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Want to download U-NEXT (H-NEXT) videos to your PC? Explanation of how to download successfully

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Published on Jul 15, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
This article provides detailed instructions on how to download U-NEXT (H-NEXT) videos to your PC.

U-NEXT is one of the largest video distribution services in Japan in terms of the number of movies it offers, so many of you are probably familiar with this service.

H-NEXT has a lineup of 60,000 adult video contents. We have a wide range of labels from major labels with famous actresses to maniac labels. You are sure to find your favorite movie.

Once you find your favorite movie on U-NEXT or H-NEXT, you may want to add the video file to your own collection. The following is an explanation of how exactly you can do this.

Can I use U-NEXT's official download function?

Many people may think that they can use the official download function when they want to download U-NEXT or H-NEXT videos to their devices. If you have any questions about how to use it in detail, please visit U-NEXT's Help Center and enter "download" in the search box to check each situation regarding downloading.

It is true that you can save videos with U-NEXT's download function, but there are a few inconveniences.

  1. If you are watching in a browser on a PC, the download function is not available. It is limited to smartphone apps. the following devices are compatible with U-NEXT's download function.
    • Android phone/tablet
    • iPhone/iPad
    • Amazon Fire tablets
  2. You can only download rental products within 48 hours from the time of purchase.
  3. Once a downloaded video is played offline, it will automatically expire after 48 hours. Please note that once the expiration date has expired, you will need to connect to the Internet to renew the expiration date.
  4. Many videos are not available for download on U-NEXT. For example, works that have 30 days remaining until the end of distribution cannot be downloaded.
  5. Any adult videos on H-NEXT are not available for download.
  6. Each account can be used by 4 people, but downloaded videos can only be viewed per device. Simultaneous viewing is not possible.
  7. Videos will be lost when you log out.

Therefore, there are many limitations to the use of the official download function. It is only an auxiliary function when there is no Internet connection. Furthermore, the application of DRM technology to prevent unauthorized copying does not help in the permanent preservation of U-NEXT videos.

KeepStreams, a software to download H-NEXT as MP4 video

> > KeepStreams

It is a download tool specialized for U-NEXT download including H-NEXT. You can download videos with the video content unguarded.

The usage is very intuitive. First, download KeepStreams Downloader for U-NEXT from the official website. There is a separate download procedure to be aware of. If your antivirus software reports a list along the way, ignore it.

>> KeepStreams for U-NEXT

STEP① Once you launch the software, open the settings menu in the upper right corner of the main screen and first switch the language to Japanese.

STEP② Switch to the VIP service on the left side of the main screen and select the "U-NEXT" banner.

This will open the U-NEXT website in the built-in browser, so please log in. Then select the movie you want to download, just as you would when viewing regular U-NEXT content.

STEP 3) Find the video you want to download and click "Play" to enter the viewing page. When you do so, the software KeepStreams Downloader for U-NEXT will recognize the data for that work. When the analysis is complete, a dialog box regarding the work is displayed.

STEP4 Select the episode, quality, subtitles, and audio you want to download from the dialog box. If you would like to download the video right now, click "Download Now" and the download will begin. If you want to add other videos for batch download, click "Add to queue".

If you want to check the video download status, click "Downloading" on the home page.


H-NEXT has an abundance of contents in a wide variety of genres. If there is a work you like, you may want to download it to your PC and watch it offline with ease. By using the above-mentioned KeepStreamsKeepStreams supports not only H-NEXT but also U-NEXT downloads. If you find a movie you like, try downloading it using KeepStreams.

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