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Explanation of U-NEXT, one of the largest unlimited viewing services in Japan! How to join and cancel!

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Published on Jun 30, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article explains U-NEXT's monthly fee plans, how to join U-NEXT, why we recommend it, and how to cancel your membership. If you are joining U-NEXT for the first time, please do not forget to take advantage of the 31-day free trial.

 Are you familiar with the video distribution service U-NEXT? This article explains U-NEXT's monthly fee plans, how to join U-NEXT, why we recommend it, and how to cancel.

What is U-NEXT?

U-NEXT is one of Japan's video distribution services, and its contents are divided into two types: unlimited viewing for a flat-rate unlimited plan, and PPV (pay-per-view) films that are charged per viewing. As of April 2022, more than 220,000 all-you-can-watch titles have been distributed, making it the "No. 1 all-you-can-watch lineup" among subscription-based video services. If you subscribe to a monthly membership, you can enjoy unlimited reading of more than 150 magazines at no additional charge.

U-NEXT Monthly Fee Plans

 The monthly fee to join u-next (tax included) is 2,189 yen, which allows you to enjoy more than 22 videos. Not only that, you can also view 150 magazines and over 40,000 adult titles.

 The picture quality offers Full HD/4K. The sound technologies Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos are also supported.

 Compared to other video delivery services, we recommend U-NEXT has the highest price.We recommend this service for those who are particular about the quantity of works.

 Please note that the monthly fee is 2,400 yen (including tax), which is higher than the regular monthly plan fee when using Apple ID for payment.

Six Advantages of Joining U-NEXT

One of the largest number of all-you-can-view movies in Japan

The largest number of all-you-can-view movies in Japan by far. You can enjoy a large number of available titles at a great price. We also deliver the latest rentals one after another. There is no need to resist the urge to watch.

This table clearly shows that U-NEXT has one of the largest distribution volume in Japan, with 150,000 more titles than the second largest, 70,000. We recommend this service to those who are particular about the quantity of movies and dramas.

Not only video distribution, but also a wide variety of contents such as manga/books/magazines

If you join, you can enjoy not only video streaming but also a lot of contents such as manga/books/magazines. If you subscribe to a monthly membership, you can enjoy unlimited reading of over 150 magazines at no additional charge.

You can create a family account.

If you create a family account, you can create up to 4 accounts, so if 4 family members are using U-NEXT, the cost per person is about 500 yen! So, the price of U-NEXT is not that expensive. And it's safe because your viewing privacy is protected.

Save 1,200 yen worth of points every month!

 U-NEXT points are points that can be used for U-NEXT's various services at a rate of 1 point = 1 yen. Points can be used to watch "Point" movies. You can also purchase "point" e-books such as comics, light novels, novels and business books.

 Point titles are rental titles that you are charged for each time you watch them, and purchase titles that you are charged for only the first time you watch them.

 You can use the 1,200 yen worth of points you receive each month to rent the latest movies or purchase manga. You can also carry over the points to the next month, so use them for your favorite works.

 New movies and the latest episodes of dramas are not unlimited viewing but charged point works, so you will need to use your points to watch them.

 U-NEXT points can be increased by charging points to your registered payment method. To keep costs as low as possible, you can make good use of the 1,200 points granted each month.

U-NEXT's adult site H-NEXT

 Although the number of adult titles on U-NEXT is smaller than FANZA's, H-NEXT offers unlimited viewing of not only FALENO, a very popular adult label, but also MGS (Prestige), an adult brand that has withdrawn from FANZA.

 U-NEXT is one of the major VOD services that offer adult services. In other words, you can enjoy not only adult programs but also various other genres of programs. For this reason, we recommend U-NEXT to those who are looking for both regular videos and adult movies.

31-day free trial

First-time U-NEXT members can try U-NEXT's monthly plan (2,189 yen/tax included) for free for 31 days.

You can cancel at any time. If you cancel within 31 days including the date of registration, no monthly fee will be charged.

You can enjoy two free trial benefits for those who are experiencing the free trial.

  1. Free for 31 days to watch and read as many as you want from more than 220,000 videos and 150 magazines
  2. Save 600 yen worth of points that can be used to rent the latest movies

How to Join U-NEXT

U-NEXT application can be easily completed from the official website.

  1. Access the official U-NEXT website
  2. Select "Free Trial for 31 days
  3. Enter your information
  4. Select and enter your payment method
  5. Confirm the information you have entered and select "Submit.

 The first 31 days are free, so please sign up for a trial. In the following procedure, you will also see the date for how long your free trial is valid, so please check it.

Payment Methods for U-NEXT Monthly Fees

U-NEXT offers the following payment methods in addition to credit cards.

U-NEXT payment methods: ・Various credit cards (VISA/JISA)

Various credit cards (VISA/JCB/master Card/American Express/Diners Club)

docomo payment

au Kantan Settlement

Softbank Collective Payment

Y-Mobile Collective Payment


Gift code/U-NEXT card

How to Cancel U-NEXT

U-NEXT can be cancelled at any time. There are no contract restrictions or penalties for regular monthly plans, so it is easy to apply for a subscription.

  1. Log in to the official website
  2. Go to Menu ⇒ Settings/Support ⇒ "Confirm/Change Contract Details
  3. Service you are using ⇒ Monthly plan ⇒ "Click here to cancel" ⇒ "Next
  4. Answer the questionnaire (optional)
  5. Tick the "I agree" box for the precautions when cancelling and select "Cancel".
  6. Go to "Confirm/Change Contract Details" again from the menu, and if the Monthly Service column shows "There are no services currently in use. If you see "No services currently in use," your cancellation is complete.


 This article explains U-NEXT's monthly fee plans, how to join U-NEXT, why it is recommended, and how to cancel. If you are new to U-NEXT, don't forget to take advantage of the 31-day free trial, and if you have already joined U-NEXT and want to learn more about U-NEXT's downloader, we recommend KeepStreams for U-NEXT.

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Jessie Smith
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