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PlayOn and Plex Review

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Updated on Apr 14, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
PlayOn which is a one-stop-shop and a common streaming and recording space that allows streaming from all the platforms including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

PlayOn and Plex exist as both individual DVR, streaming services. However, Plex broadened its wings to be also a media server application that then can be used to access content on other devices. Plex is much more comprehensive in its ways and can work multiple tasks when compared with PlayOn. An interesting thing however is when both these apps overlap one way or the other. Plex can be used as a PlayOn recording server in case you download your recordings onto a hard drive. And the hard drive is then being used as a server for Plex. Which then can be used to stream videos present in it from any other electronic device.

Plex is more versatile when compared to PlayOn. PlayOn Plex or Plex PlayOn are simply allegorical names that exist How both these systems are connected. But both are different in the range of services that they provide the audience. Plex has the ultimate availability of free movies and can be used as a server. As opposed to PlayOn which is a one-stop-shop and a common streaming/recording space that allows streaming from all the platforms including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What Are PlayOn and Plex?

PlayOn and Plex are both different platforms. They cannot be more different. Some ways in which they can overlap may be that Plex supports live TV and recording. While PlayOn has many streaming channels and helps in DVR recording. Let's discuss the features that both of these DVR platforms have.

Features of PlayOn

  • PlayOn is a DVR streaming app that comes in both PlayOn Cloud (Android supportable software) and PlayOn Home (Windows supportable software)
  • It allows streaming/downloading of content that is part of the streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney Plus.
  • It has a DVR recording feature that allows direct recording in the cloud for PlayOn Cloud which then can be downloaded after. And direct recording as well as placing the file on a drive on PlayOn Home.
  • It also provides an option of recording queue and recording later which can be availed when you want the downloadable material on an urgent basis.

Features of Plex

  • Plex is a multi-media versatile software that allows streaming of LiveTV, recording, media server and organizing metadata files.
  • Plex is a file organizer and does not have pre-embedded apps. However, through a hard drive, it does pick up the file making your hardware a server and then making it accessible on other devices.
  • Plex has five different types of software. One is Plex Player which enables media playing on different OS in all types of electronic devices like smart TV (AppleTV, Android TV and Fire TV), Consoles (Xbox and PlayStation), Mobile Phones (Android and Xbox Phones) and Desktop OS (Mac and Windows)
  • The second type of software is Plex Server which allows you to save all your files and organize movies without having to go through any issues. You can simply place the files, Plex will organize the metadata on its own from the internet you can access them.
  • Plexamp which then plays out the music of your choice and also plays all the music that is part of the Plex server. Plexamp is only available for people who have a Plex Pass membership.
  • PlexDash is another Plex software that allows remote server monitoring of the Plex drive which then uses the real-life monitoring status of your drive. The UI exactly tells you the memory catered on use in the device, the space engaged to the vital processes and How much strain is the server facing?
  • You will need a streamer, antenna and other networking equipment to establish PlexTV. Hard Drive to establish DVR and to use it as a server/cloud to stream your shows and movies on other OS platforms.

Pricing of Plex and PlayOn

Here is the pricing plan details:

Plex Plans

  • So here is the deal: Plex has a lot of free deals including only access to Live Tv and DVR including free apps like Plex Server, Plex Amp and Plex Dash will require a Plex pass which is a membership pass.
  • The price is nominal when compared to PlayOn.
  • It costs you $4.99 for a monthly subscription and you will get all Plex’s premium services like Live TV and DVR, Plex Amp App, Plex Server to store your movies (download and record from DVR, stored in the drive)
  • For a yearly subscription, the pay is $39.99. For a lifetime subscription, a person has to only pay $119.99.

PlayOn Plans

  • PlayOn however has two apps PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Home.
  • PlayOn cloud plans start from $2.99 and you get 30 recordings for a month. You can buy both extra credits and recordings. You can also use it free initially for a week with 7 free recordings.
  • You can avail of the Play On Home app which is available for $4.99/month. Here you can record unlimited and direct download it to your device without facing any hindrance. This plan also has a yearly subscription base which is only $39.99.

How Do PlayOn and Plex Merge?

PlayOn and Plex can work towards each other but the likelihood is rare now since Plex already has a recording service which then is unlimited as opposed to PlayOn’s credit system which then monitors the space that is used to download a file. But still, PlayOn can be used to record and download content off of digital streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and HBO Max and all you need to do is download and save it to the same hard drive that you use as a Plex server.

Once you direct and transfer all your files to the Plex server app which is essentially your hard drive. But in general, the likelihood to depend on PlayOn to use Plex has been quite non-realistic considering people can use their hard drive as a media server and also can record shows from live TV. No one needs a recording service like PlayOn when a platform like Plex offers you so many benefits.

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  • Now, login to that streaming service using the credentials.
  • You will be able to see the content of that platform. Choose a movie or show to download, and then click on “Download Now”.

Now, in a few minutes your video will be downloaded.

Final Thoughts

PlayOn and Plex are very different applications when you compare them. Specifically, they both are not just streaming/DVR apps. PlayOn is but Plex is more than that. They merge too provided you download PlayOn’s shows and movies that you have recorded on your cloud and then download them to the drive that is being used as a Plex server. In this case, the entire act of doing it is a Playon Plex merging act.

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