PlayOn Amazon Not Working? What's the Solution?

| Published on Sep 22, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
At times, PlayOn doesn't work for Amazon Prime. Let's check out how to fix that issue.

PlayOn is an amazing DVR streaming service. It’s mostly kind of at loggerheads with other streaming services. Why won’t they be dejected with PlayOn? After all, Playon is kind of cutting off their business and What if they had a revenue sustainable model akin to that of what PlayOn is doing. These issues sometimes can be very challenging. But many streaming services also get updated now and then. Once a service becomes updated, DVR and streamers like PlayOn then have to offer more changes in the app and that can cause frequent problems.

Technical glitches that can cause issues with streaming generally operate out of two major issues and problems. Either the problem persists with PlayOn App or else there can be a situation where other factors might have contributed to the problem. So let us know why PlayOn Amazon Prime is not working.

Amazon Prime Not Working on PlayOn

As stated earlier services like Amazon Prime are databases to an app like PlayOn, you play them and then do a live recording. The process might seem easy at the outset but it never is. Many technical upgrades are happening and sometimes that can be a problem.

So How do we fix this issue? Many people have answered or rather expressed that they found the problem to be wading off once they deleted the cookies off the app. One can also out of the blue stop the background running of the PlayOn app and simply delete the server folder. Some people also said purchasing extra credit for the Cloud can be an amazing addition to the process.

Why Is Amazon Prime Not Working?

As soon as you try the factors that affect the working of Amazon Prime on the PlayOn app. Now comes the other steps that you need to do to ensure that Amazon Prime is working or not. Just make sure that you follow the steps sequentially and find alternative solutions that can help counter the problem.

Check Whether Your Amazon Prime Account Is Active

The first problem that you need to look out for is the source problem. Have you paid for your subscription to Amazon Prime? If you haven’t paid for the service there is a chance that you will not gain access to PlayOn as well. PlayOn helps you in streaming and recording, it does not help you in having accounts on all these platforms. It just enhances the experience by giving you more control and access to your content. So, make sure that your Amazon Prime account is active and also your Amazon Prime Video account. Once that is confirmed you have nothing to worry about.

Check Your Internet

Once you have discovered that you have paid for the service and out of the blue your Amazon Prime account has stopped. Now, patiently just check your internet connection. You can reset your router which will deliver similar results as resetting the connection in your laptop. If you are using Windows 11, the process is rather simple and does not cause a lot of problems. All you need to do is choose the network from settings and then move on to the bottom of the screen and then select Network setting Reset. Try opening Amazon prime and see if your router starts working again.

Try on Any Other Device

There is a plausible chance that it was indeed Playon that is causing an issue with the Amazon Prime not working or the current electronic device that you are using. You just shift to any other device and then start streaming. If by any luck you succeed in streaming on any other device, that will mean your device which is failing to stream Amazon Prime on PlayOn is a major problem.

Restart and Reinstall PlayOn

If for some reason you are not able to stream properly on PlayOn. Just do a simple thing: launch PlayOn Home or Cloud again and see if Amazon Prime is working on that particular device. If it starts working then congrats, your problem has been solved. Or you can switch off your phone if the problem happens in PlayOn Cloud. You can simply close the programmes and turn off your PC if the issue occurs in PlayOn Home.

Stop Network Tools and Apps

Is there any chance that you are using a VPN? If that’s the case then there can be a chance that your streamer or PlayOn media player has been starving and needs data. How would you provide that necessary data? Just move the streaming device which is your Laptop/Mobile closer to the network source or the WiFi and now simply see if your Amazon Prime is working on PlayOn.

Use Latest HDMI Cables

Using cables that are typically outdated in nature and are not even considered an issue is a problem. If you want to stream your Amazon content online, you would at least require a cable which is 1.4 HDCP. So, How do you think with an outdated cable you will be able to mark any significant changes.

Contact PlayOn Support

The best fix regarding the problem is simply PlayOn support and you need to only do that and ask if you have seen Amazon Prime perfectly working on its own on the same device. But facing a barrage of issues in recording and streaming on PlayOn. If that’s the problem you can simply follow these steps.

For PlayOn Home

  • Click on settings and then select stop server
  • Then again restart the server and then click on support.
  • This will automatically create the logs for the customer support team.

For PlayOn Cloud

  • Click settings>Submit a trouble request>Submit.
  • Once it’s submitted you can wait for some time till the issue is resolved.
  • Doing all this will only be fruitful if you have the updated version of PlayOn. That will be the first request from the PlatyOn support center.

Are You Looking for an Alternative to PlayOn?

No matter how good a particular tool or software is, we always look for a good alternative which is actually good because when that particular tool would be unavailable for some reasons, the alternative tool will help!

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How to Download a Video Using KeepStreams Downloader?

Downloading using KeepStreams Downloader is quite easy. Here are the steps.

  1. Download KeepStreams from its official site. And, install it on your PC.
  2. Now, launch the downloader.
  3. From the UI, click the streaming service you want. And login using the credentials.
  4. Now, you will see that streaming site’s content there. Now, go to the movie to download.
  5. Now, Click Download Now.

So, KeepStreams Downloader is the best alternative to PlayOn that you can try out.

Final Say

There can be many issues that could have made Amazon Prime not work on PlayOn. However, this piece has highlighted some major hindrances that could have caused that. Either it’s caused by Amazon Prime itself or it’s because of you not paying their dues. Or technical difficulty on PlayOn’s end. Or simply, your system’s problem.

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