoons without permission. Moreover, many of the operators of such sites are located overseas.

Using pirate sites such as Mangaraw (MangaRow) because "you can read manga for free" is the same as putting manga artists in a difficult situation and destroying the future of manga.

Without users, such sites would not be able to operate, so to protect the future of manga, please stop using pirate sites such as mangaraw.

7 alternative sites to mangaraw [legitimate sites].

2 sites where you can enjoy both manga and animated works

U-NEXT More than 5,000 free manga

Official site U-NEXT

The recommended alternative to Mangaraw is U-NEXT, which is famous for its video distribution service but also offers e-books.

By joining U-NEXT, you can enjoy all magazines, manga, books, and comics, in addition to dramas, movies, anime, variety shows, and more. New registrants can first enjoy unlimited videos for a free 31-day trial.

After joining U-NEXT, if you want to save movies, shows, dramas, and animations to watch offline, you can download the article U-NEXT (H-NEXT) Videos to your PC? Please see the explanation of how to download successfully.

U-NEXT manga are not available for unlimited reading, but you can watch up to 5 free manga published on U-NEXT for some titles. You can enjoy over 5,000 free manga.

If you purchase the first one, you can save 600 yen worth of points. That is, if you purchase a manga for the first time, you can get it without paying 600 yen. You will continue to read the manga you purchased even after your membership expires.

U-NEXT is operated by a major streaming distribution service, so it is more stable than mangaraw, and there is no chance of sudden closure.

We recommend U-NEXT for the following reasons

  • U-NEXT offers a 31-day free trial to newly registered users.
  • Enjoy a total of more than 400,000 manga and 220,000 videos at your leisure.
  • Over 5,000 manga and 150 magazines are available for unlimited reading.
  • Purchase a comic and save 600 yen in bonus points for the first time

FOD Premium Manga and streaming anime can be enjoyed together!

マンガ読み放題 | FOD | フジテレビ公式、電子書籍も展開中

Official website: FOD Premium

Recommended as an alternative site to Manga Raw (Manga Row) is FOD Premium, a video delivery service operated by Fuji Television Network, Inc. For 976 yen per month (tax included), the service includes not only videos but also unlimited reading of magazines and manga.

With over 500,000 manga titles to enjoy, ranging from popular manga that have been made into anime and movies to original works, FOD Premium offers a 2-week free trial, and an additional 100 points are awarded each month.

If you want to download FOD's streaming movies, this article FOD's download feature is thoroughly explained! It also includes software that allows you to save rental movies that are good enough to be recommended! for more information.

You can also use these points to purchase manga and magazines. Members can read all the original manga they want! You can download and enjoy manga offline at your leisure. Moreover, there are a whopping 6,547 manga available for free on FOD Premium.

FOD is operated by Fuji Television, a major TV broadcaster, so it is more stable than mangaraw and will not close down suddenly.

We recommend FOD Premium for the following reasons

  • First 2-week free trial period!
  • You get to enjoy not only the manga, but the animated series at the same time!
  • Earn 100 points that can be used to purchase manga!
  • If you sign up for a membership plan, you can read manga for very little money!

Five legitimate manga sites that have received the ABJ mark

The following five manga sites are all authorized manga sites that have received the ABJ mark (content license), so you can feel more comfortable using these five sites.

BookLive! The largest e-book store in Japan in terms of selection

🍭 橋本環奈、キュートな表情でダンスを披露! 総合電子書籍ストア『ブックライブ』新TV-CM出演決定 - Pop'n'Roll(ポップンロール)

Official site: BookLive!

The recommended alternative to Manga Raw is BookLive! Unlike the pirate site Mangaraw, it is a safe and secure manga distribution service.

Voted the No. 1 easy-to-use e-book store, BookLive! boasts an extensive selection of more than 1.53 million books, with a focus on manga, as well as novels, practical books, and other genres.

The site offers a wide variety of coupons and special offers, including a daily coupon gacha, a 50% off coupon for new registrations, and coupons given out as part of sales and campaigns.

The point system is also more extensive than on other sites. There are points for visiting the store, T points for purchases, and points for bulk purchases with a 5-10% reduction rate, so if you want to use the site regularly, be sure to check it out.

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend BookLive!

  • There are more than 26,100 titles available for free in their entirety at BookLive!
  • The bookshelf has a key function and is easy to use. It's an advantage that doesn't extend to mangaraw, whose site is heavy.
  • New registrations can purchase comics with a 50% off coupon.

Comic Seymour Over 17,000 free comics!


Official site: Comic Seymour

A recommended alternative to mangaraw is Comic Seymour, a safe and secure e-book store operated by an NTT group company.

Unlike the pirate site Mangaraw, you can read free works and click on ads to use this safe service.

Celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, the e-book store Comic Seymour offers more than 17,000 free manga titles without having to purchase them.

In addition to manga, Comic Seymour also offers light novels, BL, and other comic magazines and journals, with more than 990,000 titles available. You can also get a 70% off coupon when you register for the first time, and there are plenty of jumpens and sales at Comic Seymour.

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend Comic Seymour the most

  • There are more than 910,000 comics in total.
  • Cost-effective and you can enjoy unlimited reading from 780 yen/month.
  • No. 1 in the 2021 Orikon Customer Satisfaction Ranking, so it's far safer and more secure than mangaraw!

ebookjapan Enjoy manga for free every day!


Official website: ebookjapan

A recommended alternative to Mangaraw is ebookjapan, an e-book service jointly operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation and ebook initiative Japan Inc.

As of 2022, ebookjapan has already distributed more than 100 titles, and offers a wide variety of genres, from romance and fantasy to TL and BL, including popular titles such as "Oni-no-Blade" and "One Piece".

Coupons and campaigns are also available, and coupons are given out almost daily, with a "50% off coupon for 6 uses" for first-time users only. There is also a weekly campaign on Fridays, where you can get up to 30% of your points back if you use the coupon well.

The most important feature of ebookjapan is the back cover display function, which overcomes the weakness of ebook services. It is also very convenient to use ebookjapan rather than mangaraw.

Here are the reasons why we recommend ebookjapan the most

  • You can rent and read a lot of manga with free tickets. [Free Ticket]
  • Every 23 hours, you can read one free episode of various manga. [FREE TIMER]
  • Newly registered users get a 50% off x 6 coupon
  • days of the week, up to 30% points back when you pay with your PayPay balance.

DMM Books Over 870,000 comics, novels, manga, and magazines are available

Official website: DMM Books

Recommended as an alternative to Mangaraw (Manga Row), this regular site currently offers over 870,000 titles and supports a variety of genres.

Comics, novels, manga, and magazines are available on DMM Books. First time buyers can save up to 70% off (up to 3000 yen discount limit) coupon!

If you purchase single items now, you can also get up to 50% points back. If you purchase multiple comics, you save even more.

The "Everyday ¥0" campaign is now in effect, where you can read manga for free every day if you wait 23 hours.
Unlike Mangaraw (Manga Row), this is a legitimate e-book site, so there are no malicious advertisements.

The following are the reasons why we recommend DMM Books the most

  • If you wait, you can read manga for free and in multiple volumes through the "Everyday ¥0" campaign.
  • Save with a one-time 70% discount bonus (up to ¥3,000)
  • Because it is operated by DMM.com, a major general entertainment site, there is no possibility of sudden shutdown like mangaraw.

Ameba Manga Free Manga Daily Recommendation

Official site Ameba Manga

Ameba Manga is recommended as an alternative to Mangaraw, as it has the largest collection of over 400,000 manga in Japan.

We recommend the daily manga that can be read for free, so just like mangaraw, this is a legitimate manga site where you can enjoy a large number of manga for free. You can read over 170 of Shueisha's blockbuster specials for free!

Currently, just by registering for free on Ameba Manga, you can purchase up to 100 copies of any of your favorite manga with a 40% off coupon.

You can also get all volumes of manga at a very low price if you buy them all at once. There are also campaigns where you can read one volume for free and multiple volumes for free! You can enjoy your manga right away without the need for an app, compatible with PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android Zembu.

Here are the reasons why we recommend Ameba Manga the most

  • If you wait, you can read more than 1,500 manga titles for free every day!
  • You can read up to 100 manga for free and buy them at 40% off.
  • Since it is operated by the major internet service Ameba, it is unlikely that the service will suddenly end like mangaraw.

How to download animated manga

Chainsaw Man - Official 3rd Trailer / 『チェンソーマン』公式PV 第3弾 - YouTube

Recently, the hit manga "Chainsaw Man," serialized in Shueisha's "Weekly Shonen Jump" [also reprinted in Mangraw without permission] and with a total circulation of 5 million copies (including electronic versions), has been made into an anime and is available on Amazon Prime (fastest delivery), ABEMA, Disney+, dTV, dAnime Store, FOD, Hulu, and Netflix, TELASA, and other video distribution services.

How can I download and watch the movie from each video distribution service? Here we recommend [ KeepStreams Downloader].

There are many video distribution services supported by [KeepStreams Downloader]. You can download videos and watch your favorite videos anytime, anywhere. After downloading, you can watch the videos offline!


As of December 2022, Mangaraw is still operating with no updates without closing down. However, with the use of pirate sites like mangaraw (Manga Raw), there are hidden dangers such as virus infection and scamming, so use a safe site as an alternative & successor. If you see a video you like, try [ KeepStreams Downloader]!

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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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